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[NEWS:] Lord Casca Gives His First Public Speech

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This last evening Lord Casca our new King made his first appearance in front of Blackthorn’s Castle, and gave a short passion filled speech to the awaiting crowd. Those in attendance were not quiet in their support of him, though there was a minority who questioned how he was chosen to be our new leader, and he tried his best to answer their concerns. He also touched on his future plans for the Kingdom, and spoke of his respect for the former members of Lord British’s staff. Below is a copy of his speech as I wrote it down on a parchment.

    { I feel I must tell all of you my faithful readers that the new regime is watching closely all scribes that report anything negative about our new King and those who serve him. So now with a form of martial law taking over I will be censored in what I can say here. However I will strive to sneak the truth in when they are not checking. truthfully at the new kings speech there was a very heavy presence of armed Royal Guards and yet most of the people screamed out their outrage at him, for most likely appointing himself as our new sovereign. All of you who were brave enough to speak up made me proud. One person who I could swear was a vampire was even trying his best to murder him, but Casca was outside his reach. }

    Lord Casca: Hail, citizens of Britannia, nobles, and warriors!
    Lord Casca: *smiles*
    Lord Casca: Glad to see such a turnout..
    Lord Casca: I come to you this day under grievous circumstances.
    Lord Casca: Never did I think such tragedy could befall the Britannian Council, my brethren!
    Lord Casca: As you all know, their lives have been taken by the legions of the Followers of Armageddon.
    Lord Casca: It is only for the councils sake, and the sake of Britannia, that I stand before you all this day.
    Lord Casca: I apologize that we must meet here,
    Lord Casca: but Castle British still evokes horrible emotions when I gaze upon it.
    Gwenyth: So if the council is dead, who chose YOU to take over as King?
    Lord Casca: **Closes eyes for a moment**
    Lord Casca: Ah, Patience, Gwenyth
    Lord Casca: I have been through unimaginable tortures whilst in the clutches of my captors.
    Lord Casca: I still feel the clasp of their manacles upon my wrists
    Lord Casca: **Shudders slightly**
    Lord Casca: Perhaps I will never escape the feeling.
    Lord Casca: **Looks over the gathered crowd, motioning his hands toward them**
    Lord Casca: Yet you all were my saviors, and for that I am forever in debt as the peoples servant.
    Lord Casca: Through your quick and noble deeds, I am the only member of the council who yet survived
    Lord Casca: and was not tainted by evil and corruption.
    Solomon Wright: False. Clainin is alive, bedridden in New Haven.
    Lord Casca: Ah, Clainin is a wise man
    Lord Casca: but he is ill! Half dead!
    Lord Casca: I sat by his bead the other night
    Lord Casca: and it is his will that I become king!
    Lord Casca: Thus, out of need for structure, a new council formed of Lords and Nobles.
    Lord Casca: They hail from all over the land and are both magnanimous and valorous.
    Lord Casca: Yet I am afraid I cannot reveal their identities at this time, for we cannot
    Lord Casca: risk suffering another defeat at the hands of the Followers of Armageddon.
    Lord Casca: and you may speak to Clanin, as I said, I have his blessing!
    Lord Casca: And he is the wisest man left in Britannia
    Lord Casca: If he were in full health, I would have him be king
    Lord Casca: But, the new council
    Lord Casca: In safety we took council, and they said unto me
    Lord Casca: Casca, you have been through much.
    Lord Casca: Casca, you are wise and experienced.
    Lord Casca: Casca, we know you desire only justice.
    Lord Casca: I replied that they all exhibit such traits, or we would not be meeting together.!
    Lord Casca: Yet they continued to echo my praises
    Lord Casca: Casca, rise up, for you have our vote, ascend the throne!
    Lord Casca: But I responded to them resoundingly,
    Lord Casca: Nay!
