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[NEWS] Forge Wars this Saturday! (06/05/2010 7:00pm PST)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Lyconis, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
    Likes Received:

    Forge Wars this Saturday! (06/05/2010 7:00pm PST)
    Gathering at Trinsic Docks.

    An invitation written in stone has arrived. The Cyclopes Bossman has invited YOU to a team event called "Forge Wars". The invitation is inscribed with the following text :

    Big Greets Kin of Sosaria!

    I is writing to offer tanks from the cyclopes again for helping us escape te titan slave masters. We will never forget our debt for all tat kindness.

    Te queen of te dawn has given us good lands. Next to te fine meer kin in te southeast of Ilshenar. We is building and gathering and laughing again. We is exploring tis valley and everyday we find more and more pretty tings to meer kin are friendly and tey is teaching us to swim in te lake tey keep a fine zoo of creatures here too. We ain't never seen no animals like tat before and tey let us pet tem anytime we want and tere is crazy mad pixies across te lake tey is always good for some funny tricks it is great ting you have done for us and we is happy and free. But most of all we remember our promises and we is working hard to keem tem.

    So I is happy to write te cyclopes stadium will soon be ready for you and your kin to join in te challenge of a forge war. I has talked with te other cyclopes and we all agree. It would be a great honor if te kin of our new land came to swing hammers in te maiden bout of te killing floor.

    You might know te cyclopes are a kin of craft and combat. Te forge wars is te same. If you is wanting to enter you must be strong in battle or good with a forge and hammer. Come wit tree others to make a team of four strong, and you is ready to join te bout, and don mind nuttin. We has lots real big bandaids.

    We is going to get everyting ready and host te event for you when you arrive. All of it should be good for tis saturday eve. I is sending a kin to meet tose who wish to compete and tose who want to just watch. A cyclops is going to wait on Trinsic docs from seven as te sun is setting.

    I is much happy to be seeing you again.
    Rock steady!

    Te Cyclopes Bossman​

    To participate in "Forge Wars" on June 5th you will need the following.
    * A team of up to four players. Having less than four will put you at a severe disadvantage. If you have trouble filling your team, try your luck with a forum post or perhaps seek out solo players on the night.
    * Your team must have GM or better Blacksmith and GM or better Mining. These two skills may be on separate players. The rest of the skills are open, but you will need good firepower and tactical co-operation.
    * For team registration on the night, please prepare an in-game book with your member's names listed on the first page. Your blacksmith should be listed first.
    * You may wear any equipment you wish, excepting bracelets of binding or other summoning items.
    * All members must have empty backpacks with the exception of spellbooks. All other items need to be equipped.
    * No pets or mounts will be allowed, this includes ethereal types. (My apologies to tamers. I'll make it up to ya!)

    Note : A general combat resource kit will be supplied at the event. It contains regents, bandages, and a tithing stone. (The contents of the kit are open for discussion)

    Finally I wanted to say thank you for your excellent participation in the prologue last week. This week, if things go smooth and you guys have a good time, I'm hoping we can turn it in to something regular, perhaps doing one every other month. Also we can easily modify it for other crafting professions.
    I know Ornok would be in to it!

    See you on Trinsic docks guys. :)

    EM Tailspin

    Find out more at http://pacific.uoem.net/