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[News]Hall of Commons Report 10/31/10

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Hall of Commons Report
    Sunday, October 31, 2010
    Hall of Commons, Britain


    EM Events Preview For November

    Major push for global events which includes
    -The Poseidon's Fury (Recovering 2 map pieces)
    -Sheffield Investigation continues
    -Tavalia Zodok continues (Could they be linked?)
    -PvP Battles with the new content

    Elder EM Dudley
    We'll be doing our first ship to ship combat event next month. The changes to Saltpeter, charge crafting and what not, should make it pretty easy to supply yourselves the charges needed for the ship cannons. You can buy as much as you want from the vendor at the Market and the price goes up 1gp in price every 1000 sold. The saltpeter, charcoal, sulfurous ash, black powder and the potash are all 1/10th of a stone each.

    **Novembers EM Event Schedule will be out soon, once EM Dudley and EM Drosselmeyer finalize it. Keep your eye on the EM Forums.

    Open Floor - Player Questions

    Can we get a little more warning for events than posts the same day? I know a lot of people, myself included, who didn't make the pumpkin patch events, because we didn't know about them.
    The event was first announced at the Hall of Commons meeting on October 10th. The second event was announced from the first event. Over two hundred people showed up I am sorry that you missed it, but we put stuff up as early as we can.

    Did the blue crystals fall through the cracks again?
    I have no information on that, Sorry.

    The pumpkin patch thing was... different...perhaps a ticket system of some kind next time, for a little more fair entry?
    It was just meant to be a fun little thing for Halloween. That makes it way complicated and adds more setup. As it was over 200 people finished the puzzle.

    Last years event at this time was allot more fair. A few player's tried your puzzle and didn't get?
    That was a global event we didn't design that. The Dev team did with tools a lot more extensive then ours.

    What about the ones who did your puzzle and didn't get past the 1st or 4th stage? What your saying to us is to bad?

    They didn't complete the puzzle, that's sort of how it works. The objective was to finish the puzzle. Seeing as how over 200 people finished it, it's difficulty was about where it was targeted.

    [[Elder EM Dudley was Interrupted while answering a question]]
    The conversation is between the person who has the floor and the EM staff. Everyone else please hold your comments or I will eject you

    Does this weeks Big fish start now? Or on Monday? Will it will be written on a deed at the Sons of the Sea building?
    Monday through Sunday Deed is changed on Monday.

    Would it be possible to have more then one weigh in time for the Big fish? or a drop box for people that cannot make the 30minute window?
    If it will fit in the Mailbox, Drop it in the main mailbox

    Citadel of the fallen banner area question. (Unable to hear exact question)
    I know they were waiting on a publish To fix the land I don't know when or if it made it into one of the previous ones You might want to email her directly She'll know more then I.

    Em Event official global channel question. (Unable to hear exact question)

    The Official chat channel for any EM event will have the date and EM. So for tonight it would be 10/31 EM HoC and when you join ask if you are in the right channel. If I or Dross say you are, you are. Nobody else can have EM in front of their name.

    Should the Township Summit rules be the same way as the Hall of Commons rules? Macros? (Unable to hear exact question)
    We don't eject for interruptions, we eject for cross talking. Which is addressing anyone other than the EM, or talking without the floor. It's a judgment call on the EMs part. If it is an obvious accident then that's one thing. If it's someone trying to answer the question for the EM, or making commentary when they don't have the floor they get ejected.

    The summit is an in character meeting, this is an out of character meeting. There is allowed to be discussion between people at the Summit, not here.