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[News]Hall of Commons Meeting Report 4-17-11

Discussion in 'Imperium News Service' started by Merik, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Hall of Commons Meeting Report
    Hall of Commons, Britain
    Sunday, April 17, 2011



    Dictator Gunga Din was received with open hand slaps and kicks from those attending the Hall of Commons. Elder EM Dudley attempted to give Dictator Gunga Din fashion advice but I fear that no advice could help a New Haven outfit wearing Dictator newbie.

    Next time the little Dictator shall know better then to sit in the big "haha hat" mans stool!!!

    EM Events for the Week

    (Descriptions by Dudley)

    Tuesday, April 19th @ 8pm ET, Gate from Luna to "Fortune's Fire"

    First a few notes about the Fortune's Fire Casino. It is currently built on the isle of Humility [aka Fire Island] to the north near the Volcano. We will offer a variety of gaming as well as resort style accommodations, games include

    *Bullseyewhich is a darts throwing game. You wager against getting a bullseye in one throw.

    *Lucky7players bet on one of three outcomes
    Elder EM Dudley: Under 7, over 7, and 7

    Twenty-One which is another dice game. You basically roll to get as close to 21 without going over, trying to beat the dealer.

    *Ankh & Serpent players bet on any number from 1 to 6. The dealer rolls three dice and if your number comes out once.

    Full details of the games will be available the night the Casino opens Also the Casino will be open for use by the players, when we aren't running our events there. All the tools we have, are available. Some of the resort amenities include a Massage Cabana, Disco Tent complete with dancing poles, Umbrella and Towel service, Banker on premises, fireside Volcano viewing area, as well as a stable and a nude beach.

    Because of the sensitive nature of the events that will take place there. We have a STRICT zero tolerance policy for greifers and cheaters. We will restrict access to anyone who causes trouble. This will be for your entire account. In order for this to work people need to be mature about it

    *Fortune Fire Rules
    All these rules, and more details on the games will be available the night of the Casino.
    -We do ask that gargoyles respect the no fly area
    -We ask that there be no pets
    -Macro spamming kept to a minimum

    Friday, April 22nd @ 5pm ET, "The Enchanted Library"

    We also have the Enchanted Library event going live on Friday at 5pm ET. It's just like the Hidden Temple event where you can do it anytime. We will be leaving this one up for two weeks. There are two reward opportunities you can do both of the paths to get the reward. This event is also mirrored in Felucca so reds can do this as well. The rewards are the same we will post more details on the EM forum as the date draws near.

    Announcement from EM Drosselmeyer

    We've mentioned several times to you all and seen great response about having a library to contain all the pertinent in game pieces of fiction related to the EM Events, as well as a portion that players can submit to. If you wish to have input on this, please write us up a brief or detailed explanation of what you would want to see in such a library and then email it to both of us at [email protected] and [email protected] This way we can do our best with the library to make it more useful for you all.

    As mentioned before, people requested several things about the Fiction Contest with...the upcoming Paws scenario. The response was phenomenal, and we repeat that we are using all submissions. Since people wanted to be able to be recognized for these and due to the nature of how we are setting it up the fiction that you all submitted, as it's introduced will initially only be available in game a week after it has become available in game. We will then post copies along with the player author names on the EM forums. If you are one of the authors look for an email sometime this week with a quick questionnaire.

    Open Floor

    Shiela: Should townships start doing RP guard patrols of their city limits? or no point in doing that? Cause they will just be killed with the current Stone attacks.

    Elder EM Dudley: If you'd like, you can do patrols. The worst monster you'd be facing would be the Phobic Terrors. We can reduce the numbers that spawn to make them less deadly. As far as the Nemesis Bosses, those will only be during pre announced events, so there's no "surprise" of them. Don't forget, if the Phylactery is gone then the Township has been freed!

    Open Floor - Gareth Inquisition
    EM Drosselmeyer:
    So I guess we should have expected his inquisition!

    Gareth: With the Nemesis Stone event some of us were unable to face other townships Big Bosses, even though Felucca has been freed can we still battle their foes?

    EM Drosselmeyer: what you're saying is that many missed the chance to see the bosses and that many who wished to see specific ones didn't get to and if there is any possibility that they could show up again. There is always a possibility, and we'll look into it. Since we have had several comments and inquiries about it.

    Elder EM Dudley: We can work it in so you'll see them all again perhaps. Of course, it will be an EPIC BATTLE! Ya, we can do something about that

    Gareth: What do I do with this Disco Stick thing that has a countdown on it?


    Elder EM Dudley: Save it and give it to Balandar if he asks for it. They are used to destroy the Nemesis Stone's power. When you give him one we put your name on a list.

    Elijah: how can you get a disco stick?

    Elder EM Dudley: They drop as loot on the Nemesis mobs during the township invasion events.

    Gareth: What if we don't want to destroy it? Can a township request to only have a certain person turn one in for their town?

    Elder EM Dudley:
    It doesn't work like that we just record who turned it in not what it was used for. If you don't want to destroy the nemesis stone that makes you ebil *grins*

    EM Drosselmeyer:
    I know nobody here is evil or would ever want to be evil. You're all upstanding paragons of virtue and goodness.​

    Gareth: When will the Sons of the Sea begin hosting fishing competitions again?

    Elder EM Dudley: In May Deadliest Catch just started. So we have to get on it

    Gareth: On the topic of Royal Guards how many points do you need to accumulate to achieve each rank?

    Elder EM Dudley: It's not public. Some of you will be promoted with the next meeting. As the ranks increase the ranges are higher. I'm basing this off of what I've seen other shards do. They don't release the rank ranges so neither will we, but I think it's something like 3 or 4 events with full merit points and not having any demerit points .

    EM Drosselmeyer: Promoted from Filthy Maggot to First Class Filthy Maggot. And you can also earn mysterious bonus merits by performing above and beyond and exhibiting the behavior and demeanor expected of a Guard.

    Gareth: What exactly does a Quartermaster do in the Royal Guard?

    Elder EM Dudley:
    The Quartermaster makes all the clothes and supplies

    Gareth: A core group of players have been working to develop New Magincia as a real township under the leadership of Gunga. Are there any restrictions we should know about? Such as recognition or assistance with big shard wide events?

    Elder EM Dudley:
    Being that its uncharted territory we'd have to check with Mesanna to say the least But there are no restrictions on forming a township there. I mean so long as you all yourself New Magincia something.

    Gareth: What Mailbox do you use to contact Kendrick Marrow for like say....oh I dunno someone wanted to and bribe him on how to construct something?

    Elder EM Dudley: The main HoC mailbox

    EM Drosselmeyer: It's a bit hard for poor Mr. Morrow to check the mail at the moment, I'd think. I mean Irina would just wait for him at his mailbox.