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[NEWS]Lady Aino offered Captain of the Royal Guard

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Oriana, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    This morning the Lady Aino Nystad contacted me about her meeting this day with the newly self appointed King, Lord Casca. She asked that I give her strength in words as she spoke with the King about her lands and family name. I agreed and told her that I would gather as many Citizens as I could to support her in her time of need.

    I spread the word as best I could, sending books and scolls everywhere I could. Contacting comrades and telling them to spread the word as well.

    We met with the Lady Aino Nystad near her guest quarters, in front of Castle British. I believe Aino was quite surprised by the turnout. Even our shard drun...er sake conosuer came to give his blessing and support.

    Lady Aino soon opened a portal to the location of the meeting and we followed her through.

    The following is a transcript of the conversation that was held.

    Lord Casca: Hail Lady Aino the mighty, of the magicians most renown!
    Casca: Hail Lady Aino the fair, whose mane is gold and name is great!
    Casca: Thank you for arriving on such notice.
    Casca: I assure you, your punctuality is noted.
    Lady Aino Nystad: Hail Lord Casca!
    *Casca bows to the Lady Aino.*
    *Aino curtseys to Casca*
    Aino: I thank you for your flowery words and for allowing this meeting…
    Aino: Given the arduous task that has already been laid out before you in becoming our new Lord.
    *Casca smiles and nods*
    Aino looks at the seats as Casca tells someone to remove himself from the seat. Casca’s guard, Kemer, pulls out the chair for Aino.
    Aino: My Lord, I will speak plain. My family has served the throne of Britainnia for many years… both in war and trade.
    Aino: The Nystad Estate and its assets have made the kingdom safer, richer, more glorious!
    Casca: Lady Aino, this meeting is not about your family or your estate.
    *Aino looks confused.*
    Aino: Surely, …
    *Aino pauses in disbelief*
    Aino: Surely, My Lord… I can imagine no other reason to be here before your grace.
    *Oriana lays a hand on Aino’s shoulder in support*
    Aino: Why must my family suffer under the weight of this embarrassment!
    Aino: Our livelihood taken! Cast out, becoming hardly more than beggars!
    Casca: Lady Aino as I have already stated, I have not brought you here to discuss your family problems, or the state of your material assets thereof.
    *Aino looks around desperately, pleading*
    Aino: Forgive my impudence, Lord Casca, I beseech you! My home and my lands have been robbed from us beneath terms malicious and unjust! This cannot stand!
    Casca pounds his fist angrily on the table.
    Casca: Lady Aino! Hold your tongue and speak no more of this!
    *Aino is stunned by the out burst*
    *Oriana again places her hands on Aino’s shoulders, only to be threatened by Casca’s guard, Kemer*

    The crowd grumbled at his display, James invites him to speak his mind.

    *Aino grinds her teeth*
    Aino: If you did not wish to discuss my issue then why did you summon me here…
    *Aino pauses*
    Aino: Sire… Surely you have other tasks to attend to… rather than ti simply sit and wait at my expense.
    *Casca’s expression softens.*
    Casca: I understand your heart, my Lady. Let me only say that at this time, what you ask is not possible.
    Casca: It would create a conflict that could divide the nobility. And perhaps in turn divide the people, which we can not afford.
    Casca: Much less at such a crucial juncture. I am confident you understand this, as one who is of noble blood…
    Casca: that the need of the people are put above yours and those of your family.

    The crowd begins to murmur amongst themselves and looks at the Lord Casca with mistrust. The dignitaries from Dawn looked at one another, and the Luminari delegate could be seen narrowing her eyes.

