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[News] Lord Casca's Horde of Gold Plundered by Conspirators!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cymidei Fier, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Rumors of Lord Casca's treasure reached the streets of Britannia, even the guards were talking about it! During his reign, Lord Casca had plundered the treasury and the missing gold was believed to be hidden near Lord British or Lord Blackthorne's Castle. But no one, not even the thiefmaster knew where to start looking for the lost treasure until the arrival of the Hooded Stranger.

    At the East Britain Crossroads three companions walked togther seeking the mysterious stranger who had summoned them by an encrypted message; two disguised as fishermen in bright yellow clothes and the last a mage dressed in flowing blue robes. A gargoyle flew down from the tree tops hissing.

    "Who was that! Identify yourself fiend!" the fisherman said as he began to panic.

    "Speak up" demanded the mage.

    The gargoyle said nothing but held out a medallion inscribed with the image of the Dark Tower.

    "Wait a moment. I know that. Are you...The Dark Lady?" The fisherman said in a whisper.

    The gargoyle tapped it's staff one time, nodding.

    "Wonderful disguise!" replied the fisherman.

    Just then the hooded stranger approached, slowly riding a black horse. The stranger dismounted and patted the horse.

    "This is the one who called the meeting" said the fisherman. This is Hilda, a believer and Sid."

    "Is he not a Dawnite? I have seen you with the wretched Duchess" said the stranger.

    "He too is with the cause, his name is Sid Justice."

    "Very well.. we will let you prove yourself." The stranger said to Sid. "Very well, we can't possibly stand here and chat the entire evening. To Morr Manor!"

    Inside Morr Manor, the fishermen discarded their costumes. "This costume is bothersome, Aldagar said as he tossed aside his fishing pole and heavy boots. Hilda, Aldagar Morr and Sid sat in the meeting room with Cymidei, waiting for the stranger to speak. Soon we were joined by Cicero the Inquisitor and the Hooded Stranger revealed the purpose of the meeting.

    The stranger said "I will begin by telling a bit about myself. I represent a group of people...people in powerful positions who are as perplexed as us over the course of things. Queen Dawn...a great hope for all of us has quickly turned into an appeasing fool. It is not anything we would have expected from a warrior Queen. We are here to consider our options. The appeasers have powerful allies...the throne itself. We have little chance to succeed without joining forces...a campaign needs finances."

    "And gold. Lots of Gold." Hilda added.

    "She is weak unlike Casca." Aldragar muttered.

    "Perhaps the throne makes her fat. It is baffling that she provided, expended precious resources guarding a gargish spy...An-Buci. GOLD, we need lots and lots of it. In his last days, Casca started hording gold, he even stole from the royal treasury. We know he hid in in a secret place. The entrance must lie in either Castle or somewhere in Britain. We know that he hired Jasper the tinker to work on part of the project. If we can manage to find this treasure we will be able to hire as many assassins as we want" the stranger concluded.

    Soon after the meeting, the members of the anti-gargoyle conspiracy scoured the streets of Britannia, looking for any sign of Jasper or Lord Casca's missing treasures. After searching everywhere between Britain and far flung cities like Minoc and Trinsic, Jasper was found in the city of Vesper in the Tinker's guild. When questioned about Lord Casca, Jasper said that he did honest work for the former King and made a spring device for one of the King's books "Regarding Llamas".

    A search of the books in Castle Britannia, revealed a bright pink copy of "Regarding Llamas" in Nystul's laboratory. I, Cymidei, pushed the mechanism and fell into a strange chamber hidden deep within the castle. From floor to ceiling, the chamber was a vast glittering mountain of golden bars, treasures, artifacts and secret documents from Lord Casca's reign. There were weapons forged out of pure mana and flame, lists of names and trade associations, a horn of summoning and piles of coins and ancient jewelry belonging to the royal family of Britannia.

    Soon I was joined by Aldragar Morr and Hilda. With the help of the hooded stranger, the chamber was quickly plundered of all of its gold and treasures. The Stranger took the documents and artifacts. After the heist, the stranger rewarded each of us with earrings.

    Be warned gargoyle appeasers...War is coming! Keep Britannia clean, send the gargoyles home!

    The conspirators meet at Morr Manor


    A small sketch of the Stranger as the royal jewelry and secret documents were taken!


    The gold Lord Casca took from the royal treasury


    Artifacts created out of mana and flame


    A picture of the earrings that the conspirators received as a reward!


    More pictures to come, I could not post the full treasure room due to size limitations!
  2. Cymidei Fier

    Cymidei Fier Guest

    Re: [News] More Pictures

    The three companions making their way to the meeting in disguises


    Meeting up at the crossroads


    *Gasp* Is that the Widow?