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[NEWS:] Knight Rest Bard’s Night & Traveling Bard’s Night at the New Port Theater

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Knight Rest Bard’s Night 3/10/09
    Last Tuesday evening after another successful Zoo Spawn Night I headed over to the Knights Rest Tavern to enjoy their monthly Bards Night Event. There I was greeted by the always gracious Aedon Durreah, the proprietor of the establishment, and offered a drink. Being that killing swarms of monsters can build up a mighty thirst, and my well known love of ale, I could hardly say no to this. So I put a order in for a ale and settled in on a stool at the bar to enjoy the company of the slowly gathering crowd who were coming in behind me.

    It was a crowd filled with warm friendly conversation and humor for the most part, as each new person through the door was greeted and made to feel at home right away. Surprising most of the people there EM Cernunnos came to enjoy their Bards Night, and settled into the barstool next to mine. Though some mistook him for a horned God and Forest Lord due to the green deer mask with antlers that he wears that matches his robes. He was far from out of place because the theme for this Bards Night was leprechauns, and the patrons were asked to come dressed in green clothing in the honor of Saint Patrick’s Day.

    Once the gathered customers had their drinks Aedon started the bards competition. Clive Dauthi started it with a story of a four leaf clover followed by Faris and his tale of Darby the tailor. Next Alyssia Kanath sang a lovely song for everyone. A sweet child named Chryssie Solic then told her humorous tale of a wee lil man and an a big huge giganorous farmer. Beleg Megil tried to follow her up with a joke but how could anyone follow her story? Kanaye then came forward on all four paws and told a tale that many called a true epic (All I heard was many yips.. I really do need to brush up on the many languages of the lands.)

    First prize went to Miss Chryssie, Faris took second and Clive took third. A special prize for the person that looks the most like a leprechaun also went to Faris.

    One of the evenings most entertaining things was when a young man, named Owen Solic, standing proud in his new armor mistook EM Cernunnos as a demon with two heads and pulled a dagger on him. EM Cernunnos was kind enough to show the youth the roof of the tavern and then had a long talk with him. I am sure this will be a story the boy will tell for years to come.

    Traveling Bard's Night at the New Port Theater - 3/14/09​

    I had hoped to attend this event but dreaded lag monster stopped me from joining this fun filled event. I can only give you the information that was provided to me.

    This Traveling Bard's Night was hosted by Kate Hawkings at the recently-constructed New Port Theater. The event was sponsored by PGoH and evenings theme was "Vanity/Pride."

    The best dressed guests in New Port Talmek and Izznet were the winners of the fashion contest.

    The winners as told to me were: (I am not sure in what order they came in but I want to congratulate everyone that took part.)
    1. Talmek
    2. James
    3. Rameses