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[News] High Council Sets Sights on Nosfentor

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Martyna Zmuir, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Apr 27, 2007
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    Last evening's 289th meeting of the High Council of Britannia was presided over by the Minister of Virtue, Lord DaKaren as Chancellor von Bayer and Vice-Chancellor Willa were unavailable. The meeting started off normally enough; however, Councilor Maelmordha of Newcastle accused the Temple of Mondain of conspiracy with the Empire of Tokuno. Apparently, several Temple members were seen during a tour of Zento. Seldane, a priest of Mondain, refuted the accusations as preposterous, although, he admitted that a tour of the city did indeed take place. He stated that it was merely a cultural exchange and nothing more.</P>

    Unfortunately, during this exchange, members of the Yew Militia Fel Brigade chose to act disrespectfully towards Seldane. This caused Seldane to leave the Civic Center in disgust, and drew criticism from Marthulius of the Council of Light who was seated in the gallery. Minister DaKaren apologized for the rude behavior, and stated that "This was not the normal state of affairs." Marthulius and a companion then left the Civic Center. Eventually, Councilor Akela, second in command of the Yew Militia, used his authority to quiet his troops. Chancellor von Bayer, when reached for comment today, had this to say, "I wish to add to the Minister's apology to the newcomer Marthulius... The Council does not condone disrespectful behavior, and we hope that you will return in the future."</P>

    Arzakon Smash of the Royal Knights of Redemption was the next to address the Council. He told of a meeting between R.K.R. and the Blue Lotus Clan at the Dojo in Zento. They revealed that the cargo that the 'monks' had been transporting through Britannia a few weeks ago had actually been the hearts of the children of Cove. Nosfentor had slain them and planned to use their hearts as some sort of cure. The prophecy received by Bishimi indicated that the hearts would help save the Tokuno people from a great catastrophe. Two books were retrieved by R.K.R. as well, but their contents have yet to be released to the public.</P>

    Minister DaKaren, upon learning of the heart's provenance angrily summoned Bunshichi, Emissary of the Empire of Tokuno, from the gallery. Bunshichi admitted that the Blue Lotus Clan was in possession of the hearts of the children of Cove, and that they were 'needed by the Empire.' The Minister expressed extreme displeasure that once again the Empress's 'honorable word' had failed to protect Britannian children. Bunshichi stated "The children had been protected to the best of the Empire's ability. They only had the best of intentions..." The Minister replied sarcastically with "The road to the Abyss is paved with 'good intentions.'"</P>

    The heated exchange continued for a while, resulting in the Minister's call for 'the end of Nosfentor.' This was met by approval from the crowd. He went on to caution "While we cannot destroy her by conventional means, we can banish her essence from the vessel she currently corrupts." </P>

    The B.A.F. will be searching out Nosfentor with the intention of capturing her. The Minister has ordered a search for rituals of banishment. If you see Nosfentor anywhere within the Kingdom, report her whereabouts to any B.A.F. member, or Council representative. Help shine the light of Virtue on the Shadowlord and drive her from our realm!</P>

    * OOC Note: I would have had pictures to go with this story; however, the screenshot feature of KR appears to be broken since the last patch. *</P>