    Lord Casca: I cannot!
    Lord Casca: I am not worthy!
    Lord Casca: Still they insisted, and spoke to me of the good I could do,
    Lord Casca: and I began to feel the potential and sooth in their words.
    Lord Casca: The more I listened, the more their words rang true in my ears.
    Lord Casca: For if not I to raise up Britannia and stand proudly beside her,
    Lord Casca: if not I to heal her wounds and protect her land, then WHO???
    Lord Casca: So I took their votes and I am proud to come unto you now, as King of Britannia!
    Lord Casca: **Looks down upon the people, hands wide up in the air embracing them, smiling**
    Lord Casca: Now I must act upon their faith, I must do this good of which they speak!
    Lord Casca: **Clenches his fist and shakes it toward the people**
    Lord Casca: More so, it must be done swiftly.
    Lord Casca: **looks slowly into the eyes of everyone gathered below him**
    Lord Casca: I promise now, before the people of Britannia,
    Lord Casca: to rid the lands of the vile, rancorous, malicious Ophidians!
    Lord Casca: To end the invasions once and for all, bringing peace back to Britannia!
    Lord Casca: They are strong, but foolish! With the support of the people, we can best them!
    Lord Casca: I understand the scorn, I would rather earn my peoples trust than it be given lightly!
    Mathena: and where is Avery Lord?
    Lord Casca: Avery is under investigation
    Lord Casca: for being in league with the FoA!
    Lord Casca: Yet those are not my only promises!
    Lord Casca: Also, I promise
    Lord Casca: To bring strength back to the Royal Guard and protect our borders from another invasion!
    Lord Casca: And to protect Britannia from the rancor of the Shadow Lords, while exterminating their minions.
    Lord Casca: All I need to do such good is for you, the people, to bow to me, and we will reign forever
    Lord Casca: in peace and prosperity.
    Lord Casca: I put my faith in you, citizens of Britannia, to help us remain the prestigious
    Lord Casca: and respected land that we have been for so long, to help me carry on in the name
    Lord Casca: of the great and noble kings who came before me.
    Lord Casca: Without the love and universal goodwill of the people, though, I can accomplish none of this.
    Lord Casca: So this day, I demand
    Lord Casca: *coughs*
    Lord Casca: I beseech all of you to lend me your hands and hearts so that together we can thrive!
    Lord Casca: I also ask, in your great intelligence, that you all see through the guise of false prophets!
    Lord Casca: This Owain Surrey, who the people whisper about on the street, is no prophet.
    Lord Casca: He works for a witch, for the Lady Melissa, and for the Shadowlords.
    Lord Casca: Do not heed him!
    Lord Casca: Long ago he was cast by Lord Blackthorn,
    Lord Casca: out onto the streets for the falsehood he spewed at council.
    Lord Casca: I implore, do not heed his words!
    Lord Casca: Lastly I must relinquish the independence given to some cities under Lord British, such cities
    Lord Casca: will hail the crown, or be outlawed!
    Lord Casca: We must all hail the same flag together, lest we all fall separate!
    Lord Casca: A tax collector will be around to collect your long-standing debts.
    Lord Casca: *dodges* (At this point some claim a shoe was thrown at him.)
    Lord Casca: I leave you all this day hoping to have left a lasting impression of hope and virtue,
    Lord Casca: that we may protect Britannia side by side, with sword and shield!
    Lord Casca: I wish safe travels to all, and when we meet again I shall be sitting on the throne in this Castle.
    Lord Casca: **Salutes the people**
    Lord Casca: Rel Por In Plyem

    {After he was done and gone, and a good portion of the throng was gone, Sherry the Mouse (Best known for being a accomplished writer and a close friend of Lord British himself) came out of hiding and spoke to those still gathered there. I am putting my position as a reporter and maybe even my very life at risk by also sharing what she had to say to the people that were still around, but I feel all of you should ask yourself these questions that she brought up. Here is what she had to say.}

    Sherry: *crawling out of her hiding place carefully*
    Sherry: What makes Casca qualified for such a high position? He only just became Lord!
    Sherry: Don't we already have a good king? *Squeak*
    Sherry: Lord British has been Britannia's ruler since it's inception.
    Sherry: The council of Lords and Ladies should be rebuilt, to manage the kingdom in my lord's absence.
    Sherry: Who is on the Royal Council? We cannot be without a council.
    Sherry:*in a low voice* I'm not sure if this is right.
    Sherry: How could a decision have been made so quickly? Our old council is not yet cold in their graves!
    Sherry: *squeak*
    Sherry: Why was Casca the only survivor of the massacre?
    Sherry: *squeak*
    Sherry: Can we trust him?
    Sherry: What are Casca's intentions as King?
    Sherry: *looks around hastily*
    Sherry: I need to speak to him!
    Sherry: He led the hasty trial of Ricardo, and was behind the arrest of Avery.
    Sherry: Does Avery not deserve a trial?
    Sherry: *nibbles on cheese*
    Sherry: Why is no one asking for Avery's side of the story!
    Sherry: *in a small voice* What has Casca done with Avery and Ricardo?
    Sherry: I beseech thee to think about my questions,
    Sherry: *squeak*
    Sherry: don't be deceived!
    Sherry: But I am but a mouse, and none hear me.
    Sherry: *scurries off*
  2. Bob_the_fart_guy

    Bob_the_fart_guy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
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    ****Paces nervously about the small hostel. "Hagrid relax, after all what harm could some order do? Several of thee' great cities hath been victim to the waring factions" Milo stated "Drink up and get some rest." Milo handed Hagrid a fresh ale and patted him on the back.****

    I was present for the speech held on 1-17-09 and to my knowledge a repeat of the same speech was held today. Can anyone confirm? Sounded a bit like Blackthorn's idea of a rule. Hopeful? Yes, of course, but very nervous. A short visit to the healers in New Haven show that there might not possibly be any way that the great wizard could speak but a few mutterings, he still seems to be in a coma like state.

    I also missed hearing or seeing the rumored "Sherry the mouse" I wished I could have heard her. Thank you Vallend for the full report.

    ****As Hagrid eagerly drank down the cool brew his mind kept wandering back to the awful events that he had finally finished investigating that involved the United Pirates. His mind drifted even more as he thought to himself even IF the citizens of Britain were to attempt to over throw a king...it would take more than man and elf...it would take a third army...one of. No, it wouldn't possible, would it? The gargoyles, help the world of Sosaria? Surely not after the... "Hagrid!"
    The voice of Brenda snapped him out of his his deep thought... "Hagrid, I've aught' to beat the snot outta' the likes of ye' for the scars put upon this Reptalon"!
    Smiling Hagrid finished his ale, and headed off to get a nights rest.****
  3. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
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    Todays was different. Well, somewhat different.
  4. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
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    While I found most of his speech riveting, I do find an absent phrase which I regret to say I did not ask about. Perhaps if someone sees our new King, they can bring up the issue?

    He seems to have omitted the phrase, "pro tempore."

    I find that omission rather disturbing.

    -Dedigan, United Pirates

    (Someone actually did bring up this omission on Chessy, and his response was "When the crisis ends, I will gladly give up the throne." But that isn't Catskills... maybe he thinks differently here?)
  5. Moreeg

    Moreeg Guest

    I attended both of his speeches, and Casca was far more interactive sunday. All of the main talking points were reiterated, but his response to a question from the crowd sunday was... troubling.

    Basically, someone said that the free cities (namely Trinsic) are not willing to just bow to Casca, his martial law and taxes. Casca said that if Trinsic doesnt wish to fall in line, he is willing to use force against them to bring them in line.

    I dont care for Casca, I dont trust Casca and I dont feel he has the greater interest of us in mind.
  6. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Governor Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
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    I wonder if he'll try and collect from Wind...
  7. Moreeg

    Moreeg Guest

    Ive been hearing that on some shards it wasnt even an interactive speech, it was just a recited spiel with no Q&A of any sort.

    Odds are that no one asked the question here on Cats to illicit that response. Not that I would have believed him anyway...