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(NEWS) FoA Treasury (Museum) Moves To Ter Mur

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]FoA Treasury Moves[​IMG]
    Royal City Of Ter Mur
    September 18, 2009


    After walking in Zento I noticed the Museum seemed to have vanished. I
    later found the museum in its new home of Ter Mur. I had the opportunity
    to contact Solus, the owner of the museum to ask him a few questions
    about one of Chesapeakes largest Museums. The new location is directly
    East of the Ter Mur Moongate.

    Why has the FoA Treasury / Museum moved to Ter Mur?

    I moved the house because the atmosphere in Ter Mur seemed much more
    fitting. The amount of travel it will see, will be increased once the moongate
    is activated. More people will be visiting Ter Mur than they did with Zento.

    What kind of items does the museum collect?

    I collect any EM Items/Sever Births/Shard wide community event
    items/Seer Items. My goal is to help show the history of each shard
    through the items that were found during their events. I try not to
    divulge into the history of each item, because I find the time researching
    and reading the history of the event and the item is much more fun and

    The museum seems very well organized.
    Do you have a certain way of displaying items?

    I do not have set standards to display the items. I am not the best
    decorator around, but I try to make everything flow. I do admit, the most
    rare items will usually be found on the first floor.

    What is the most historic item in the Museum?

    Fiction wise in the game, the Treachery is probably the most historic.
    It was Lord Blackthorns "claw" after all.


    Do you have any new displays recently added to the museum?

    I have added several new items from around various shards. The items are
    mostly from recent events these shards have had the past couple months.

    What is your favorite display and why?

    They are all my favorite. Some items do hold a deeper meaning for me.
    Maidens Heart + Silver Plated Skull because they were items I received
    myself on Chessy. Treachery + Gem of Immortality because of the fiction
    behind the two items.


    Give us a look into how you decide what goes into the museum
    and how you obtain the item for display.

    Obtaining the items is no easy task. First off there is a large Rares
    community that helps keep track of when a shard has an Event Item.
    Then the next task is to post/travel to that shard to find the item and
    track down someone who owns it. Negotiating is the hardest part, working
    out a deal that satisfies both parties. Once you finalize your deal, you of
    course need to pack up the gold, and travel to and from the shard. For
    items over 100m in value, there are also trust issues. You have to discuss
    and figure out the safest way for both parties to trade. Sometimes this
    requires a broker to step in and help.

    Has the museum ever donated any decorative items to any outside communities?

    I do try to add to the community as much as I can. While true, I
    unfortunately cannot hand out the big rares, anything I can do to
    add to the shard community I will try my best. If something is needed,
    please ask Gareth to pass it on to me, and I will see what can be done.

    I also am aware some people may take that with a grain of salt considering
    how harsh I am on EM Vladimere, I want to reiterate, items in my collection
    are usually never for sell. When I get upset at Vladimere for being the only
    shard at the moment to NOT give Event Items, I am upset because we have
    no pieces of history to take home with us. Greed rules the world, but for
    me, it is about taking home a piece of history so I can show others history
    of our shard and others.

    A peak at the first floor of the FoA Treasury. This is all but a small part of
    the entire display area which is every tile in the building. If you want to see
    more you are just going to have to visit the FoA Treasury. Thank you
    Solus for taking the time to answer our questions and giving Chesapeake
    an insight of how the museum works and what it has to offer.


  2. Wow, that is the biggest load I've heard in awhile. Taking home a piece of history? Hahahaha, come on now Issac. That should read, "It is about taking hom anything that may be worth something now or later!"
  3. Demonous

    Demonous Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    lol why would u interview Isaac about his house Gareth? first off he bought 90% of those rares for cash... second its not FoA treasury, its his personal house, just because hes the gm of a guild doesn't mean its shared with everyone in foa.... and all that stuff is relatively new, some of us have had large rare collections for years
  4. Merik

    Merik Guest

    It doesn't really matter to me if he table danced to get them. heh. The name of it is called FoA Treasury a name is a name. The home is also public which has many different displays. As for many having large rare collections for years I just started looking for them. Solus was first because I saw his moved. I will be making the rounds for all different museums. If you want to be next icq me where your public museum is located and I will run over there.