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[NEWS:] King Casca Takes Questions from the People

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Lord Casca graciously held a forum on Sunday night where he offered to answer citizens of his realms questions at Lord British’s Castles throne room. There he stood in front of the people and took questions and answered them to the best of his ability. Because so many people had questions at times it got very confusing so the following transcript has been edited by the Staff here at Stratics to make it easier for you our readers to understand.


    Lord Casca: Greetings, Citizens! I am glad to see you all again. I apologize I have not been about as of late, many things are being put into effect.

    **That’s when someone asked bluntly if he had anything to do with the kidnapping of EM Kasaven.**

    Lord Casca: EM? The one in the trance? He is useless! Word has come to me of Clainin. I did not know he was incapacitated. Last I spoke of him..

    **Someone then interrupted asking him about the strange mouse traps that were all over the land.**

    Lord Casca: The mouse traps were not placed by me... I have a plan to end the invasions!

    **Gil-galad: You would be in dire straits, were Clannin's wishes known**

    Lord Casca: Ah but that is not true. I wish to bring Clainin back out of his trance. I think he has the power to end these invasions! I cannot do it alone… I have tried, but I do not have the people's support, apparently! I think Clainin is powerful enough to influence whoever it is that controls these Crimson Dragons, and he may also perhaps know the secrets summoning other 'dragons'..

    **Katherine Elle: You could not prevent a kidnapping in your capital city. How can we trust you with others?**

    Lord Casca: The guards were busy watching over your meeting! It was the meeting which proved a distraction so that Kasaven could not be protected. Though you all have my thanks for bringing him back. I spoke to him earlier, and he is feeling well. As far as Umbra and Malas. They are not of my jurisdiction to Tax. nor would I want to.

    **Sadie Mae: Casca weren't you an investigator before being called to the throne?**

    Lord Casca: I did work for the law, correct before being placed upon the council.

    **Gil-galad: When Clannin is well, would you step aside? Let him be Steward in absence of the True King?**

    Lord Casca: That is a worthy question, Gil-galad! If Clainin is well and able to speak freely, and think freely. I would bow to him, but it is not only my decision, but also that of my council.

    **Gwenyth: And who is this "council"??**

    Lord Casca:My council resides under Blackthorne's castle, they refuse to come to the people until the invasion are over. Their advice has become worrisome of late, though….

    **Katherine Elle: Can you please explain why the tax collectors you've hired are members of the thieves guild?**

    Lord Casca: The tax collectors were never paid! It was the advice of my council to invade Trinsic for their unloyalty, but I did not, and will not! I do not see the reason to bring more bloodshed upon us. If Trinsic does not pay taxes, they simply cannot be afforded royal guards.

    **Katherine Elle: What is your explanation for hiring those of ill repute to tax?**

    Lord Casca: The tax collectors were prior tax collectors. They were not hired under my reign, only issued forth. Why should guards be paid to protect those who do not support the Britannian government? Those who have taken part in the defending of the land will be thanked in due time. With peace and prosperity, among other things.

    **When asked if he had any knowledge or control over the Sea Sirens he answered as follows.**

    Lord Casca: The sea sirens are beings of all their own power. They have been around much longer than any of us..

    **Once again he was asked about clainin and what was being done to waken him.**

    Lord Casca: As for Clainin's awaking. I do not have an absolute way to wake him. That is one reason I am here. In honesty, I did not even know he was as ill as he is until I visited him a few days ago and he spoke not but nonsense.. Are there any more serious questions? Or should I be off?

    **Bishop: I want to know why u placed those mousetraps Casca... does sherry the mouse know your secrets??**

    Lord Casca: Where is Sherry? I have never once seen her act in the defense of the land.

    **Silent Bob: any idea who controls the crimson dragons?**

    Lord Casca: The Crimson Dragons are absolute evil, and thus can only be controlled by evil. I think those robed figures, that the blasphemer Owain Surrey talks about have a hand in their creation.

    **Katherine Elle: So even though you are thankful that we saved Kasaven?**

    Lord Casca: Kasaven is a good man! Owain, speaks lies! He never told you the truth, did he? Sent you on a wild hunt.

    **When asked about the status of Lord Dupre and the Lady Dawn he answered.**

    Lord Casca: Lord Dupre and Lady Dawn have gone with Lord British. Where they are, no one knows. Perhaps Clainin would know?

    **Katherine Elle: You told us you looked for them.**

    Lord Casca: I looked, yet I did not find, is that not apparent? If I did find them they would be here, not I.

    **Katherine Elle: Why did you say she went with Lord British?**

    Lord Casca: *sighs* What have I done to bring so much hate? When Clainin sings my praises, will you all finally trust me? When we end the invasions, with his help, will you trust me?

    **Phantroneous: When I see you pick up a weapon, and fight alongside us.**

    Lord Casca: I am not a fighter! I have few powers other than that of the pen and of guidance. Does anyone have any suggestions for waking Clainin? How was it he was put into his slumber?

    **Katherine Elle: So when your laws hold the weight of the virtues.**

    Lord Casca: My laws may not hold the weight of virtues, but they hold the weight of common sense! The virtues cannot save us from the Ophidians! They do not respect the virtues, they would slaughter us. The advisors.. They do not think Clainin should be brought back from his spasms and seizures. I am here against their will! They fear his power, and I understand their concern, as he is at the moment, he is insane. Can you imagine him conscious, and insane, with his power? Still I wish to wake him.. yet in a way that will also rid him of his insanity, and keep him, and Britannia, safe. As for Trinsic.. The taxes have been repealed.. perhaps that will satisfy you! Until then, I ask that YOU also provide my council and help me find a way to rid Clainin of his ills.

    **Jean Smithe: and changing his caregivers would not be ill advised?**

    Lord Casca: That is a possibility! Then in the same sense we must find out WHO keeps him in such a trance. We will meet again when both I, my council, and you, my people, have discovered ways to awake Clainin. Until then I retire. Thank you all for coming again, and stand hard against the invasions. I promise they will end soon.. Good day, and be safe!

    With those closing words Casca walked off leaving many with more questions than before. Some were moved by Cascas word and others were angered leaving us a land still divided.
    Afterwards a few people who listened to him speak decided to go visit Cainin and check on his status. As of right now he is still gripped by a fever and unconscious. Let all of us hope that an answer to what grips him can be found soon.