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[News] Introducing Maeda Himeko

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Lady Mana, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Lady Mana

    Lady Mana Guest

    "Commander Lucius Worthington-Montgomery," he introduced himself, "folks just call me Monty."

    "Maeda Himeko," she replied, taking his offered hand after a moments
    hesitation, "hajimema****e."

    The commander laughed heartily, "I haven't a clue what that means, but
    the feeling's probably mutual."

    Maeda bowed her head, a little confused by his response.

    "So, lieutenant," he continued, "who's wick did you get on, to be
    assigned here?"

    "Wick?" she asked, her growing confusion becoming evidence on her face. "I don't understand."

    "Well, you didn't get sent to this icy corner of hell, because you were anyone's favourite." He explained, "glorious as an assignment to the capital may be, chances are you'll just end up buried under her."

    "I have no intention of dying here," she said quietly, and completely

    The commander laughed again, "good job, too, else I'd have to find
    myself a new lieutenant."

    Maeda nodded slightly, to acknowledge, but not encourage his line of

    "Whatever it was, I don't care," he waved his hand dismissively. "The
    war's dragging on, and I'll take all the help I can get, especially if
    it comes with as many recommendations as you do."

    "I look forward to serving under you," she said, with a deep bow.

    "That's the spirit, although less bowing," he laughed again. "Salute, if you must, but bowing makes me feel like there's a noble looking over my shoulder."

    He lowered his voice and checked behind him, "it's bad enough having an army at your doorstep, but when the nobles start poking their noses
    in... I'd rather be out there, with the dragons."

    "Dragons?" Maeda asked, furrowing her brow a little in surprise.

    "Of course, the mages brought you in, didn't they?" He sighed, "I'll
    show you."

    "Welcome, to Britain," he said, with a grand gesture over the wall.

    Maeda looked out at the city below. The streets were littered with
    bodies, with survivors examining them, in the hopes of finding wounded
    allies that could be saved, or enemies that could be dealt with.
    Movement in the eastern part of the city caught her eye.

    In the distance, she saw a huge red dragon, making its way between the
    buildings, seemingly looking for something.

    "That's why the mages brought you in," he explained, with a solemn nod. "Every time she shows, we lose a dozen men, at least. The dragons that come before her, we manage well enough. But her..."

    Maeda looked at him curiously, he wasn't laughing any more.

    "Are you sure I can't interest you in one?" he asked, offering a liberal glass of something potent. After showing her the dragon, he'd led her back to his office.

    "I don't drink," she answered, watching him carefully.

    "Yet," he mumbled, and raised his glass in a toast that seemed to lack
    conviction. "To the Royal Guards."

    She watched him drink deeply from the glass, in silence. The reasons
    were obvious to her, but she still had some difficulty accepting an
    officer that was so quick to turn to a bottle.

    "Your orders," he continued after draining the glass, "are to get your
    bearings. We don't need to be sending out search parties for you,
    because you took a wrong turn at the kitchen."

    He chuckled at her expression, "it's a big castle, everyone gets lost at least once. When you figure you can handle it, put this on." Reaching under his desk, he pulled out a small red bundle, and slid it across the polished surface towards her.

    As she picked it up to examine it, he smiled to her, "the Royal Guard
    need a captain, it might as well be you."

    Attention Royal Guards and citizens, alike! I am most pleased to announce that fellow Lieutenant, Maeda Himeko, has been awarded the rank of Captain! It is with great sincerity that I congratulate her on her achievements, and know that we will all do our utmost to aid her in healing Britannia's current state of turmoil. May the virtues be with you all.

    Lady Mana
    Lieutenant of the Royal Britannian Guards