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[News] Here, there be Super Dragons!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Guest, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    The world's gone mad, I tell you! Exploding houses with burning effigies... Chocolatey confections and stuffy animals... And it seems you can't go anywhere now without tripping over a garishly colored rabbit or getting trampled on by the dubiously named "Super Dragons" that have begun to surface all across Sosaria and that we've all heard so much fuss about lately. Well, I paid a visit to the perilous caverns of Destard to see for myself just how tough these reptillian juggernauts really were and what all was involved when skilled animal tamers attempted to convince one to join forces with them. I soon learned it took much more than a honeyed tongue and peaceful tunes to soothe these savage beasts...

    Upon recalling to the entrance of the dreaded dragons' den, I couldn't help but notice a collection of deathrobes littering the ground. And standing tall in the middle of the pile was a brave soul called Porkchop. I nodded a greeting as the Elder Animal Tamer hastily dressed and rushed back into the entrance... only to return a few moments later, deathrobe furiously flapping behind him. Deciding that discretion was indeed the better part of Valor, even in the depths of the Anti-Valor Dungeon, I moved silently through the entranceway, sticking closely to the shadows.

    It was not long before Porkchop came once again dashing headlong into the fray... Despite healing and lyrical help from fellow tamers Xena and KIAWAH, Porkchop's attempt at appealing to the greater dragon's sense of logic fell a bit short...

    Somehow, I don't think protection is really an issue for this fellow, Porkchop.

    Xena steps up to the plate and tries a different approach - asking the greater dragon to join her. So uhh... was that a no, then??

    A flanking strategy for taming fares no better and the undaunted dragon wrangling duo pauses to ponder the pricey penalty for failure. Perhaps things might have gone differently had he not had such a tasty-sounding name...

    It was around this time that TAMMY discovered she was not resistant to decapitation or evisceration.

    Huzzah! Backup hath arrived in the form of another Legendary Bard... Amadeus! He'eees in... Aaaaand he's down.

    TAMMY should really be more specific in the future...

    Finally, success! Turns out he just wanted a little TLC, folks!

    Elsewhere in the dungeon, Xave makes his attempt at sweet-talking his way into a greater dragon's heart... and ends up in its stomach instead.

    Percival lends a healing hand to help improve Xave's chance for survival. After a brief chat, Xave goes to try and make back some of that lost insurance money.

    Some folks host a short-lived shindig with their various pets. More does not necessarily equal better as they found out quickly.

    Solace and Zarra don't fare much better.

    Congratulation on your new friend, David! Er. Ex-friend. RIP "HellFire" - We barely knew you...

    Even the llamas want in on the action. I wonder if they're any relation to those diseased rabbits running around...

    [​IMG]</center> </center>
  2. Redxpanda

    Redxpanda Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 6, 2007
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    Good Story! I was just thinking the reporters forgot about us for a minute there.
  3. Karthcove

    Karthcove Guest

    Yea, my tamer is the David in the story - I only had that 903 str Super Drag for about 5 minutes [​IMG]

    If I knew I was getting my picture taken I would have combed my hair!