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[News] Honoring Lord Clainin, The Royal Thaumaturgist of Britannia

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Honoring Lord Clainin, The Royal Thaumaturgist of Britannia
    By WarderDragon


    Good evening, my adorable fans and readers.

    You've no doubt heard that our beloved Clainin, Renowned Scholar and Thaumaturgist to the Crown, has been laid to rest amongst the orchards and gardens of Castle Britannia. His final resting place, shaded by the same apple trees that the wizard once spent hours studying beneath during the warm summer months, is now adorned with a carved likeness of the man resting upon a tall marble plinth. The modest display is surrounded by newly planted snowdrops, as well as tokens left by mourners and friends.

    The memorial ceremony was held Friday evening, and was attended by a handful of Britannians. The memorial was hosted by Lord Emissary Saius, who gave what I've been told was a rousing speech that both honored the great wizards memory, and promised that the crimes against him would not soon be forgotten by the brave souls of our fair Kingdom.

    Although tensions remain between Britannia and the Free Kingdoms of Sosaria, dignitaries from both the Kingdom of Dawn and the City of Luna came to pay their respects to a man who was respected by all.

    Interestingly, we've recieved yet another mysterious submission left at our doorstep. Clearly, the missive was not intended for the Herald, but we shall reproduce it here nonetheless. If anyone knows this Kellindil vi Valdesin, please contact our offices promptly. It seems the Game of Houses is being played again.

    Joshua Harper,
    Britannia Stratics Herald.

    My Lord,

    I've departed the memorial to the Royal Thaumaturge. I must say, you were right about Saius. The kings mouthpiece proved to be both a passionate and eloquent orator, just as you said he would be. He is either a consummate thespian, or he dredged up some sincerity in the splendid display he gave for those gathered in memorium.

    Casca was also no where to be found, just as you said.

    It wanted to ensure that you knew what was said, so I hired a calligrapher to transcribe the words of the Lord Emissary.

    Hail good citizens and loyal subjects. Your King and Lord Emissary thank you for attending.

    The occasion we are gathered for today is a solemn one. For here we witness the final laying to rest of our beloved Lord Clainin. In respect of his memory, I will not recall the circumstances of his passing. And for those who witnessed it, I have already said much.

    Still, I would say a little more.

    In life, he was Clainin. A servant, a soldier, a scholar, and a follower of the virtues. Indeed, his deeds and his devotion are an example to us all. And it is my hope for all of those generations who come after, to not have to endure through such dark times, surrounded as we are in the tumult of strife and war. For how else can we measure the strength and cunning of our enemies, but for the amount of blood they spill?

    Yet, still we know that Lord Clainin turns his watchful gaze upon us from a loftier place, and for one to say he is still among us would not be wrong.

    Truely, he is amongst us more now than before. However in death, he is a reminder. A reminder of the power and reach our enemies wield. And for every moment we slow our vigilance, every moment we think we are the greater in this battle, is every moment we pay the toll in loves for our foolhardiness.

    Brothers and sisters! This memorial is our reminder! That to our enemies in the darkness, we must be as the sword! Swift and sharp! To those spineless villains who in their cowardice, stole Clainin from us. We must be as the flood! Mighty and unstoppable! To these wretches, heartless and cruel, we must be as Death itself, cold and inevitable.

    Stand there my friends. Stand and face this memorial, meager as it is. Stand in awe and reverance for this man, and indeed for all of those important to us who have passed alongside him. Those who we can feel and remember but never see again.

    For those who wish to speak, now is the time. For I will say no more.


    As per your request, I stepped forward and delivered one of the manors scarlet bloodroses to the pedistal beneath the wizards likeness. Lord, did you know the man?

    I proceeded to work the crowd, gathering the identities of those in attendance and revealing your name to them. Jules Hexecott and Inquisitor Cicero, belonging to an Ordo of the Church of the Holy Light. A lady from the Kingdom of Dawn. WildStar, I believe? An eastern monk by the name of Xel. A strange man who claimed to be a rebel, named Zorax. A polite maiden by the name of Magdalena. A Lord Bacchus and Lady Halo. The patron god of drink and a woman called halo? Someone has a sense of humor. Also, there was a shrouded Ilythiiri in attendance. I'm sure you will share my suspicions.

    I spoke with the man named Cicero, who revealed to me that he belonged to the Department of the Inquisition. Malleus Maleficarum, I believe he said? The Witches Hammer in the Old Tounge. A strange name.

    I made sure to make your other name known to them, without revealing anything too important that could get back to Renard or Di Caela. They seem to hold an intense distrust of magic users, and mistaked my ceremonial stave for a rod of sorcery. Considering their superstitions, it was rather odd to watch them kneel before the grave of the deceased magus.


    Nevertheless, they were amicable enough once I revealed that I was not a competend magic user, and feigned an interest in Luna.



    Vayne tells me that they have reserved a stall at the upcoming Bazaar. I intend to learn more about them.


    Hexecott revealed to me that the first woman to leave was "the Witch of the Kingdom of Dawn." They also revealed, with some level of disgust, that she was a traitor to Britannia. I was not aware that citizens of the Republic had now aligned themselves with Britannia? Was this Duchess, the Hayloh that you were speaking of? Should I seek an audience?

    Our conversation was cut short, when Saius asked to speak with Cicero. I took the opportunity to depart. I'm being watched, although I have no inking as to who might be responsible. We've only just revealed ourselves again, my lord.

    Your Humble Servant,

    K.V. II,
    Seneschal to the House of Rhapsodos.