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[NEWS]Interview With An Event Moderator: Kanmare Edition

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Cear Dallben Dragon, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Cear Dallben Dragon

    Cear Dallben Dragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 17, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Interview With An Event Moderator: Kanmare Edition
    Who are the different characters that you play and how do they
    connect with each other?

    I have three characters that I play, although only two are known at this time. Corastine Evanir is a Priestess of Truth. She was trained in Luna and now resides in the Hall in Britain.
    Barra Linath is an exile of Heartwood and a drow elf. She lives in Buc's Den in Felucca, although she is also seen around Zento as she was trained by the ninja there. She knows Kaden Marsden and dislikes him intensely.
    Both of their character histories have been posted previously on stratics :) We were asked to give you an idea of who they were *smiles*

    Can we bribe you to blow up Luna? If yes, will 3000M gold

    hehe I am well aware of everyone wanting Luna blown up! We will have to speak to Mesanna I think.. dev's have all the power *grins*
    as to the bribe.. sorry - totally incorruptible. Although more than happy to do so free of charge!

    Tomas is a well-known Elf hater. What is your opinion of the
    Elven kind? Do you find their ears too pointy as well?

    Well I play one..
    My only problem with elves is how they fit into Ultima... I like the sound of the gargoyles from SA better to be honest. Now if we could have dragons as a player race life would be perfect hehe *thinks she will be dreaming that one for a long time to come*

    Are you versed with the history of Atlantic? Can we expect to
    see any attempts to at least acknowledge, if not rejuvenate, some of the
    things long lost?
    If so, can you share some details?

    The first thing I did when I found out I was assigned to Atlantic was read as much as I could of the shard history :) As soon as I was allowed out of the hall I also went to visit many of the old seer built places. I would like to acknowledge that Atlantic has a full and rich history (it is the oldest shard after all) and I would be happy to work with you to rejuvenate anything you would like to see come back to life. I approach this with caution however, as I also have a great deal of respect for that past and would have it preserved in the spirit it was intended to be if that makes sense. I am open to suggestions as to how I can help in this regard. My email is at the bottom of this post.

    Like with seers on Asian shards, can we expect to see a drive
    by you to bring players back to West Britain Bank?

    I would say that it is not up to me where people choose to be.. I am happy to encourage a greater presence at WBB if people would like me to :) I have a few ideas how this could be achieved *grins*

    What is your home shard, and what do you think of atlantic's

    I can't answer the home shard one.. *remains shrouded in mystery*
    Atlantic as a community I find to be vital and strong. I have found everyone to be more than helpful and also very welcoming :) My thanks to everyone for their assistance settling into my new home *smiles*

    How long in general have you played Ultima Online?
    A long time.. ten years now.

    Have you ever played any of the older Ultima Games?
    Aye I have :) I have also been a member of UDIC for some years now ;)
    Cear: Me too! Im Armageddon Dragon and Cear Dragon on the roster.

    What do you think of your job as Event Moderator. Easy? Hard?
    Fun to do?

    I love EMing *grins* I would very gladly make it a full time occupation if I could. It is easy sometimes.. hard sometimes and always fun :) I like how it keeps you thinking on your feet. The thing about roleplay is it is spontaneous.. you never know what people are going to respond with and how you need to react. I have changed a whole event (mid flight so to speak) based on a stray comment from someone that triggered off an idea that was better than the one we were running with. For a small example.. Bob, Casca's herald was telling people he had to go to Fel for the speech on Sunday and was told that bad things happen there. So for the Fel speech he gained a suit of borrowed rusty armor and trembled (clanking noisily I might add) every time someone spoke to him. Also many of the plot kind of things I like to write I plan for several outcomes and players dictate which one happens based on what they do in the story.

    Will we ever see one of you two play a darker role?
    Of course. The best roleplay has to have conflict.

    Any insight you can give as to what the EM program will bring
    in the future?

    The future.. well.. hmm.. the limit is what we can come up with - thats us as a team and your ideas and input as well. You are more than welcome to email me if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions: [email protected].

    What is your favorite Ultima Lore subject? Why?
    I always liked Stones..anyone who can play so well has my vote ;) I am a sucker for a good story.
    Cear: I play it on a 12 string :)

    Do you believe you embody any particular Virtue System Virtue?
    I love the Virtues as a system but people are pretty complex individuals.. there is something of all of them in us and something of their opposites as well. While I would like to say I embody the Virtues.. as I do try to be a good person.. I would hesitate to proclaim myself a master in any of them.

    Do you have a particular liking to any items or clothing in Ultima?
    Well I do have a particular fondness for verite plate with close helm, slightly darker green cloak.. but I am biased ;) Someone special to me wears that kind of outfit *grins*

    Favorite city and why.
    Moonglow was always my hang out of choice :) I am not sure exactly why..I did have a small house on the coast on my play shard at one stage (not now).

    Favorite Facet and why.
    I still have to say Felucca.. I am not (nor ever have been) the best pvper in the world.. but I always preferred living in Fel. Mostly because we can dispense our own Justice there.. or at least try to hehe. I am good enough to hunt the kind of noobs who would hunt defenseless miners.

    What would you like to see introduced to UO?
    I am currently very much looking forward to the SA expansion. With our contact to the dev team, I can very honestly say I have a much better understanding of how much work it takes to make these expansions and a very great respect for the work they do.

    Which do you prefer, Order or Chaos?
    Order.. although I work more with managing Chaos *grins*

    What are their favorite Character to play when they play UO on their normal time.

    My favorite would have to be the eldest. She is a smith, who always wanted to be a paladin.. according to her history, she grew up in Minoc, eldest daughter (family of five naturally) of a miner. She was the son he never had and he passed on all the secrets of his trade to her. When she was in her mid to late teens, her parents were killed by an invasion leaving her to raise her sisters. When they were old enough, she saw them all onto the paths they had chosen then made her own way in the world the best she knew how. She saddled her pack horse and travelled extensively (mined practically every cave in Felucca - I wanted to see the world not hang in Minoc til I GMed). A friend of hers spoke to her of Virtue and service and she joined a guild, becoming their smith and of course a paladin in her own right. In days of old when Knights were bold she was in a guild on Atlantic (long before they were a playing class of course) and later moved on to different climes. Sadly, the guild is no more. They were a wonderful group of people though, who tried very hard to follow the Virtues in life as well as in the game. I have to say I have met the best friends I have in this game *smiles*

    Your funniest UO Moment?
    This would have been back in 2000 or so. A friend of mine and budding rares collector had found a server birth mushroom on a vendor for the low low price of 60k! Now I don't know if you remember how long that would take to hunt with characters not GMed (with craft skills incorporated into their build) and of course, much less loot than now...We hunted all night, the two of us, with me giggling at the keyboard when I thought about how much effort we were putting in for a mushroom! I also remember him waiting for the few minutes before server down one nervous time.. to find out if it could be eaten or not!

    When is Clanins memorial going to be decorated?
    It has been started :) The next phase is the statues expansion to include any guilds who wish to donate. Listen for my announcement after the events this weekend :)

    Is it possible for you to place teleporters at trammel britain moongate to trammel britain bank?or is that more of a Developer issue?
    I will pass that on to Mesanna and see what she says :)