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[News] Jessica Behind Bars

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Jessica Behind Bars
    Feb. 11th 2010
    Tram Yew


    Earlier in the week Ozog of the Pitmuck Settlement contacted various
    towns and people around the world. He called for a meeting with
    carious emissaries and leaders. His request was to help capture lady
    Jessica and put her on trial. A judge and jury would need to be
    selected. Each town was requested to send one person to serve on
    the jury. Daria Blackmoore was voted to be the judge to preside over the case.

    Once that was complete Ozog made arrangements for a militia to
    organize to capture this foul lady. Everyone was requested to meet
    at the Empath Abby in Yew during the evening hours. Once there the
    Savages would help track the location of Lady Jessica. Guardians
    Gate and the Paladins of PaxLair were to make sure Jessica was
    captured and delivered to the Court of Truth.


    After a blood battle in the Yew Orc fort the Paladins and RBG
    guardsmen surrounded the Lady Jessica. She screamed for help and
    constantly yelled at them she was innocent. She even claimed that
    EM Vladimere took her there to hide. Once the orcish forces were in
    retreat they threw a robe on her to bind her magic and made their
    way to the Court Of Truth.

    Lady Jessica did not go quietly but she also did not summon any
    armies. Perhaps the binding robe was working or had they made
    a mistake? At that time it did not matter. They delivered Lady Jessica
    (the chef) to the court of truth, where Daria Blackmoore took over
    from there.


    The once formal militia now turned into a mob crying out for blood.
    Guilty screams could be heard along with threats from local
    townships. This mob wanted justice! and they wanted it now! It took
    a rather long time to establish any order in the court. Once a semi
    order was felt the honorable Judge Daria had a few words to say.

    *Bangs Gavel*

    "Hear ye Hear ye!

    Lady Jessica is accused of crimes against the goblin race. Along with
    maniacal attacks on the city of Luna. Until such time, when a jury can
    be assembled you are to remain in custody here in the Yew jails."


    Lady Jessica had a few words to say before being locked away and
    harassed by different people. These words some may not have
    picked up on but, may prove useful in the days to come.

    "I have been at the orc fort for the last five months."

    "You all killed my proof when you stormed the Orc fort."

    "Vladimere hid me at the Orc fort"

    I will be shifting through the archives for information to back up these
    claims. However, if my memory serves me correctly Vladimere did in
    fact hide someone at the orc fort before. Questions on my mind are.

    Why was she not guarded by her usual minions?
    Why allow herself to be taken so easy?
    Could their be two Jessicas? Split by the pain of losing her husband?
    Is it possible their are two different Jessicas? It is a common name.​