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[NEWS] From the Archives...

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Lair Spirit, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Lair Spirit

    Lair Spirit Guest

    Finally, the story involving the shrines of the serpents. This report was based on a journal found after a great battle probably from another reporter for Britannians upper class. The statues in Serpents Hold gave all the clues to find books for each path, Order, Chaos and Balance. Through these books and clues from the wandering Ophidian Warrior one can decipher the passwords into the Temple of Balance. Or alternatively, PM me.


    From the Archives... "From the notepad of an unknown scribe."

    Lying in some grass on the field of a nearly forgotten battle, a journal was found. Battered and weather worn it was still remarkably readable. It chronicled the few hours leading up to when this diary or notepad (the last entry, which is quite a considerable length was hastily written) was discarded. The author was obviously not a warrior and rather adept at using shorthand to write things as they happened. I have managed to decipher a large portion of text for review below.

    Thirteenth day off Equinox.

    Bailey's pomped up claim to be second cousin to Lady Jaine turned out to be false. His hair was oily enough I was afraid our proximity to the fire might set it alight and his sweaty aroma had initially caused me to visibly gag outright in front of him. His rags looked like they'd been used to clean the bilges from all ships of Lord British's fleet.
    Complete waste of my time. Whoever thought this excuse of a mongbats uncle could get me an interview with Lady Jaine will be sorry.
    A note in the margin: Send Bruce to introduce himself to Argus and family; pay well.

    Twelfth day off Equinox.

    Inconsiderate swamp rats! Following a tip off I was trailing a suspected Minion when the town criers announced the call for all Royal Guards and Volunteers to meet at the castle. Minions are exceptionally hard to track and this one was being most careless. Next time.
    A note in the margin: Just saw Bruce; Argus is no longer able to continue his services as an informant. Pay (Brute is crossed out) Bruce 500 gold.

    In the throne room, from the landing above I can see and hear everything. Green shielded Serpents and Blue/Pink robed Minions are dividing between the south and north walls, baleful glares and name calling being exchanged. A wait.

    A huge Ophidian has appeared on the throne dais, the Matriarch snake perhaps. A giant spider enters shortly after; Marcel. The daggers the two leading entities throw with their looks at one another make me wonder they aren't at each others throats now. Marcel makes a gate at entrance to throne room and his faithful follow; angst, who to chase around? Decision made for me, too far up to run to gate. Moving.

    "We have our own adventure today" the snake says, "and our own summoning. For today we summon the Great Earth Serpent!"

    She elaborates by saying the GES is the leader of their "spiritual" faith and that it can only be summoned if they have the tools they need.

    The Matriarch of Balance announces the first stop.

    The snake slithers down the stairs and casts a gate. The adoring public are passing through, better join them. COLD! Where on Sosaria are we? Snow everywhere, surrounded by a ring of rock opening out onto more snow. Four white marble tables stand in a ring, some sort of sparkle gate in the centre. A small white snake statue stands on one table. The queen snake stands in the centre and hisses out,

    "Who accepted the Path of Order?"

    Voices shout out, some hands are raised. She points at someone, green shroud and shield riding a swampy; ugly creature. He steps forward to the benches.
    A note in the margin: Ask someone afterwards, Path of Order? Matriarch Ophidian?

    "Report Commander," she says, "where are the Forces?"
    "The Force of Discipline was found in the weaponsmith of Gargoyle City." replies the Commander. Commander?
    "Concentrate everyone. We will bring it forth." says the snake queen.

    Bring it forth? Poppysmock. No words of power audible. People squinting with effort, others looking bored, some others squinting with the effort of looking bored. I'm surprised! A white sword appears on the north table. Looking closely I can see "Discipline" engraved down the blade. Some cheap magician trick with mirrors I suspect.
    A note in the margin: Look for mirrors.

    "I found Truths Logic in a temple on Temple Island." The Green man says, his hood hiding his chuffed face I bet.
    "Concentrate on Truth now Serpents, let us bring it here."

    More smoke and mirrors, without smoke. The same glassy looks pass over the most of the crowd. Some few complain of headaches; bright green and orange pants man, interview possibility. As before, an artefact appears on the western bench. A white book with "Truths Logic" etched into the spine. How did he find that? Of all the lands and libraries and dungeons.
    Note: Interview Green Man (Thorn?)

    "Ethicality was found in the Wisp dungeon in Ilshenar." says Thorn.
    "Ethicality..." the snake trails off and if she had eyelids I guess they would have been closed in concentration.

    Shuffling closer to the remaining table I'm in time to see a white candle and candle holder appear on the southern table. Ethicality embossed down the side of the candle. Flame doesn't flicker much at all. The tense feeling in the crowd changes to relief and raised spirits.

    The Forces of Order around the Shrine.

    "Well done all. This Shrine is now active." announces the queen. Shrine? HA! What is the object of worship? The sparkles? Surely not. Snake statue maybe? The artefacts? Voices hush.
    "Do you know the word to take you to the Serpent Temple Thorn?"

    Temple? There is much I am in the dark about. What am I paying these informants for? What rubbish. Do I have to do everything myself? Thorn is still quiet, he looks uncertain.

    "I believe so." he says.
    "Others may try this later, try it now." says the queen.
    "eicline" says Thorn. Huh? Did he say a horse? Were we supposed to see him whisked off to another place? I don't recognise any words of power in "eicline" no matter the spelling.
    "The letters are right you may need a different order perhaps." the queen says. Oh... correct letters? Was this a puzzle?
    "For now, we move on I think. We must hurry. Chaos is next."

    There is more. The writing becomes less legible on later pages and deciphering this interesting style of shorthand is quite taxing on time. I hope to have it ready shortly.

    ~ Lair Spirit
  2. Lair Spirit

    Lair Spirit Guest

    I've just noticed the peril my archive threads will face if I keep my current naming convention. I couldn't fit the whole title I wanted so I kept it short. I will remedy this for next time.