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[News]Legendary Mages and Alchemists Wanted!

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Napa Valley News, May 17, 2010.

  1. Napa Valley News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Greetings fellow Britannians! From the desk of Fiorella comes the following:

    Bob the Herald approached the detective with a grave look on his face. "Detective Marcus, the queen asked that I pass this on to you."

    Maya had remembered something about the ramblings of her old Professor Jenkins and wished to speak with Marcus.

    "Why the look, Bob?" Marcus asked

    Bob stopped and faced the detective, "It's Maya..she's...well she's stuck in her lab." He shook his head as he walked away.

    Detective Marcus raised an eyebrow as he reached for a quill and parchment. He wondered what that was suppose to mean as he walked through the corridors of the castle to Maya's Lab.

    "No no, m'lady" Marcus heard as he neared the lab. "Please just hold still." Suddenly he heard what sounded like a small explosion. Marcus picked up the pace to find a smoke filled lab and a HUGE Maya Demeter.

    "She turned herself into a spider?!" he heard someone one shout.

    He could hear the awkward noises of the spider... er Maya, it seemed she wasn't pleased with the potions results and was trying to move about the small lab to find other ingredients to fix her situation. However her enormous... well the size of the situation was just not doable.

    After several calls from guards to hold still she did, finally facing the door to the lab. A few of the braver guards that had gone into the lab to help her skittered under her belly to freedom.

    "What's the meaning of this," Marcus said, fanning smoke away from his face.

    "I give up!!" he heard the spider speak, almost as if crying. "I can't do this anymore!" Maya peeked out of the red curtain over her door.


    "Find Gorn... tell him to find someone... anyone that can help me!!" Maya wept as she caught sight of herself in a pictures glass covering.

    Detective Marcus nodded to Bob who turned on foot and began running...

    BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!

    Gorn cringed against the pounding pain in his head. Even his horns hurt.

    BAM!!! BAM!!!

    Oh. That was the door. Someone at the door.

    Pounding. Loudly. Ugh.

    "Go away or die!" Gorn managed.

    The pounding stopped only to be replaced by the sound of a lockpick working it's way around inside the lock. 'Click' and the lock was open, which was soon followed by the door.

    "Gorn! Maya needs you!" said Bob the Herald.

    "The hell she does. Didn't I tell you go away or DIE?" mumbled Gorn still prone on the bed.

    "Yes you did, but at the moment you can't even sit up, much less kill me. Now drink this, it will help," Bob held out a bottle of Jaana's hangover remedy.

    Gorn slowly and painfully managed to prop himself up somewhat. Bob passed over the hangover remedy. Gorn closed his eyes and chugged it. Immediately his stomach began to settle and the pain in his head and horns began to ease. He looked at the bottle with mild amazement. 'This stuff actually works.' Gorn made a mental note to contact Hon-Aur the Minister of Commerce about the hangover remedy.

    "Yes, it's sometimes hard to find, but I always keep a few bottles on hand in case of emergencies like this," replied Bob.

    The word 'emergency' and the memory of the phrase, 'Maya needs you' made Gorn sit up and give Bob his full attention.

    "I'm listening," he said, as he followed the herald.

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! To all citizens of Sosaria!

    Let it be known that Queen Dawn has ordered the citizens of the realm to be on the search for those practiced in the arts of magic and alchemy.

    As many of you know... Lady Maya Demeter has been subject to an evil plague of sorts and has exhausted methods to cure herself. She has asked the Queen to search the land for someone to help her once again regain her true form.

    Detective Jayden Marcus and Gorn of Ter Mer are to be present to interview the possible candidates to cure Maya Demeter.

    There are some questions you should be prepared to answer if interested in this position.

    What sorts of credentials do you have?
    -greatest feat of alchemy, magic, etc.
    -worst disaster...and how did you handle it?
    Can you cure Maya?
    If so... how?
    What types of reagents or supplies will you need?
    What side effects, if any, do you foresee from your cure?

    Meet at the Throne Room in Castle British, Friday, May 21st at 7 pm PST

    OOC: This is an RP event and not everyone will get a chance to be interviewed. Things will be revealed as needed.

    Surely Napa's finest can concoct some method of transformation? Bring your ideas and plans... Napa IS RP... see you all there!
    Best Gaming Wishes,
    Salya Sin