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[News] Investigating the Cult of Styx

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Phayde, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Phayde

    Phayde Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 27, 2009
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    [Britain, Trammel] Lord Magnus Grey assembled the Royal Spies again last evening at the Counselors Guild just south of Blackthorn's Keep in Britain in order to further investigate the threat of the Cult of Styx. Grey announced that Royal Spy Ra'Dian Fl'Gith had decoded a message left by the deceased Royal Spy, Dexter, which Fl'Gith reported read:

    I have managed to join the Cult of the Abyss.
    They are a doomsday cult that wishes to help bring the end sooner.
    They talk of a dungeon -- one that is lost -- being found.
    They mention the Island of Fire opening its mouth.
    If such a thing happens, they plan to be there.
    They use a code that is one part spell, one part ritual.

    Lord Grey indicated he would be providing more messages from Dexter to be decoded, and then turned to the evening's mission. The Royal Spies had determined the best course of action to be pursuit of the Cult. "I agree that this seems a reasonable action," Grey agreed, but added, "One problem is our lack of information. However, I believe I know someone who can help with this." Grey informed the spies of an expert in magic known as Kahler who was to be found at the Lycaeum.

    The Royal Spies met up with Kahler, whereupon he asked Royal Spy Halhan to carry his cloak for him, and then asked those present to explain the situation in greater detail. Spy Galen related the majority of the details about the Cult of Styx to the mage, including their desire to bring about an apocalyptic end to Britannia, the use of rituals, and the missing Skull of Mondain. Spy Fl'Gith filled in the remaining details, while others indicated the desire to go after the Cult and that assistance was needed to succeed. Kahler indicated he would need several items to assist the Royal Spies.

    Kahler sent the Royal Spies into Exodus's lair in Ilshenar, seeking a powerful crystal from an Exodus Dark Core, and indicated they should meet him Magincia at the library and museum for further instruction. The battle within the halls of Exodus near Ver Lor Reg in Ilshenar was quite intense, lightning arcing through the air, striking those who fought valiantly to fell the Dark Core, and in the end, the Royal Spies defeated the strange mechanical creature, with Royal Spy Crazy Carrie of the Guardians of Valhalla recovering the power crystal.

    Once in Magincia, Kahler indicated he had two further tasks for the Royal Spies to complete, both of a diplomatic nature. The first required a trip to the pixies near the Ilshenarian Shrine of Spirituality to request some pixie-forged silver, while the second sent the spies to Ter Mur for a set of special imbuing tools from the gargoyles.


    Princess Nissa of the pixies, formerly Princess Buttercup Dandelion Nissa Zmmp! the Pretty, Patient, and Charming the First, now Princess Nissa, Lady of the Mooo, Beauty of the Mooomooo, was met very close to Spirituality. "Moo... stolen... moo... along with my rubies," was her response to a request for pixie-forged silver wire, having been first approached by Spy (and Chancellor candidate) Beauvina. Taken, the princess indicated, by "a mean old harpy." The spies rushed north to the harpy nest, and were set upon by a mean old harpy and her crones, but they were soon felled, and the rubies returned to Princess Nissa. "Mooo... Crazy Wire has the Silver Carrie," Princess Nissa announced, sending the spies on their way to Ter Mur.


    Queen Zhah met with the Royal Spies outside of her castle in the Royal City, and traded a future favor of negotiating with a red wisp for the set of special imbuing tools. Returning to Magincia, Spy Crazy Carrie turned the items over to Kahler, who then indicated one final ingredient was needed. "This sextant will search for the liches, but I need the parts of one of the liches before I can get it to work." Kahler then provided gates that led to the Abyss, near the Silver Sapling, to awaken Cultist Moldweaver from his dark sarcophagus. Another intense battle, wrought with deadly poisonous gasses and rising undead, was eventually won with diligence from the spies and assistance from nearby fae folk.


    Back in Magincia, the sextant was finally activated, using the spell Vas Kal Ex Wis Corp, which provided coordinates of 44o2'N by 60o57'W in Trammel. It was quickly determined that this was near a pair of houses in southwestern Yew, and the Royal Spies rushed to see what would be found. Cultists and undead from the Cult of Styx were readily dispatched while Spy Fl'Gith focused on deciphering a short spell code left inscribed upon the ground in reagents. "The word here is 'disease,'" he indicated.

    The evening's mission at an end, the Royal Spies returned to Britain with Lord Grey to recap the events of the evening, which included the finding of a book that Spy Arch Angel indicated read, "Each night the lich shall rise, hours before the darkest time, to write the story of what will be." Lord Grey noted that Kahler's sextant would continue to function for some time, and that at least for the next few days, the spies should check the sextant in Magincia for new coordinates to track down these liches and learn more of the prophecy forthcoming. Lord Grey also strongly urged all able bodies to assist in the defense of Yew. "The reason we have a Volunteer Guard." The Royal Spies are set to meet again in official capacity next Tuesday at 8:00 PM (CST), and will be checking the sextant for news each night until then. There appears to be a never-ending need for Royal Spies, so those of you who feel this might be your calling in life should feel free to assist.