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[News] High Council Meets, Temple of Mondain Active

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Phayde, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Phayde

    Phayde Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 27, 2009
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    [Compassion Grove, Trammel] Last evening's meeting of the High Council of Britannia, presided over by Chancellor DaKaren, was quite eventful. Talk before the meeting convened surrounded the recent erection of a cemetery in Yew by the Temple of Mondain, but as the Chancellor called the meeting to order, Lord Galen made a stunning announcement. "oth Chancellor DaKaren and Martyna should consider themselves subpoenaed for testimony at Malag's hearing this week." This brought discussion about the behavior of the Minister of Foreign Affairs which was cut abruptly short by the Chancellor's gavel, and a reminder of the forthcoming trial this Wednesday at the neighboring High Court.

    Chancellor DaKaren then moved the discussion to the Cult of Styx which had been encountered by the Royal Spies on their last mission for Lord Magnus Grey. Justicar Ra'Dian Fl'Gith confirmed for the Chancellor that the Skull of Mondain was the missing artifact in question. He also spoke about the decoded prophecy that the Royal Spies had determined involved both Imperus Noxum and the Skull. Fl'Gith then noted that during the Despise tour he conducted in conclusion of his Virtue Study on Compassion, his group encountered a strange elemental beast in the depths of the dungeon. "[T]here was a note found, apparently penned by Imperus... [he] had decided to try to kill us."

    Several people walked into the Council chambers during the discussion of Imperus and the Cult of Styx, and after the discussion concluded, these folk began speaking about their hardships. Each had a slightly different story to tell, but all revolved around not having food. One man, Henry, revealed, "Our dear brother Zeus has had naught but maggoty meat for the past fortnight." LikaThad Ale, the Councilor from Yew, seemed nonplussed when he said, "We can't help what you like to eat." When asked by Lady Z'muir why he didn't hunt fresh game, Zeus responded that he could not afford a decent weapon.

    Lord Polynikes of Yew offered to aid them with food, while Kasavar the Dark asked if there were families starving. It was soon learned that the men were from distant Minoc, and had a variety of problems plaguing them. From rats eating their food stores, to failed crops, a cow that had run dry, chickens failing to produce, and children falling ill, it was finally revealed by Henry that he believes the Temple of Mondain to be behind the matters. Some of the assembled folk seemed curious about the issues, while others took a decidedly more negative stance. Chancellor DaKaren, trying desperately to get the meeting back under control, pounded his gavel loudly and requested everyone be quiet, hinting at harsher action if they failed to do so.

    As the Chancellor attempted to learn more about the situation, a man named Dale muttered, "Seems like our plight falls on deaf ears." While the Chancellor indicated the men from Yew had offered aid, Minister of Foreign Affairs Malag aste snidely commented, "What more would you like them to do? Feed it to you?" The men tried to explain that while they were seemingly natural occurrences, there was no memory of such combined bad times in recent history, and thus it must be the Temple behind the problems. "Hmm... The Temple has apparently gained omnipotence in my absence?" the Chancellor mused in response.

    The men then mentioned that the Temple had recently been sighted in Zento, and also had encroached into Yew as well, both of which were acknowledged, and yet the overall tone of the Council remained skeptical. Justicar Fl'Gith, for his part, appeared curious, suggesting, "[P]erhaps some of the agricultural and farming woes they speak of might have come from some sort of curse." He followed by chastising the Council for bickering with the men about the details rather than asking questions to better understand the situation.

    At that point, Malag aste and the Chancellor revealed that Requi Mortaul, the current leader of the Temple of Mondain, was present in the Council chambers. "We have merely been re-establishing our followership," Mortaul said. "I know of no harm brought to any residents of Minoc." The Justicar warned the men present, who were contemplating seeking aid from the Temple if the Council continued to treat them dismissively, that to trust a follower of Mondain would be most unwise. "The Mondainites are more akin to sacrificing their victims [...] than they are at aiding people." After much deliberation and discussion, the men of Yew arranged a caravan to set out from Yew to Minoc in a couple of days with much needed supplies.

    The meeting then continued with Minister Malag aste Hla-ate informing the Council that he was working to contact the gargoyles of Ter Mur to set up diplomatic relations, and also that a Winter Festival was progressing in Newcastle for the December 18. The public is welcome to attend the Festival, and are encouraged to bring gifts for a gift exchange. Both Malag aste and Councilor Ale made comments about "peasants" and "serfs" being allowed to attend as well. The Justicar seemed offended, and Chancellor DaKaren appeared unsure how to react.

    Justicar Fl'Gith reminded the assembly of the December 9 hearing at the High Court regarding Lady Beauvina and Minister Malag aste, and also mentioned that announcements would be forthcoming about the December 17 Virtue Seminar on Justice. He also indicated that the documents of the High Court would soon be in order, and that he intended to hold a rededication ceremony for the new High Court building once completed.

    The Chancellor then turned to the assembly for any public notices. Xetaryn, native of Dracona, announced a permanent gateway had been established between Compassion Grove (located within the High Council building) and Feluccan Dracona. Lord Polynikes of Yew asked for assistance with the December 17 caravan to Minoc set to head out about 6:30 PM (CST). With no one else coming forth the meeting was then adjourned by the Chancellor.