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(NEWS) Hostile Forces March On Luna

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Hostile Forces March On Luna[​IMG]
    August 4th 2009


    In Attendance:
    Absynthe [FwD], A Chick [RBG], Alyssa, Amon [OkuB], Amnesiac [DMG], Angel of Death [RBG],
    Ariel Faith, Arin, Ash [TEB], Bam Bam [PaxO], Beastmaster [H^TE], Brinley, CharGar [F*V],
    CHEEVER [K~S], Chickalatta [CKS], Christina, Dara Riatha [CAT], Daria Blackmoore [RBG],
    **** Dixon [CALI], Drakken [[email protected]], Durable Darkness [NUB], Ebenezr Wildweed [$GS$],
    Elmoras [DWxC], Exodus, Felonius [KFC], Gareth [PaxO], Gabon [OATH], Genocide Junkie,
    Gramps [F*V], HITMAN [CKS], Homicide, Hudson [DWxC], Hunter [co5], indien du QUEBEC [MOB],
    JADE [[email protected]], Jamila [RBG], Jayden, JONATHAN [RBG], Julius Michaels [P8V], KallasBR,
    Kenndrix VII [DWxC], KingHen [KFC],Kosaten [TEB], Kyra [DWxC], Lady Brosephine [H^TE],
    Lady Temtation [GFO], LADY TO EASY [$CS$], Lazy Man [H^TE], Lord Demon Slayer II,
    Lord Fire Fly [DWxC], Lord Merlock [DWxC], Lord Soren Rhodri [RAZE], Lord Sturm Briteblade [H^TE],
    Lord Zanku [DWxC], Maintsorc, Malicious Destin [RBG], Mellisa Eir [RAZE], MsCravin Morhead [KFC],
    Nanoc [DWxC], Pain Prodigy [SHE], panoramix [qc], Parser, Phoenix [DWxC], Pink, RAGNAR,
    Resis Fredricks [F&C], Rodrigo, Ryce [FwD], Sabrina [FoA], Savaric [ARA], Schism [FoA],
    Skeeter [OATH], SLIMSHADY [CKS], Smoke [FoA], Soreen Rhodri [RAZE], Static [RBG], Tiny [-CF-]
    Whisper [FPD], Wind wolf [Dwb], Winfield [Pax], Winmere [Pax], Woodley [DWxC], Zelda of Zed [SHE]

    Luna 9pm EST (East Side)

    Small forces penetrated the Luna outer walls on August 4th around 9pm est.
    The forces were easily beaten back at first. Hydras and Skeleton Dragons attacked citizens
    near the famous Escu malls and Angelica's Attic. Few deaths were reported on the East side
    of Luna. Unsuspecting Luna vendor owners such as Homicide were caught off guard when
    going to get sales reports from the vendors. Lord Ozzy current owner of the malls was seen
    protecting his establishments during the massive invasion as well. People from all over the
    world began to come together in force to beat them back outside of the walls and beyond.
    Once successful Lord Casca came to speak to the brave warriors of Chesapeake.


    "I am Casca. King of Britain.
    By my order I hath ordered
    the house that Dawns lives in
    to be burned. Any citizen that
    comes to Dawn's aid shall be swiftly
    dealt with.

    I also hath ordered a Kill On Sight
    order for Temptress. Tempress hath
    been spotted in Felluca and marked
    a Murderer!

    Rumor hath be know that an Invasion
    Force ist headed tis way."

    Our Brave! and Glorious! King stood by his loyal
    subjects. Then gave out his Brave battle cry!

    "Guards Come Protect Me Now!!
    Your All On Your Own Now!!"

    Casca quickly made his way out of Luna just as Tormented Minotaurs barged into the Eastern
    Gates of Luna and attacked the forces that were gathered around where Lord Casca was.
    Many fell quickly and the powerful force had been taken down to only a few people and
    greater dragons.


    Fallen warriors quickly went to the Healers at the Main Eastern Gate of Luna but were quickly
    killed once again by the shear power of the Tormented Minotaurs. The group began to lose
    the struggle and be pushed all the way back to the moongate. Even the guards had trouble
    dealing with the Minotaur army.


    More people became aware of the invasion as they came to the city via moongate. Even the
    PaxLair statehood citizens were caught off guard as meeting notes could be seen flying
    around the area. They were planning to have the meeting in the new fair grounds. Defense
    procedures were being put into action from all areas around the world. Guardians Gate
    mobilized its RBG unit, PaxLair mobilized guards from Dragons Watch, PaxOku and PaxLair.
    Even the Felluca guilds sent in its warriors to defend the Paladin City. As word got around all
    major Chesapeake guilds such as TEB, SHE, KFC, H^TE, *V*, FOA, DMG, OATH, DWXC and
    more sent in their own forces. It was a fight for Luna and they didn't plan on losing.


    The battle lasted for what seemed to be forever. All hope seemed to be lost until the tamers
    got together and took on the Minotaurs. Since close ranged warriors were of no effect it was
    left to long range mage attacks and the tamers. The Minotaurs did not go as easy as the first
    round of the invasion but they were defeated in time.


    It seemed peaceful and quiet for now. People began to disburse and go about their normal
    days shopping in Luna and yelled buying artifacts and such. What they didn't know was
    that the Shadowlords during the invasion breached guards territory from the West side of
    Luna city. They came without warning and mounted an all out assault on the main bank area.


    Crafters could be seen running with bods and materials. Bank sitters such as Lucien Snow
    didn't even see it coming as they quickly died. Business men could be seen grabbing property
    deeds and gold checks out of the Luna bank to transfer to another bank. All fighters quickly
    came to the aid of the bank area with blackrock in hand casting the Armageddon spell. The
    Luna walls shook during each spell but remained stable.


    More and more Shadowlords entered the bank area and pushed into the Eastern gates as
    well. They brought Slayers with them as well. People fought them quickly and swiftly. They
    left behind to those lucky enough a Cloak of Corruption.


    As the forces waves became weaker and weaker people could see all of the destruction
    caused the the massive invasion. Corpses of Human, Monster and pets could be seen all
    over the streets of Luna . As the smoke from the spells cleared more, no more invasion
    forces could be seen on the East or West gates of Luna.

    I spoke with two people that helped defend against the invasion they had this to say.

    "We won! yay us!" Ming Lee [SHE]
    "They won so they left." KyxxKiena [KFC]

    Did they win? or did we win? The battle was over for now.......


    **Special Thanks to Sage for trying to res me. I didn't know I was showing
    which got her killed. So a thank you to Sage for attempting to res.**​
  2. Magdalene

    Magdalene Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    That's a LOVELY view of Luna :D
  3. Merik

    Merik Guest

    It's never looked better..... Well might look better if it turns to rubble like Mag. heh