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[News] Lord Casca, The Warrior Guild Hall, and Sherry the Mouse Part I

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by AirmidCecht, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. AirmidCecht

    AirmidCecht twitch.tv/airmid
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 9, 2004
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    Lord Casca, The Warrior Guild Hall, and Sherry the Mouse Part I​

    A few days have passed now due to a busy week but I wanted to report that the meeting we had at the Warrior Guild Hall in Britain was successful and we plan to do more.

    Before any meeting was to be conducted, there was the matter of Lord Casca visiting the citizens of Felucca for one final announcement speech at Blackthorn‘s Castle. Knowing full well to expect to see the world in gray, I lined my apron pockets with as much gold as I could carry and grabbed a few doom artifacts that would hopefully give a surprised look to my death dealer. It is not that I think so lowly of the lands behind the red gates, on the contrary I feel that if I unable to defend myself properly then to my champion go the spoils.

    After the community meet up I prepared for the journey and made my way to the Castle. Upon arriving I sent a gate for those brave enough to venture with me. There was one criminal there ready to hear Lord Casca’s speech but offered no menacing glares at our group. We stood idly by waiting for whatever would come next.

    Before Casca could get a first sentence out, along came more criminals in the form of wraiths. No need to wonder what spell they planned on casting eh? *laughs* Before the second cast of wither could be felt, my body rocked in pain for a moment then felt peaceful in the gray light.

    The true champions that night were in Lord Ironhorse and his faithful companions in F*V. I would name them all save for forgetting even one so let thanks be known for such valiant behavior in showing our attackers the gray light themselves. We assured Lord Casca to continue with his speech which he did amongst the battle. Lord Casca knew all too well to expect unrest in these lands.



    Equipped with new gray robes we made our way across the bridge past the cowardly paralyze fields cast in our way and once free of the menace were able to get the first aide we needed and make our way back through the blue gate to the Counselor Guild Hall. It was hear that Lord Casca agreed to meet with those interested in a safer area to speak of things to come and try to give everyone a better understanding of his intentions.

    I made my leave with him there stating a few of us were meeting to discuss exactly those issues but without his presence. He nodded his head in understanding but did not seem to be offended that we may very well be discussing how to properly overthrow this new government. I made my way to the Warrior Guild Hall on the west end of Britain over the bridge to find many waiting there already with time to spare. I explained to them that Lord Casca was speaking openly with the community and a chance may not happen again for those that wanted to hear for themselves. Our numbers dwindled because of this but our spirits were high in discussing what his reign might mean for us citizens.

    A little *squeek* by the stairs alerted us to a visitor for those remaining……