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[NEWS] From The Quill Of Cmdr. Drake Foxx

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Commander Foxx returned to his Britain office. The wind rustled the hedges outside the stone building as he walked through the archway. He stripped off the blood soaked armor and set it within a chest. He looked upon his office chair with a reserved comfort. Foxx let the weight of his body overcome him as he sat down with a gentle thud. He shuffled the collected documents to find a blank piece of parchment. Foxx set it out in front of him, dipped the quill before him in a well of ink, and began to write,

    Your Majesty,

    As requested I write to inform you of the status of the caravans. Friday's caravan left the Warrior's guild with the ordered supplies. Light resistance was initially encountered, however those citizens under my command dispatched most threats with great swiftness. Unfortunately it seems the brigand Scarlet Von Trinsic, with the assistance of her lackeys, plotted an escape whilst en route to the Court of Truth in Yew. She is now at large. I have already taken steps to ensure she is at the top of Britannia's Most Wanted. Rest assured Highness, she will be apprehended. Scattered remnants of The King's Own plagued our journey, lead by Alodar Salafna. Twas not long before the vile Salafna showed himself. I am happy to report he is no longer a concern to the Crown. The Feluccan caravan left under heavy guard. I must admit I had little hope the caravan would survive the onslaught of the murderous Feluccan citizenry...they proved ineffective this eve however. The journey was not without ambush, though. In the end the caravan reached did reach Trinsic. The Brigand Scarlet Von Trinsic appeared and with great excitement proclaimed she'd set explosion traps within those equines who carried the burden. The only action was to slay them in an attempt to save the supply. With hesitation the escort dispatched the equines and thankfully most of the supplies were recovered. I've reports the supplies that reached Magincia will provide aid, but we cannot tell how long the evils there may be kept at bay. Lord Casca is dead, as is his lieutenant Alodar Salafna. We must focus on Von Trinsic now. She is the greatest threat to our prosperity and to the Crown. She will be apprehended. This I can assure.

    Your noble servant,

    Cmdr. Drake Foxx
    Britannian Royal Guard

    Commander Foxx ended the final sentence of his correspondence with a striking period from the quill. He dripped sealing wax on the scroll and sent it off to the Castle with his errant. He leaned back in his chair...thinking only of Scarlet Von Trinsic and what horror she may bring to the realm.