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[News]Hall of Commons Report

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Hall of Commons Report
    November 21, 2010
    By: Merik​

    EM Events for the Week
    Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 8:30pm ET – Food Glorious Food [Gates from Luna]
    Saturday, November 27, 2010 at 8:00pm ET – Storming the Gates [Gates from Luna]
    Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 8:30pm ET – Catch of the week weigh-in [Gates from Luna]
    Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 9:00pm ET – Hall of Commons [Gates from Luna]


    Saturday's event is extremely special and unlike anything you'll have done anywhere and we're very proud of it and looking forward to your reactions.

    TOWNSHIPS ~Drosselmeyer
    The township leaders should contact Dudley about their availability for the second of December. ONE leader per township. No matter what your township consists of, we will only allow one of you. No exceptions.

    SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS ~Drosselmeyer
    If you ever have ideas or suggestions for events, or things we could run to appeal...to a large audience of players, then please do email them to both Dudley and myself. We are always looking for new and interesting ideas. Not all ideas turn out to be possible, or feasible, but we do take into account feedback
    and while we pride ourselves on being quite imaginative, There's always room for outside help.

    If you find a monster with guardian in the name and it's in an unreachable area, Please ignore it. It is for an upcoming event. If by chance it is able to cast at you or you can cast on it, Please immediately contact Dudley or myself via email so we can fix this. Thank you.

    The continued and standing policy here on Chesapeake, Dudley and I will not and will never discuss the specifics of event items. However, we have noticed that in comparison to many other shards, we do not drop as many. We have heard complaints about this; I'd like to let you know that while we aren't out to... Ever try and be 'equal' to any other shard, that we have never been out to deny Chessy anything. We just only release event items when they have a purpose for the plot or, on rare occasion, when we feel that a group of players at an event have gone above and beyond themselves to be part of it and did so without ever wanting to get an item.

    EM ITEM DROPS ~Drosselmeyer
    As a rule, in events, I tend to walk, on foot. Running ahead in 99% of events will only remove your chances at getting items. The trek through Ilshenar was me walking the entire time. I even stopped at several occasions for several minutes on that particular one, but, to address. The item issue, as you may or may not have known, at the inception of the EM program. Before I was one the first few events occurred with EM's handing out items completely randomly for rewards, this was met with HEAVY shouts of favoritism. Since then, all rewards are 100% randomized, except when everyone at an event gets a reward. Again, regardless of who does that, there's no way that assists them.

    DEMONSTRATION (Zombie Spawned) ~Drosselmeyer
    If I spawn a monster, such as this, this monster behaves as all monsters do. He has a set of loot and if I put something on him, it drops somewhere in that loot table. You have better chances the more damage you do because if you get 60% of the loot, there's a slightly higher chance that the item will be in that part but we have ZERO control over whose 'instanced corpse' gets an item. We have ZERO control over it and it's still ruled by the RNG. I have, at events on my home shard, gotten an event item when I barely attained looting rights and others got almost the entire corpse. It is completely random, and impossible to be biased. If you believe that certain people get items more often, then it could be...that they have optimized their build for fighting monsters or that they are the kinds who stay behind and hope that people overlooked the special item and wait for the corpse to go 'public'. The only other types of items we do are items with a special crafted by tag and when THOSE happen, everyone at the event when we hand them out gets one.

    We take accusations of favoritism extremely seriously, because of what happened with the Seers and the original EM program. That is why EM's are not allowed to EM on a shard they play. We use only the most fair ways we can and every event has different monster sets so one event, monsters may be easier to be damaged by warriors others, by archers others, by mages others, by tamers. We use various tools at our disposal to do our best to prevent tamers from always having an...advantage as most people seem to think they do (They don't) and...we sometimes even alter the monsters to make it easier for those who are following the story to kill them.

    [email protected]
    If these people feel that way, let them know they are free to take any of these feelings and compile them concisely, with good reasoning, and send them to Mesanna. If anyone has an issue with me and I cannot adequately fix it, please feel free to contact her.

    For instance, one of our first events well, one of MY first events was the ophidian event in the desert. If you paid attention to Jamison's clues about them being scared of cold but fire and weaponry seeming to do little for mages and tamers, they could alter their tactics accordingly to maximize their damage. So in summary, there is never any unfair advantage with how items drop

    EM GATES DURING EVENTS ~Drosselmeyer
    We will not continuously use gates during events, due to our RPC's not having that ability otherwise, there'd be no IC reason they don't gate everywhere. Also I would like to acknowledge just for my own humility, that I did indeed flummox the blockage used on the gypsy caravan event and put it over the wrong passageway. We do make mistakes, but please when we do, just go along with how the story progresses.