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[News] High Court to Beauvina: Don't Have a Cow

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Phayde, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Phayde

    Phayde Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 27, 2009
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    [Compassion Grove, Trammel] Last evening, Beauvina's suit against the High Council for disallowing her bovine friends to attend public meetings with her was heard by High Justicar Ra'Dian Fl'Gith at the High Court of Britannia in Compassion Grove. Opening arguments were presented first by Beauvina and then Chancellor DaKaren. "The world is filled with a multitude of different things. People, creatures. Diversity is important," Beauvina concluded her opening. Chancellor DaKaren went straight for the heart of the debate. "Livestock [...] has never communicated in any way with the multitude of ranchers who raise and slaughter them every day."

    During a particularly heated cross examination, Beauvina appeared to have struck some points about the communication of creatures, arguing that Sherry the Mouse, the Mother Tree outside of Skara Brae, and wisps all have varied signs of communication and intelligence. Chancellor DaKaren, however, pointed out that these all speak to a multitude of people, not just a single person.

    Chancellor DaKaren did question Perimoosyn, Beauvina's bovine attorney, and while far from fruitful, it was at least interesting to note that Perimoosyn did appear to "moo" in response to the Chancellor's questions. Beauvina did appear to become very distressed during the questioning, indicating that Perimoosyn is very sensitive.

    Malag aste, Minister of Foreign Affairs and ranking officer of the Britannian Armed Forces, testified that he had never been approached by barnyard animals, and asked, "f a cow were truly intelligent as [Beauvina] claims, why then do they remain in a farmer's pen? Why do they follow the farmer to the slaughter?"

    At one point during the trial, Chancellor DaKaren had the opportunity to put Beauvina on the stand, and went directly after her sanity. "Lady Beauvina... have you ever been under the care of a healer?" Beauvina, for her part, appeared to swiftly recognize the implication and objected to being called insane.

    Lord Galen took the stand to speak on the matter of intelligence needing to be verifiable, and spoke directly about Sherry the Mouse and wisps, which he said, "[A]re both verifiable... and, more importantly, verified." Xetaryn, a native of Dracona, also testified that animals are intelligent to varied degrees, but not to the extent of involvement in government. Questioned by Beauvina about orcs being allowed to observe proceedings, Xetaryn replied, "There will always be exceptions, even if unbelievable. The trustworthy drow, the good demon, the smart orc, the talking tree. They all have one thing in common: the ability to express their interest to everyone around them, not a singular person."

    After closing arguments by each side, Judge Fl'Gith retired to his chambers for a brief recess in order to consider his verdict. A few minutes later he returned to uphold the High Council's ban on animals attending meetings. "If truly these cows are speaking to Beauvina," he said in his heavy accent, "then someday they may too speak to the rest of us. Until then, this court encourages Beauvina to continue to aid her friends and keep them abreast of Britannian affairs herself. [...] Until such day, this Court upholds the High Council's ban."

    Lady Beauvina was available for comment after the verdict, and had strong words when asked if the cows would one day speak to all of us. "Not if they continue to be called smelly, stupid, and dinner. They NEED me. These poor cows that obviously the Justicar hates. I bet he was paid off!" Chancellor DaKaren was much more reserved about the decision, believing the verdict was a victory for common sense. He stated he would certainly welcome a talking cow who could communicate, but that he doubted they spoke to her. "While I know she believes what she hears, it may be the product of a troubled mind."

    While this court case is now at an end, next Wednesday, December 9 at 8:00 PM (CST), Lady Beauvina's case against Minster of Foreign Affairs Malag aste will proceed at the High Court. The accusation: defamation of character. Lady Beauvina is also a candidate for Chancellor of the High Council and has agreed to be interviewed, so keep reading for more about this eccentric woman and her bovine friends.
  2. Nice summary. I am able to learn what really happen without being able to participate the event (work). Thnx.:thumbup: