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[NEWS:] "Letters to the Scribe" Subject: Casca

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    In an effort to provide a voice to all the citizens of our fair lands we asked all of you to forward a letter to our scribes to be published showing your views on our new king. Only two souls were brave enough to send us letters and here they are. Now all opinions expressed here do not reflect the personal opinions of Stratics or the staff of scribes that write here. (In other words Cacsa do not send the Royal Guard after us!)



    Well, we pirates certainly gots an opinion on Casca, da new king.

    Casca o' Heartwood certainly did nut amuse us wid da prosecution of Ricardo
    da Thief, as Ricardo pretty much has a typical pirate philophy o' life.
    Ricardo is a clever scoundrel wid guts like a kraken hunter, who managed ta
    purloin da Ophidian artifact fer his personal profit. Now he's gone adrift,
    and nobody knows whar he is. It is fishy!

    We all know dat dere is no Royal Council at da moment, as da Council was
    assassined a few months back. So who elected Casca ta be a king? He claims he
    gots da blessin' of Clainin, da sole survivor o' da Council massacre
    (well, Casca mysteriously survived, too), but ever since dis crime, Clainin is
    very ill an' bedridden in New Haven and doesn't speak a word.
    Da questshun is, is Casca bamboozlin' us?

    Anyways, he's blowin' an ill wind with his new tax collectin'
    business, ruinin' an important source of our pirate income. Also, we vary
    much rely on da independence of da cities Buccaneer's Den and Jhelom.
    Buccaneer's Den as bein' our natural home town, and Jhelom 'cause we
    use dis town fer... well... undisturbed trading business (as y'all know,
    Jhelom is located just off-shore of our pirate village).

    However, we still hope we can come to an agreement wid dis landlubber king. He
    is nut OUR king, as da United Pirates are free men o' da sea (and wenches,
    o' course). If'n no agreement can be met, we shure as hell can find ways
    ta undermine his authority.

    Hawkeye Pike
    The United Pirates


    To Whom it may Concern:

    This past week, we were called together to meet, and speak openly of the Lord Casca's ascension to the throne. As you may know, it did not end peacefully. Much information was given at this meeting, and questions were answered - but the events at the conclusion have caused us to ask even more. For one, why Kasaven? He has allowed us into his hall, and allows us to discuss this matter, but he has not chosen a side. Though he is a mystery, he appears to be a powerful mage, yet I feel he is more than your common wizard.

    It has become apparent, in light of recent events, that we cannot trust the Lord Casca. The citizenry is divided on the issue, and I cannot see how order can be maintained. I have heard rumors of treason and the whispers of civil war - and all this while we continue to suffer the attacks of the Shadowlords on our cities. I feel that Casca is not to be trusted. I do not doubt his right to rule - he is, after all, a member of the council. But I do not feel that he is quite himself. He keeps far too many secrets, and I suspect he may be in the control of the Shadowlords.

    His plans, as mentioned at his speech, seem to be more of a threat than a message of hope - For one, his taxation will cause the cities to either start open rebellion, or to surrender to his will. It is not about gold, it is about power. And control. I worry about the future of Trinsic. The Purple Guardians of Honor claim the city was placed in their care by Lord British himself, and I do not doubt they will take up arms to defend it from this claim. And many of my fellow adventurers will not take kindly to strangers demanding gold of them, whether they are royal tax collectors, or common brigands.

    Finally, he has had his guardsmen place traps throughout the realm, most likely an attempt to snare Sherry, or to restrict her movements. Why should he strive to stop her when he obviously has the legal right to rule? Or why send the guard after Owain? Should they not be more concerned East Britain's periodic dragon problem? I feel we ought to be attempting to discover the source of these invasions, and what sort of magic the Shadowlords are casting that could cause our own citizens to take up arms and fight for them.

    I feel it is quite possible they have been using Casca to create strife between the peoples of Britannia. They aim to drive us into a civil war, and ultimately keep our attention on each other, and not on their own movements. It is entirely possible that the victor of this war will hear only the iron boots of the Shadowlord army at the victory celebration. I only hope others can realize this before it's too late. We ought to march to war, but against the Shadowlord threat, not our own brothers in arms.