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[News] Further reporting in Fel is suspended

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Caledor Moonrise, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Since most of you now know who I am now and why I am wandering through the field of battle, there really should be no excuse for unwarranted attacks while I am trying to get screen shots at the brit gate or anywhere else for that matter. I carry no weapon, have no macros for healing or anything else, but rather am set up to do what I am there to do, report on the activities of the players and take screen shots I believe may be of some entertainment and interest. Until the attacks by the select few (whom are all guilded) are curtailed, there will be nothing reported of the activities in Fel and all stories I have been working on concerning the Fel based guilds are put on hold. I am not going to contribute insurance money to those who are acting foolish and have more than enough to report on with regard to the guilds who actually want other players to get to know them.
  2. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
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    As quoted by Lefty


    You may find yourself in ghost form a lot in fel, but I'll tell you what I have told other stratics reporters that came before you. If you are in ghost form and have uoassist, just hit the display tab and select a form from view as.. then your screen will go back to color and you can take some decent screen shots for your articles.

    I suggest you do interviews with all the fel guilds and see what's going on.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If you go to fel expect to die, dont expect to be given a special privilage just becuase you wear a fancy tag.

    You also have another option and that is to go to fel without the items you dont wish to loose. You can go naked with a death robe, or you can go with useless items you picked off the ground. You might not know this but at one point there was NO INSURANCE.

    You might also want to take into consideration that not EVERYONE reads Stratics and they might have no damn idea what your guild tag means.

    Now please dont take any of this the wrong way, I think its great that Sonoma has a reporter again, and I welcome you to the shard, but please if your gonna be a reporter dont be a bias one and be agaisnt the fel ruleset and some of our playstyles. You have also only been here for what a few days? Give it time for word to get out that you want to give people in fel their 1 news posting of stratics fame.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Some reporters in the past wore bless items, [The Haven quests give some decent leather that is blessed], and used chiv skills to recall and heal themself. If you like to change your template to chiv I can help with some Bless leather armor from those quests.
  4. I appreciate your suggestions and offers. I have played this game for more than 10 years now and have no bias toward any ruleset....in fact I get a kick out of pvp and have played reds as well. This is more about a chosen few who wait for me to step outside of the guard zone to take a screen shot and then attack...I could care less about the insurance gold or dying...they are simply making a job I volunteered to do way harder than it should be.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

  6. Calell

    Calell Guest

    From what I've heard, it's that way for reporters on all shards. Sonoma does have more than it's fair share of people who have absolutely no respect for anything except griefing because 'they can'. That's been UO for years now though...

    I thought you had potential, now I'm not so sure. Good luck with whatever decision you uphold.
  7. Horizon

    Horizon Guest

    That blows
  8. I am not going anywhere.....I hoped that I could get the message to their guildleaders to get ahold of them for the best interest of the shard. I am not one to quit anything and these folks may be in for a surprise when they attack the little reporter next time. I do still remember how to put a template together.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Takes more than a few days for you to become "known" in Fel. If you want to report in Fel, travel with guild leaders and get to know THEM first. Word will trickle down, I gaurantee it. If you just show up at the gate and start saying, I'm a stratics reporter, dont shoot me.... um, you're gonna get shot. I seem to remember a cheeky little fellow who posted weekly kill counts on Stratics that had a safe passage from ALL guilds in Fel... because he was just so damn nice, and he actually did something usefull for the community. I protected him, and actually killed people that attacked him plenty of times, for no other reason then he was just a genuinely nice guy doing his own thing and hurting no one in Fel. You'll get there. Play in Fel more. The only reason you talked to KMS the other day was because some of us read your posts and made SURE you got your opportunity to do your interview... Dont give up so easily. You'll never get anywhere in Fel if you do. Those few who kill you will get the hint eventually that it's not kosher to turn you into lawn art.
  10. Rod

    Rod Guest

    Do you have UOAssist?

    As a ghost you can choose "View myself as a:" and become some type of creature, a chicken for example.

    Then you would once again see the world in color, even as a ghost. You would be free to enter the action and take some spectacular screenshots, ones that you would never get as a "live action reporter".
  11. beef steak

    beef steak Guest

    You obviously haven't talked to all the pvp guilds on Sonoma Fel. It takes time for everyone to learn who you are and to not attack you. On another shard, my guild sometimes guilds the reporter for specific events so they can report unmolested and without the spells accidentally hitting them. Have you thought about doing that if you're there for a specific guild event? Things don't happen overnight, and not everyone reads stratics or even cares about stratics. You can only take it in stride, it's a part of the game. You WILL die.
  12. Terraxia

    Terraxia Guest

    Aia used to use her stealther for reporting and taking screenshots, especially in the dungeons and large field fights. Asking for a hands off attitude is a bit much in fel, especially on sonoma.
  13. Horizon

    Horizon Guest


    "Be cautious my son", my father warned through his stern gaze. "Sonoma is a lawless land full of bloodthirsty, reckless and dangerous killers who have no loyalty to any but themselves", he said. "You would be wise to remain here and continue your studies with the Wizard Legronde Willowwhisp, for high elves should not concern themselves in such matters".

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Please don't take the previous comments the wrong way. Everyone seems to be offering advice for you to be successful in your endevor.

    If you turn to fighting them, it may do more harm than good. But then again, it may be more fun.

    Good luck, and don't give up.
  14. Calell

    Calell Guest

    Don actually was attacked by numerous immature people as well, but a lot of people protected him when possible [​IMG]
  15. "If you go to fel expect to die, dont expect to be given a special privilage just becuase you wear a fancy tag."

    Heh, I remember GM's getting toasted before they became invulnerable.
  16. Heck yeah! Whacking GMs at West Brit Bank. My fav was watching one try to run while several FS hit him in a row, the great burning man effect