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[News] Ice Ice Baby!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Aia, May 28, 2006.

  1. Aia

    Aia Guest

    It was the third level of a Rikktor at Ice West when the alarm is raised…

    “MOO is here!”
    “MOO? Who are they allied with now?”
    “No clue but we’d better get ready!”

    One red headed to the Ice Dungeon entrance, another started fielding a choke point. The rest of the guild did their best to kill spawn fast.

    The red at the Ice Dungeon entrance was soon calling out every spawn guild’s battle cry, “Here they come!” which was soon followed by another well known cry, “I’m down.” The red at the choke point was the next to fall. The invaders were now able to roll in and pick off the stragglers.


    But the invaders had a problem, a lot of spawn had to be killed before the champ popped. Which wouldn’t do at all. After all, when you raid a spawn you certainly don’t want to do any of the work. So the invaders pulled out, some of them alive - and some dead thanks to the defenders who weren’t about to give up.

    With the spawn back in the hands of the defenders, their reds set up a defense at a choke point and waited.

    Fourth level. Invaders began to try and test the defenses of the choke point. They died. But once in a while one would get through. A couple other invaders came in through the T2A entrance which was not well guarded. The choke point defense was eventually beaten down from both sides. The invaders rolled in a second time.


    The numbers that rolled in were rather intimidating. The defenders seeing how outnumbered they were decided that an open field fight would not be to their advantage. A confined space would even the odds quite nicely. Off to the Star Room!

    Apparently this had been thought of by the invaders as well. They already had guards placed in the Star Room to keep it secure. The guards failed. The defenders deprived of their spawn, now had the star room and were ready for a little retribution.


    And retribution is what they got! Blues and reds would enter the Star Room and die, time and time again. Of course this just made them want the Star Room all the more. It was now a matter of pride!

    Eventually the invaders did break through leaving a pile of bodies.


    A few defenders did manage to live through the Star Room raid... but the escape was through the teleporter into Terra. So that’s the direction they went. Unfortunately, they didn’t get too far after that….


    Great Fights everyone! It was a very fun time!
  2. Yeah, just glad my corpse wasn't on any of that ground. E^E had fun, of course we need choke points fighting anywhere from 2-4 guilds at once, hehe. Yeah we eventually lost, but I'm in it for kills, not scrolls.

    I excaped without dieing once, and managed 13 or so counts. So if anything, I think I won :p)

    Wasn't no crap talking, rather suprised.
  3. Aia

    Aia Guest

    Update: The star room continued to be the strong hold of the night.

    S1N and a few other guilds were doing the spider spawn in Terra Keep. Of course someone in our guild came up with the evil idea to take and hold the star room to make getting out more umm.. interesting for them. One problem – the only way to get to the star room is through Terra Keep.

    Being suicidal id…errr adventurers the idea was soon put into action. “Gate it!” and we were off. Through the Destard teleporter we appeared in Terra Keep right in front of a group of S1N – and in the middle of level 3 spider spawn (Dread spiders and Matriachs). A few of us made it to the bridge where we got blocked in and promptly died. Yup this was going well.

    Fortunately one of us managed to survive and get the rest up. A second mad dash to the star room was made. This time most made it there alive. Fields were quickly set up and it wasn’t long for the fun to begin.

    The Star Room was held quite a while, but eventually those trying to take the Star Room made one massive rush and simply overwhelmed the group trying to keep them out. Here are the results of that massive push…