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[News]HoC Meeting Notes 4/18/2010

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    hoc41810 [SIZE=+1]HoC Meeting Notes 4/18/2010
    from the pen of Strahd!


    The next meeting at the Queen's Table will be April 21st at 8:30pm ET
    The Next Installment of Captain Bloodrum's Challenge will be Saturday, April 24th,
    beginning at 7pm ET.

    Again, there will be some fiction leading up to the piggy backed event this week
    So keep your eyes peeled for that.

    The Sosarian Solstice Fair opens its doors. Originally that was scheduled for the 27th
    That is going to be moved till that Thursday, which will be April 29th
    7pm ET.

    Congratulations to the winners of the Fish Identification Challenge
    Most accurate list by Jonah
    Most creative list Sarcon
    And most creative fish, the Noobifin from Niallis

    And remember Dudley will be on vacation May 1st, May 10th.

    Rumple is now sitting in the garden. He will announce all events. So visit with him and listen to
    his ramblings.

    We also have the Royal Postal Service, and the Mailboxes distributing news should you wish to
    get in touch with various notable persons throughout the realm.

    Open Floor:

    Phoenix: Anymore word from Santiago on the winners?

    EM Dudley: The tournament is open until September. We won't know until then.

    I'll keep a total of the fish count on the EM forums. The post has been updated.
    We will have a leader board at the sons of the sea.

    Zelda: I don't want you to take this wrong...but can you please tell me why you keep planning
    events against the auction?

    EM Dudley: I plan events when my schedule allows, and Saturday nights are a popular night. I
    apologize if there is a conflict.

    Elijah Cross: I was just wondering who won the plot in the Abyss?

    EM Dudley: I am unsure.

    Winfield: Following up on Zelda's discussion, there's been event timing conflicts on our shard
    in the past, to get everything fit in for the week, our town meetings, our adventures, our events,
    our auctions.

    So I think that our shard auctions which are very important along with various meetings like
    this one and Wed's Summit meetings', need a "protected time" if possible, so that all on the
    shard can be involved as possible. Some come in each week to go to auctions and such.
    So I support the ideas that our shardwide auctions have some ability for a protected
    time, if possible.

    I am done, thank you.

    EM Dudley: Unfortunately that is just not possible.

    As I said I schedule events around my real life commitments. As well as all the behind the
    scenes stuff that takes place. In terms of set up and working with getting things that I cannot
    create myself. If there are restrictions on EM event times, then you will unfortunately see less of
    them, and that is not something I am willing, or prepared to do.

    Tatania Karthina: Last Wednesday night was play auditions for "Gone to Wind"
    I think everyone was busy! So, there are still parts open.

    Please let me know if you're interested in a part, drop a book in my mailbox...library across
    from PaxOku banner, or contact me on the boards.

    That's all, thanks.

    Morpheus Mardox: I'd like to announce that I am seeking to add reporters to the Stratics staff.
    If anyone is interested please let me know.

    [email protected]

    EM Dudley: And a huge thanks to our reporting staff. They do the best job of all the shards

    Ado the Thief: The' all shards tavern night is this Tuesday at 9pm ET. S' located at the' iron
    bandit inn in Kijustsu Anei village (Homare *Jima)

    EM Dudley: If there any townships that wish to have a book with their events place at the hub
    please leave a book in my mailbox. The second book shelf has free books.

    Tatania Karthina: Will they be where we can "update them"?

    EM: I update them every two weeks. So put your events in for 2 weeks, I'll delete them, and add
    new one.

    Winfield: I don't think the Paxlair banner has a return teleport back to Luna?

    EM Dudley: You can email Mesanna directly.
    *note*- The following is paraphrased

    COLT: Seeking township status.

    EM: Basically says to go through township process, and reminds that it will be on April 21st at
    8:30 pm ET ... in the summit meeting room.

    [SIZE=+1]Great work Strahd![/SIZE]