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[News]Found in the Founders, Foundation

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    By now everyone knows Castle Britannia is home to some rather unique guards, they dress quite differently. They are reputed to have been hired by our Event Moderators to be Queen Dawns personal guard, the best of the best, surpassing the skill and discipline of the Royal Guard, and with good reason.


    Already some of the more, well shady members of Britannian society have attempted to bribe the guard into allowing access to the new excavation in hopes of finding out what treasures lie hidden within the very foundation of the Castle. Luckily, Mesanna was there to remind them of their duty.
    Thank you Mesanna!
    Some nights later people from all across the realm were requested by Her Majesty Queen Dawn to assemble in the Throne Room to witness the recovery of a mysterious artifact from the hidden chamber.
    Upon arrival at the Castle, I saw only Andrea Kildare, Royal Surveyor.


    But it wasn't long before Queen Dawn herself arrived and began to tell the assembled parties about the recovery mission.


    Andrea Kildare: We've done it!

    Queen Dawn: Oh!
    Queen Dawn: You have?
    Queen Dawn: This is tremendous news!

    Andrea Kildare: we've broken through, just as you believed!

    Queen Dawn: I trust Sherry's instructions were clear?

    Andrea Kildare: very! it was just where she said

    Queen Dawn: Excellent!
    Queen Dawn: *looks to the crowd*
    Queen Dawn: Citizens of Britannia!
    Queen Dawn: Welcome!
    Queen Dawn: Tonight we stand on the brink of a great discovery!
    Queen Dawn: Just as we had thought, the discovery made by Sherry the Mouse has proven to be one of great
    Queen Dawn: Interest and an item of great importance!
    Queen Dawn: Through the efforts of the Royal Surveyor
    Queen Dawn: Again, a thanks Andrea
    Queen Dawn: And her team of recovery specialists

    Andrea Kildare: *smiles with pleasure*

    Queen Dawn: We have broken through the wall and now stand prepared to recover it!
    Queen Dawn: Andrea, are you ready to finish this great search and recover the item?

    Andrea Kildare: It would be my great honor Your Majesty

    Queen Dawn: Excellent

    Queen Dawn: Take them, and this communication crystal
    Queen Dawn: *hands her parchment and a crystal*


    Queen Dawn: This will allow you to communicate with us while you enter the cavern
    Queen Dawn: Whenever you are ready!
    Queen Dawn: Hmm
    Queen Dawn: *taps the crystal*
    Queen Dawn: *speaks into the crystal*
    Queen Dawn: Can you hear me?
    Queen Dawn: Are we transmitting?
    Queen Dawn: *taps the crystal*

    Andrea Kildare: *moves slowly through the darkness*

    Queen Dawn: Can you see anything?
    Queen Dawn: Andrea?

    Andrea Kildare: *moves slowly thru the darkness*

    Queen Dawn: Can you hear us?
    Queen Dawn: Do you see anything?

    Andrea Kildare: Your Majesty......
    Andrea Kildare: I believe.....

    Queen Dawn: Yes! Yes! We are here!
    Queen Dawn: Excellent!

    Andrea Kildare: a faint glow.....

    Queen Dawn: Yes! That must be it!

    Andrea Kildare: *reaches out for a tattered bag*
    Andrea Kildare: *stretches her arm completely out*
    Andrea Kildare: I can touch it Your Majesty....
    Andrea Kildare: I almost......
    Andrea Kildare: THERE!
    Andrea Kildare: I have it!

    Queen Dawn: Be careful Andrea!

    Andrea Kildare: *inches out backwards slowly *


    Andrea Kildare: I'm bringing it out Your Majesty

    Queen Dawn: Careful now!
    Queen Dawn: Fine work Andrea!

    Andrea Kildare: *brushes off the dust and bows*
    Andrea Kildare: Your Majesty
    Andrea Kildare: *hands the tattered bag to Queen Dawn*

    Queen Dawn: *accepts it*
    Queen Dawn: Yes! This is it!
    Queen Dawn: *slowly peels off the bag*
    Queen Dawn: Andrea Kildare, our Royal Surveyor has done us proud this eve!
    Queen Dawn: She has recovered a most powerful crystal! One of great historical value!
    Queen Dawn: I shall see that the Crystal is put on display
    Queen Dawn: Once a secure case can be built to show it here in the Throne Room
    Queen Dawn: The Elite Guards shall also see that no intruders make their way into the cavern
    Queen Dawn: Thank you for being witness to this even tonight fellow Britannians!
    Queen Dawn: Ahh! I see the provisions from the Illusionist Guild have arrived!
    Queen Dawn: Long Live Britannia!
    Queen Dawn: I must see the crystal is secured, Andrea thank you again for your service
    Queen Dawn: Let us rejoice! Good evening everyone!

    Andrea Kildare: Please call should you need us again Your Majesty

    Queen Dawn: *smiles warmly*
    Queen Dawn: *waves*


    With that the room burst full of fireworks from the Illusionist Guilds box of tricks that was delivered, and the people were dismissed. As a memento of the occasion those in attendance and the latecomers where allowed to take a new magical item from the box for their own.


    The Staff of Sparks. Whispers say that if left overnight the magic of this item will recharge, and unlike the various fireworks wands that have been given to the citizens over the years this staff shoots off multiple bursts at once. In addition I have it on good authority that those wishing to receive the Staff of Sparks will have until July 5th to do so. For those interested the Mysterious Crystal that was recovered has been set up on display and is being guarded by Her Majesty's personal guard.


    Thanks go to:
    Lord Gareth for Additional Images