    Kemer the Royal Guard grips his halberd and points it across the room!
    Kemer: Orc! *points at Kurpur*
    Kemer: Orc, What is your business here?
    Casca to Lady Aino: however unfortunate it may be for you.
    *Aino nods hesitantly*
    The room erupts as Kemer calls Kurpur to him!
    Wildstar: You will leave him alone!
    Sara: He is here as our guest.
    Casca: Calm, Kemer
    Kemer: Milady, I cannot allow a foul creature to stand so close to our liege.
    *Kurpur takes a defensive stand*
    Kemer: You draw your weapon, orc?
    *Aino looks around*
    Aino: The orc is with me!
    *Kemer blinks in surprise*
    Casca: Enough Kemer!
    Casca: Both of you!
    Kemer stops his eyes widen fearfully.
    Kemer: I… I apologize for my conduct, your highness.
    Kemer sulks away
    *Aino looks confused*
    Casca: He is allowed here, as are all who come under term of peace.
    *Kemer watches Kurpur warily*
    *Casca take a deep breath*
    Casca: No my Lady, I have called you here today to offer you a proposal.
    *Aino’s eyes widen as her anger ebbs away into curiosity*
    Casca: A proposal not from me myself, your King, but from our Fellow citizens.
    Casca: Who by their words and actions during this time of tribulation, I believe are in desperate need of closer leadership.
    Aino: My lord?
    Kurmur laughs causing Kemer to twitch at the sound of his laughter
    *Casca smiles warmly*
    Medusa makes an in appropriate comment causing Kemer to stare at her
    Casca: I have studied you, Aino Nystad.
    Casca: and this is what I have ascertained.
    *Aino raises and eyebrow*
    Casca: You are as loyal as a servant of the throne should be, strong and unwavering.
    Casca: You aptitude for magic surpasses that of many.
    Casca: Such that even the mages of my court could learn a trick or two from you…
    *Aino blushes*
    Casca: And though young you are wise with the knowledge of any learned scholar.
    Casca: But most of all, you are respected and you are followed.
    *Aino looks around*
    Casca: The noble and citizens speak to me of the name Nystad only in praise, and this together with your natural abilities, make you my first choice to lead the royal Guard as Captain.
    *Aino stutters in disbelief*
    Aino: C-Captain of the Royal Guard? Me?
    *Oriana takes Aino’s hand*
    *Aino looks as though she has been hit by a llama*
    The crowd once again rumbles
    Sara: But she is of noble blood.
    *Katrina grimaces*
    *Aino pauses*
    Oriana whispers in Aino’s ear…Do not fall for this distraction my lady!
    Aino: My Lord, I-I do not know, this is no small thing you ask of me…
    *Casca smiles*
    Kemer the guard yells at Lady Oriana: Do not touch and bother the Lady Nystad so.
    *Oriana stares back at Kemer*
    Casca: Indeed it is not my Lady. I expect to hear fron you soon on this matter.
    Casca: Do not make me wait.
    Casca: Let me say this finally, Aino Nystad.
    *Casca speaks firmly*
    Casca: The people have issued a cry for leadership and I intend to answer.
    Oriana whispers again: Be strong m’lady
    Casca: I am sure that those who follow their new King in this undertaking will be looked upon favorably…
    Casca: in all things.
    *Casca pauses*
    *Aino nods slowly*
    Casca: Eve their own personal endeavors.
    *Aino’s eyes widen*
    *Casca smiles warmly and bows*
    Casca: Good day my Lady
    Aino: Fare Well… Lord Casca
    Casca: Kemer at your leisure
    *Kemer nods*
    *Oriana glares at Casca*
    The crowd begins to rumble again.
  2. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I would also like to say Hello to Tia of Lake Superior. She graced us with her presence at EM Seppo's office. She is my counterpart on Lake Superior and would ask that anyone seeing a newish person, walking around as Desire, please extend...ummm...her? the most gracious of welcomes as Baja is known so well for.
  3. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    After her conversation with Casca and his shocking twist to make her the new Captain of the Royal guards, Lady Aino Nystad turned to the citizens to ask their opinions. Many thought she should think hard and long, some thinking she should decline, while others agreeing that perhaps taking the position would put her into a better place to lead the citizens and taking a more proactive role to influence the council. Lady Aino heard everyones opinion and listened to each ones concern. In the end it was agreed, more time should be taken by the Lady to make her decision and for others to voice their opinions and advice.

    Several times, people mentioned we should lower our voices as we were within the city walls and perhaps Casca or someone else was listening.

    However Lord Casca's words could still be hear in the back of everyone's head......

    Casca: I am sure that those who follow their new King in this undertaking will be looked upon favorably…in all things. Even their own personal endeavors.

    Did he mean to threaten the Lady Aino Nystad and her goal of procuring her families lands or merely trying to trick her into submission to do his own bidding? Did he mean to threaten us all? I suppose that remains to be seen.

