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[News] Kasavens Final Post From the Catskills EM Page

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    This was the final post by Elder EM Kasaven on the Catskills EM Page and it is fitting that we share it here with you. He will be missed by many on the shard and will not be forgotten.

    I’ll end it all with what started it all
    by Kasaven

    Hi, folks. This will be my final EM Website post. I said my goodbyes tonight after EM Adris’ Meet and Greet and gave my final two announcements.

    First, briefly, that Sunday’s event won’t be able to happen due to a few circumstances which I can’t help.

    Second, I’ve talked to Mesanna about doing Mesanna Roulette on Catskills, and she has agreed. I’m pretty sure I’ll be long-gone when it occurs, but consider it a parting gift, and be sure to thank Mesanna for putting in the time and effort to do so.

    Finally, as I said, I’ll leave you all with what got me here. Below will be the piece of fiction I sent in along with my EM resume, about three years ago, that got me selected to be Catskills’ first and longest EM.

    Your EM,

    Tristan raised his eyes from the ancient tome he had been assiduously reading throughout the night and gently rubbed his temples. Glancing about the dust-covered shelves that surrounded him, he was reminded of how the Fortress of Wardingwood was similarly beleaguered by Demon-Spawn. His current study of “A Treatise on Demonic Magic” brought him no further in finding a thuergy powerful enough to fight back his home’s assailants, and with every page turned hope became more and more fleeting.

    Tristan closed the book and waved his hand in a circular motion. As a dim, argent aura radiated from his hand, the 4,000 page tome he had been reading levitated back into its rightful place on a towering bookshelf at his back, while another enormous tome levitated to drop with a thud onto the desk in front of him. This tome contained at least 10 times 10 fold more pages than his last endeavor.

    He let out a deep sigh which much described his last five days of searching for answers, knowing the fortress could not hold much longer.


    Leoric raised his sword in the air, attempting to issue orders through death throes and sizzling flesh.


    The twang of a thousand arrows releasing in unison pierced the air. The azure innards of the Demon-Spawn splattered upon the blood stained earth as arrows struck black limbs of the dark, four-legged creatures.

    As Leoric began to run down to his warriors and aid them, he heard chanting coming from the back lines of the demonic army. He watched for a moment as a group of at least five hundred of the monstrous beings began to run in a gyre, wailing words in a language that brought pain to his ears. The entire circle disappeared in an instant.

    As quickly as they had vanished, the circle of Demon-Spawn reappeared. They had teleported themselves inside the fortress walls. Leoric, knowing defeat was close, looked toward his enemies. With a shout and a twirl of his sword, he led a charge with the remaining infantry not already engaged with the fiendish demons outside the once safe walls. It was then he saw Tristan emerge from the depths of the library, his staff burning bright with an argent flame.

    “Tristan!” Leoric yelled, barely parrying a flaming demon claw with his sword.

    “Order your troops back,” Tristan replied, his face bright, reflecting the weight of his discovery.

    Leoric complied, calling the troops to retreat back and give ground to the demons, only fighting the ones within Wardingwood’s Walls.
    Tristan began to levitate above the fortress walls, the blinding flame from his staff shined light on to the battlefield below like a beacon from the heavens. He closed his eyes for a moment, recalling the spell he had found in his last effort of studying in the sacred library.

    His staff blazed brighter as he mouthed the words that would doom the demon army. “Flam Kal Des Ylem!!!” he screamed as his staff shot a fiery beam towards the sky.

    An instant later, the heavens above parted and a crimson, fiery wave began to form among the clouds. As the Demon-Spawn looked skyward, mouths agape, flaming meteors the size of monoliths began to plummet earth-bound at blinding speeds. They attempted to retreat as boulders of fire shattered limbs and crushed skulls. Before they could react, the demon army became little more than charred earth.