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[News] Interview with Dor

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Aia, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Aia

    Aia Guest

    I met Dor at the YMCA for an interview. Here's the result:

    Aia: Tell me about yourself Dor.
    Dor: Oh, ugh!
    Dor: That is most unfair
    Dor: Hrmm
    Dor: I was hoping I’d not have to think.
    Aia: lol
    Aia: OK, tell us about your UO life.
    Dor: I am an 8-year veteran whom has always resided (and Played) in Felucca…
    Dor: since before it existed as a facet
    Dor: I love this land, as it contains all that remains of the workd that we fell in love with, so long ago
    Dor: My main motivation is to create fun for others so that my world is improved
    Dor: *grins*
    Dor: It is far more enjoyable, when I am not surrounded by whiners but, rather, by those who are having a good time.
    Dor: So you see, I am selfish at hart
    Dor: *confesses*
    Aia: Hardly selfish
    Aia: What kind of things do you do to create fun for others?
    Dor: Create and/or host as many events as possible
    Dor: All events being open to ALL and no events requiring entrance fee. Ever.
    Aia: I know of the story telling events you do weekly.
    Dor: Those were foisted on me.
    Aia: You mentioned you love Fel
    Dor: Aye, I do
    Dor: Wholeheartedly
    Aia: What do you like most about it?
    Dor: Well…many of those things I loved most about it have been eradicated or changed by the Powers That Be.
    Dor: *grits Teeth*
    Dor: They seem to persist in altering this facet
    Aia: What do you miss most?
    Dor: I miss… the preponderance of skill
    Dor: the lack of items
    Dor: I miss…having to make it back to your corpse, to retrieve items one at a time
    Dor: I miss NPC interaction
    Aia: ?
    Dor: Ohh… the NPCs used to have a wealth of conversation and stories
    Aia: I didn’t know that
    Dor: Indeed!
    Dor: There were some 300 phrases and keywords
    Dor: that would elicit responses from them
    Dor: Lessee, what else…
    Dor: I miss sparring for gain on the roof here
    Dor: We used to have sparring going 24/7, upstairs
    Dor: It was SO fun
    Dor: whether they be combat skills, healing, magery, whatever
    Dor: I earned all of my GM titles here in this tower along with others
    Dor: It was more of a community enterprise than a boring solo activity
    Dor: I miss THIEVES!
    Aia: ROFL!
    Dor: I never was one, but I always admired their deftness and their ability to affect their surroundings
    Aia: They are still around, but are scroll thieves now
    Dor: Aye
    Dor: *sighs*
    Dor: Well, what with stupid insurance (in Felucca?!) and so forth it is understandable
    Aia: What kept you here? When everyone else left.
    Dor: Sheer cussedness
    Aia: LOL
    Dor: Really!
    Dor: I almost quit for good when I was black holed for 5 days with the AoS publish
    Aia: !!!
    Dor: My entire account. I lost so much…
    Dor: particularly my guild mates
    Dor: *sighs*
    Dor: We’d been together for 4 years’ real time
    Aia: Wow
    Dor: hosting events for the shard but they couldn’t take the Age of Sh** and I could not blame them
    Dor: :-(
    Dor: And so…I thought seriously of leaving as my heart was gone
    Dor: But then…
    Dor: I got angry
    Dor: How dare they ruin our world?
    Dor: How could they render all that we had done and been…meaningless?
    Dor: It was OUR history that they sought to erase
    Dor: OURS
    Dor: And, well…
    Dor: I’m just not having that
    Dor: *smiles*
    Dor: If and when I leave, it will be because I choose to do so, on my own terms rather than be driven out by someone else’s
    Dor: casual…
    Dor: ignorance
    Dor: I seek to save what has gone before
    Dor: what we were
    Dor: and what, perhaps, we could be again (if left to our own devices)
    Dor: It infuriates me to think of all the lives that were led here being snuffed out and buried as if our word never was
    Dor: Believe me, it WAS
    Dor: *grins*
    Dor: And still is insofar as I can promote it
    Aia: Anything you’d like to add?
    Dor: *thinks*
    Dor: Yes.
    Dor: Part of the problem which ensued at the Horse races was due to many PvPers on Sonoma now being off shard transferees
    Dor: It is not their fault that they know nothing of our history which always, ALWASYS included everyone here
    Dor: The stable master, for instance was the only stable available to reds on Sonoma, for years
    Dor: A could of days after that event
    Dor: I was able to speak with a couple of the, uhh.. attackers and give them a tour of the Y
    Dor: a brief history and asking for event ideas that they could get behind.
    Dor: I also pointed out to them that any events here, in Felucca,
    Dor: which do not consist of farming or ganking are actually *additional* activities for them to enjoy
    Dor: and do not subtract from more mundane pastimes
    Dor: In other words, something extra and therefore FUN
    Dor: They seemed to find that an intriguing notion
    Dor: *grins*
    Dor: The thing is we have to figure out some way to get off shard Fel players incorporated
    Dor: into the mix here
    Dor: Allow them to discover that Sonoma is rather unique, in that regard
    Dor: (and it really is)
    Dor: Sonoma Felucca, I mean
    Dor: If you ask the old time PK’ers about this place
    Dor: You’ll see that most of them respect it and support it, in their own strange fashion
    Dor: *grins*
    Dor: It is a place of neutrality
    Dor: fierce neutrality
    Dor: that can be employed as a respite
    Dor: a chance to get to know folks who would usually KoS
    Dor: otherwise
    Dor: But most of all, it is FUN, if approached in the spirit in which it is intended
    Dor: and FUN rocks.
    Dor: It really does
    Dor: *grins*
    Aia: Thank you for your efforts
    Dor: Oh!
    Dor: Also!
    Dor: I wish to remind everyone that this tower is available for use by anyone and everyone, for events
    Dor: as long as those events are open to all, I will do all I can to support them
    Aia: Awesome
    Dor: This is a public tower not a private fiefdom
    Aia: Thank you Dor for your time
    Dor: *smiles*
  2. Rooster ^^

    Rooster ^^ Guest

    well shad, your a regular barbara walters [​IMG]
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dor's uhm...yeah.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> Gone for a couple days, almost missed this. Glad I cought it... Pax, Silk </font>