    As Lady Aino excused herself to go ponder what her next actions should be, many citizens stayed to discuss further amongst themselves. As I had another appointment in another realm, I excused myself but Lady Sara remained. to get more information.

    Shortly after I left, I got a message from a very excited Lady Sara:

    There were 7 of us left, chatting .. Xel the Wanderer, Nicholas the Old, Damien, myself and 3 others I don't remember.
    Powerful Presence appeared in the room with us, then darted out the door, ran to the west, and disappeared under a bridge that passes over the river that flows right by the Dark Tower.

    Lady Sara managed but a single picture of this...this presence:

    What does this Powerful Presence want? Was it a spy for Casca? For Lady Aino? A protector of the citizens? Sadly no one has seen it since. But those that were present felt it was evil.

    Please if anyone else has accounts they wish to share of this meeting and the strange goings on afterward, please feel free to do so. The more we share our information, the better informed we as the citizens of this great land can be united for the proper cause.
  4. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *coughs* For what I am about to say reflects my personal opinion and does not reflect the views of MT or anyone else in MT.

    *coughs* I for one do not think Lady Aino should take the Casca's offer. I do not see him as my king. He asks us why we should still follow Lord Brittish because he has left his people alone. I ask "Why would I NOT follow the man who sacrificed himself for his people, who full well knew he may not return to his people. That to me is a king.

    *coughs* So when someone who spits on that kind of dedication to his people, is not fit to rule over the same people. He spits on our memory of Lord Brittish, so I spit on him. *coughs then spits on the ground*

    Although we are in need of someone who can watch over our land and make the choices we cannot. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Lady Aino, but from what I hear she is very kind, she seems to treat everyone the same, even orcs apparently *Smiles*

    *coughs* That action alone tells me she has more compassion than this false king. If I would see anyone rule our land it would be Lady Aino.

    And if it comes down to fighting, since I do not know Lady Aino, I cannot fully fight for her, but I wouldnt stand against her. I would however fight against this false king.
  5. Ancient Sosarian

    Ancient Sosarian Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hail Britannians,

    It appears that just as we face growing incursions and invasions from without, we may also soon face dissension from within the Realm.

    How many see "lord Casca" as a legitimate ruler? How many consider him a Usurper? Will his rule lead soon to tyranny?

    And what of Lady Aino, and of her brother? Do we truly know enough about either to lay our trust and allegiance there? Do we even know if the twins will unite or divide the Realm into civil war?

    Lastly, do the people truly have the ability to choose? Are any of us able to sway the future either way by our actions?

    What say you all to these questions?

    An SoS
  6. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
    Likes Received:
    As I have said, I do not think of Casca as a king and I think Ancient Sosarian is right, it is too early to lay our trust souly on Lady Aino. All I can say is she does seem to be a better fit. But Lord Brittish is still my true King. We know not if he is dead, and I for one have hope that he isnt.
  7. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Ok as a reporter this stays off record!!

    As many have seen in game, Oriana is a strong supporter of Lady Aino Nystad. It is my gut she is the better choice. I could indeed be very wrong and will continue to pay attention and gather the facts and deliver them as always, leaving my interpretation for other posts outside the main news one. (like this)

    An Sos...I believe we do have a final say to the outcome. Will it be the one the citizens of Baja wants? That will depend heavily as to how much participation and intrest is taken. So far that all seems to be good, as most events have had a good showing and the last one was bringing everyone and their opnions together. No thought being a bad one.

    Casca makes me nervous. Always has since the Ricardo trial. Not because he's an elf as many have said, (as I am an elf myself). But something just never added up. And at the same time, the Nystad twins are mysterious. I have yet to be able to speak with Kullvero, but would very much like too. Lady Aino seems very genuine, but so do many at first that would seek to hurt or destroy someone. Although she has yet to give me that feeling, I am far from falible and could be very wrong.

    I agree with Lord Ceno and An Sos, time will tell and more information is needed.

    Matters such as this are volitale. And with the state of the realm as it is, I bleieve we are looking at a hard road with many deceptions and truths to be found out. One can only hope they are choosing the side of good in the long run. Remember allainces run deep, but one must follow your heart in your own beliefs.