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[News]Imp Spotted on the High Seas!!!

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

    Catskills News RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 22, 2010
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    Following is a true tale of a spotting of the imp that tried to ruin a EM event a few months ago. Everyone is to keep a eye our for him for I am sure he is not done with our EM team or the people of our fair lands.

    It was a fine day when me and mine crew for dis trip, (all recruited from the finest port town taverns ye ever been in) spotted an orc pirate ship on the horizon. Well dis being what we be out hunting for so da order was given to give full sail and raise our colors. Sharkeye Pike (UP), a master sailor who could sail the largest ship through a eye of an sail repair needle, was at the wheel and pulled us within range of our mighty cannons. I Malice (O*S) was manning da bow heavy cannon, and was loading it and firing as fast as I could in our attempt to take this prize. The other two crew members the ladies Shadow Walker (O*S), who could shoot a flea off an orcs head at 40 paces, and Shinigami, a much feared pirate in her own right, and her pet dragon Bakanishi, who provided needed muscle for boarding actions, rounded out da crew.

    Da action was hot and heavy as we traded cannonballs, arrows and spells with the feared dread pirate Fat Face Barnaby and his all orc crew. Still with a crew as skilled as the da one on me ship Bloody Plunder I knew we would win out, and we did. We shelled his ship till it stopped and killed all his so called crew. Than we sent a boarding party over and captured Fat Face Barnaby after a spirited fight. As normal Fat Face Barnaby was transferred to the Bloody Plunder to be taken back and turned in for a reward. Shadow Walker and meself remained on the pirate ship to loot it of any goods we could find on board, while Sharkeye and Shinigami started our ship for home. We would always use magic to rejoin dem on the trip back. Only dis time Shadow Walker and me were surprised.


    For as we just finished cleaning out da last chest when what should pop on da deck but a little green imp. I blinked twice at it and almost swore off rum forever as I stared at this creature that came out of nowhere. The imp then laughed at us as it slowly slipped into my brain that I had seen this imp before. Aye, for I had been at the da fair grounds, with many landlubbers, when this very imp had appeared and stolen EM Barnaby's welcoming sashes. Dis one was a prankster but a powerful one who could summon many monsters at a snap of his tiny fingers. I quickly tossed a pigeon up to my ship requesting they turn around and come help us.

    The imp did speak to us then and said, Impressive you are! Killed the false greenie you did! he then laughed again as he danced around the deck. Shadow Walker found the nerve to speak up to him as I saw our ship coming from a distance to help us. ummmm, aye. We captured him! The imp tilted its head and with a smile replied back to her, Did you!? All Shadow Walker could do was nod her head yes back to him. That be when I also spoke to this creature letting it know how I felt, Aye and did a fine job at it too. Fat Face Barnaby is ours! The imp then stepped towards me, I can has him then? it asked before starting to laugh and dance again. Shadow Walker answered him while trying to buy us some time as we both watched our ship closing in on us, Well,I guess you could maybe poke at him...". This answer made the imp very happy as he mumbled to himself, Poke! Good fun! The Bloody Plunder then pulled up beside the wrecked pirate ship as Shadow Walker pointed at it and said, He's on dat ship! Once again I wanted to get the point across that Barnaby was ours to do what we pleased with, Barnaby is ours to turn in! I spat at the imp. The imp though was not listening to me as he eyed the pirate chained to a pole on the deck of the Bloody Plunder; He is there! was all that came out of his mouth. Shadow Walker nodded to the imp as she added her part to their conversation, All tied up! all I could do was point out the obvious to the imp by saying Aye there he be.

    The imp rushed to the pirates ships rail nearest the Bloody Plunder while yelling, The false Greenie! and then breaking out laughing a mad laugh. Sharkeye Pike stood on the Plunder with his mouth wide open only muttering, A talking imp! While Shinigami looked confused and also repeated Pike, Talking imp? That was when the imp leaped over the rail and onto the Plunders deck. with a wide grin he said in jest, Permission to come aboard capeetin? as the imp bounced over to the pirate chained to the pole.

    Both Shadow Walker and meself quickly jumped to the Plunder too as she kept her conversation going with the imp, We be hauling him in. I also added my thoughts too, Aye for his just punishment. This caused the imp to frown as Pike joined in, We might sell im fer good gold at da Sea Market. Shinigami giggled at Pikes comment then. The imp looked at all of us before answering, But why? Think of all the FUN you could have with him!

    Pike being the pirate he is took a step towards the imp while saying, I figger a talkin' imp might get us lots a gold! while Shinigami nodded her head while saying aye! Good idea Pike. That is rare. The imp was still trying to make his point though, Poke him all day you could! as the imp started dancing again. I muttered, I do like poking em. To try and keep the imp in a good mood while Shinigami looked delighted as she watched the imp dance. It dances too! Pikes mind was on one track though as he took another step towards the imp. Or we display da talkin' imp fer a charge. Once again Shinigami agreed with Pike, Good idea! The imp laughed and danced farther away down the deck as Pike pondered his future with the imp. I can lock him in me cellar. Shinigami once again supported Pike, We can make lots of gold! The imp just grinned and winked You can try! Pikes mind was lost in his new rich world at the time. Take gold frum landlubbers for showin' him off Muttered Pike as he closely watched the imp.

    The imp bantered with me and mine crew teasingly, for a while longer, offering Pike a partnership while slyly challenging Pike to try and take him prisoner. Till da imp grew bored with us and left us with dis message. If you see the other Barnaby. My regards you should give him. Then the imp leaped over the ships rail. We all rushed to see if he was lost at sea but there was no sign of him at all.

    So for all ye sailors who be out at da seas keep ye eyes open for that little green imp. Me be thinking he be up to no good.