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[News] In the Spotlight - Wargasm

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Eyes of Origin, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    In The Spolight - Wargasm of FL

    How long have you been playing UO?

    I’ve been playing since around 1999-2000 till FL got back from the World tour. Then I quit on and off for a few years but came back full time about a year ago.

    If you could bring one thing back to PvP, what would it be?

    I would have to say that it would probably be adding more incentive to PvP and be in Fel. Right now there isn't anything you really get from PvPing and there are little to no new PvPer’s out there. Power scrolls are pretty abundant now a days and they are not really enough for someone who doesn’t normally PvP to want to come to Fel.
    There have been many expansions to come out over the years, but they rarely add any Felucca based content.

    They should make it so that owning faction towns actually can get you something so that it encourages battles because right now there's not much point (I hope they do it right when they revamp factions)

    Has imbuing helped or hurt PvP, in your opinion?

    Imbuing has helped PvP in the fact that everyone is more or less able to be on an equal level item wise. BUT at the same time, it has made the unbalanced character templates even more unbalanced by giving them gear that just pushes them over the top.

    What is your favorite template to play currently?

    Currently I’m playing a bushido/parry mage simply because I find it much easier to deal with then some of the new templates out there. A lot of my issue though, is my crappy ping from living in New York, but if everything were all balanced and the overpowered templates were fixed, I would probably be back to playing a archer mage

    There have been some heated arguments lately regarding Faction arties and players in Tram using these arties, but never PvPing. Do you think that arties should drop to your pack when you enter Tram or would you like to see Faction fighting opened up to all facets?

    I’d rather there be PvP on all facets, this would eliminate people who just are in it for the items and it would give a better incentive to PvP.

    We all know FL was a force to be reckoned with before the split, which still leaves me sad by the way! *laughs* But why the come back when the old members are split up so bad between the guilds or not even playing anymore?

    Well, when I came back to UO about a year ago, I got back with FL, which only consisted of a few players in total. We were allied with SUPR and most of us had chars in SUPR so that we could do faction fighting. When SUPR went through its identity crisis, Juvi emerged as the leader and shortly after left a lot of people out of the new guild. I wasn't left out of the move, but most of the FL was and I decided to stick with them and bring my closer SUPR friends with me. Arycke was busy and hadn't been on in months so I called him on the phone and talked to him about taking over the guild and he agreed with my ideas.
    We really aren't as much of a "new group of people under the FL name" as people think. Obviously we aren't going to be able to get back all of the people we once had but we have a decent amount of older FL members in the guild mixed in with our newer additions.

    What do you do in UO when you're not PvPing?

    I’m usually not doing anything in uo but pvping. If im not PvPing in UO nowadays I’m usually playing Call of Duty for pc

    If you were advertising for UO, what would you say about PvP to attract new players?

    It’s really a one of a kind PvP experience. There really is no other game out there that can compete with the system and play style of UO. Above all there is also no other MMO, to my knowledge, that has such a tightly knit PvP community where everyone knows everyone, even their enemies. You aren't quickly forgotten when you stop playing UO. People remember you and your guild for years and years after, if you make enough of an impact.

    The fact that this game is 12 years old and we can still make this list says a lot
    MMORPG website

    There’s been some talk about players wanting power scrolls moved into Ilish and Tok spawns. Do you agree or disagree with this and why?

    I disagree, unless they move another bigger incentive to PvP at Fel spawns.

    Who is your biggest rival in UO? Why?

    Probably SUPR, just because of the fact that they seem to be the guild with the most constant activity and numbers.

    Thank you Wargasm for an awesome interview! :)
  2. MasterP

    MasterP Guest

    Good deal good deal....I still love you war(or)gasm. Also it was more or less Asha that broke up SUPR/-THC when he came back from his 6 month break. He didn't like the fact i was now "GM" and calling shots. I look out for the best interest of the guild. Even if that means leaving some bad pvpers out. I am a jerk and don't mind if i have to hurt someones feelings to prove my point.

    On a side note. The whole time you were in SUPR i didnt know you were the wargasm from mine and fantas guild MIKE-Baja/ROFL-Napa. I just found this out like 2 weeks ago LOL.
  3. Wargasm11

    Wargasm11 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 3, 2009
    Likes Received:
    yeah dude i still have u on myspace from way back then..had no idea u didnt know it was me tho rofl
  4. MasterP

    MasterP Guest

    Haha i got you on myspace?? Damn dood i got like 10 ppl on there from uo.