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[News] Five On Friday (Summon Fey/Fletcher Bows/Spell Damage/Cure/Clouds)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Guest, Feb 9, 2008.

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    <DIV class=categoryIcon>[​IMG] <FONT size=4>FoF: Spring Has Sprung!</FONT> </DIV> <DIV class=storyInfo> <DIV class=author>
    Jeremy Dalberg</DIV> <DIV class=date>08 Feb 2008 17:33:25</DIV> <DIV style="CLEAR: both"></DIV> <DIV class=teaser> <DIV class=categoryIcon>
    "I've noticed that it takes very little mana to cast the Spellweaving spell Summon Fey (like 1 pt of mana). I was reading that it was suppose to be like 31 pts of mana. Is that intentional?"

    Yes - the Guide for Spellweaving has old data (and Leurocian, in his copious free time, has volunteered to get me all the new data, so stay tuned.) However, Summon Fey costs 10 mana, not 1 - that's how it's listed in-game and that's what my quick test showed. I'm assuming this was just a typo in the question, but if anyone's seeing data to the contrary, let us know!


    "Mondain's legacy bowyer/fletcher recipe weapons (non-artifact) have 0% chance of exceptional with 100 fletching. To my understanding, a crafting talisman will not give exceptional chance unless you have at least 1%. Is that true?"

    The reason those recipe weapons have a 0% exceptional chance is because they are considered minor artifacts, and aren't intended to be exceptionally crafted. It's hard-set, rather than a function of their difficulty, so talismans won't help. (It's not a reflection of how talismans work, just a function of those particular items.)</A>

    Now, the argument could be (and has been) made that they're not powerful enough to be worth it without a way to boost their stats. It's certainly something to look into - it's just not technically a bug.


    "On hit spell damage question. What level of magery/eval is the damage of the on hit spell calculated ( lightning, magic missile, fireball, harm)?"

    The Evaluate Intelligence used for calculating the damage of on-hit spells is 80. The base damage is determined by the spell's circle - so Magic Missile has a base damage of 1d4 + 10, and so on. (For non-PnP folk, that means roll randomly between 1-4, then add 10.) Magery doesn't come into it at all, actually.


    "What is the formula to calculate the chance for Cure and ArchCure to detoxify poison?"

    The Cure formula is as follows: Chance to Cure = (10000 + (Magery * 75) - (poison strength * 3100) / 100. This means that at Legendary Magery, you have a 35% chance to cure level 5 poison.

    The Archcure formula is as follows: Chance to Arch Cure = (10000 + (Magery * 75) - (poison strength * 1750) / 100. This means that at Legendary Magery, you have a 100% chance to cure level 5 poison. On everyone within a 2-3 tile radius of you. And you only need 63 Magery to successfully cast it 100% of the time. Hmmm...


    "Ok why the HECK would you <a target="_blank" href=http://www.uoherald.com/news/news.php?newsid=308>remove the clouds</A> from KR?"

    Our Lead Programmer Supreem says,

    "Ultimately it was my decision to remove the clouds. *puts on flame retardant suit*

    The clouds as they were implemented didn't achieve the desired effect. They made the game significantly less bright which doesn't fit with the style of Ultima Online. We plan to bring them back in the future once we bring them in line with the overall feel of the game."


    Playguide Update Roundup:

    A few more edits and tweaks this week:

    <a target="_blank" href=http://guide.uo.com/itemproperties_0.html>Item Properties</A>: The Table now distinguishes between Melee and Missile weapons (there are some differences,) Velocity and Balanced are listed in the table, and their effects are described with the others. Also, the exceptions to property ranges for Runic-crafted bows are listed.

    <a target="_blank" href=http://guide.uo.com/itemproperties_3.html>Runic Properties</A>: Removed last week's incorrect statement about stacking properties and replaced it with the correct info about property ranges on Runic-crafted bows.

    A little thin, but then, it's been a busy RSVP, so if you're planning to come, please do so!

    Alert readers will also notice that the next Town Hall is listed there - in Bethesda, MD, on May 10th. Feel free to RSVP for that one, too - it's going to be fun, because it's nice and close to the office :)


    I'm off to snuggle my <a target="_blank" href=http://www.uoherald.com/liveevents/08vday.php>stuffies</A>...

    <BLOCKQUOTE>- Jeremy</BLOCKQUOTE> </DIV> <DIV style="CLEAR: both"></DIV> <DIV class=teaser>

    </FONT></P> <DIV style="CLEAR: both"></DIV></FONT></P></DIV></DIV></DIV>