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[News] Guardsman Rick Flair Disappears, Verdict in Cymidei Fier Trial

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cymidei Fier, May 25, 2009.

  1. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Countess Malabelle, prosecutor in the trial against Cymidei Fier, silently prepared her final arguments and reviewed her papers for trial. The defendant, Cymidei Fier, entered the courtroom confidently, having been released on her own recognizance, Cymidei appeared refreshed and heavily armed. Cymidei watched Malabelle and her guards for a brief moment before deciding to attack.

    Suddenly, an arrow whistled by her side, then another struck her in the throat and the final arrow narrowly missed her heart. Kurpur, Malabelle's orc guard, bravely put himself in the path of the flying arrows. Laughing, Cymidei shot Kurpur dead and cruelly looked on as Malabelle slowly bled to death.

    Judge Ferris entered the room and was outraged and demanded an explanation for the carnage in the courtroom. All fingers pointed to Cymidei Fier and Corporal Brackus came out of the gallery to chain her to the table and keep her from harming anyone else. Prompt medical attention was given to Malabelle and Kurpur was revived on the scene as Judge Ferris questioned the crowd to find out how the attacks had occurred. In a fit of rage, Malabelle lunged at Cymidei and punched her over and over again in the face. Grumbling, the judge demanded that all parties and observers return to their seats and respect the court, then the trial continued. Malabelle ordered Calyndrell, a town guard familiar with the defendant to leave the courtroom.

    Adam Clayton, the defense attorney, was not present so Cymidei Fier acted as her own counsel. In a surprise move, prosecutor Malabelle called Cymidei Fier to the stand as a witness and examined her about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Kellindil and to explain her actions. Cymidei made many incriminating statements including that she had intentionally attacked Kellindil because she believed that he had murdered a business associate of the Dark Tower and was threatening her. When pressed further, Cymidei revealed that she believed both Kellendil and the "business associate" were actually smugglers involved in trafficking illicit reagents. Cymidei would not elaborate on what "reagents" the Dark Tower had purchased before the brutal murder of Maksim Zacchara.

    "The mans facade was beaten and bloodied. His nose was smashed in, and his right eye was blue and swollen shut. The mans lips were cracked and broken, and dried blood leaked from scratches and tears in his flesh. Unlike the bronzed hue of his hands, his face was unnatural pale, the blood having drained from his head into the lower extremities of his form. The nobleman, whomever he was, had been viciously beaten and savagely tortured before being left there as a gift upon the Master's velvet seat.As if on queue, the mans head sank forward with a sickening sound. Decapitated, the head bounced down onto the mans lap, and then rolled to the floor at Cymidei's feet. It came to a stop, a single piercing eye looking up with her in what was the last look of the mans face before his death: absolute horror.

    It was Maksim Zacchara, the Head of the Zacchara Trading Company...a note was found signed K.V"
    From The Dark master's Throne by Warder Dragon.

    Cymidei explained that in her belief, the killer was none other than Kellindil vi Valdesin, Seneschal of the House al'Dracul and that was the reason she attacked him. Prosecutor Malabelle acknowledged that Zacchara had been murdered by a business rival but did not readily agree that Kellindil was the man responsible for the act. Malabelle pressed Cymidei to answer why she had reported the murder to Corproral Brackus. To which Cymidei replied that she had been "toying" with the guards to show them how powerless they are to enforce order in Britan, elaborating that the real power of the City will never be in the hands of the virtuous or mere guards.

    In her closing arguments, Malabelle recommended that the Judge convict Cymidei on all counts and punish her by turning her over to the Town Guards or the inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus of Luna for two weeks of torture and flagellation followed by execution by burning at the stake. Cymidei argued that she was not guilty on any of the counts, but the gallery erupted into cries of "burn the witch!" Seeing that her situation was hopeless, Cymidei swallowed a bit of black rock. When Judge Ferris retired to his chambers. Cymidei broke free from the Town Guard and fled the courtroom by arcane means. Calyndrell and Malabelle got into a heated argument because Calyndrell believed he could have prevented Cymidei's escape if he had been allowed to guard her.

    Judge Ferris found Cymidei guilty on all counts and asisgned the maximum penalty, recommended by the prosecutor. A price of 20 million gold pieces has been put on the head of Cymidei Fier, for anyone who can find her and bring her to justice, alive. There are rumors that she was last seen in the Town of Britain following the trial.

    Already, bounty hunters and guards are scouring the City to uncover clues not only to find Cymidei Fier but also to find a member of the Town Guards, Guardsman Recruit Rick Flair who was also reported missing! The Town guards are asking for assistance from the public for finding Cymidei Fier and Guard Rick Flair. Anyone who has information is urged to come forward at once.
  2. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Tuesday evening while at West Britain Bank I noticed books with the same title, 'Rick Flair', scattered about.


    The books, written by Morgance Fier, are ransom demands ..

    'Since yer stoopin' to our level an all, listen up! Ye <*censored*> us off hiring those low life inquisitors and we're gonna take it out of Rick Flair's hide. Unless you pay up and vacate the streets.

    We want 50,000 gold for Rick. He sits in chains at this very moment in the Dark Tower. Unless you pay up, he's going to be given to the Necromancers to use for spare parts.

    Time is running out.

    Morgance Fier'