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[News] Lord Flash of GOF ~ First Interview of 2008

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Lady Lava, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Lady Lava

    Lady Lava UO Senior News Reporter
    Alumni Stratics Legend

    Apr 7, 2004
    Likes Received:


    <BLOCKQUOTE> The Black Rune Library was perhaps the most used and best planned of any library of its day. When it closed it affected a lot of players. William of GOF wanted to make something as good as or better then what Black Rune was,- not just for the Guild of Friends but for all of the Great Lakes community. William and his team worked days on end with the idea of doing something that would benefit the whole shard. One of his guild members, actually the King of GOF is todays guest, the first one of 2008.

    *Lady Lava and one of the many Flashes at the GOF headquarters*</center>

    You have several Lord Flash characters including a King. How many do you actually have and what are theirs skills?

    I have Lord Flash (the king -Leader of Guild of Friends skilled in diplomacy & a little of everything.
    The kings tamer, a legendary tamer peacer, the kings crafter Legendary smith -tailor with gm carp and tinker
    and one old school miner smith.

    I also have a character for fun called a cow who is a fencer poisoner. Also two pizza delivery characters, one whom is a gm bow crafter- fletch and one whom is a gm cook that does in game catering and parties.


    What was the inspiration for the name Flash?
    First name in real life is Gordon.- Flash was a nickname from high school and one I used during the days when CB radios were popular.

    How long have you been playing UO and when/how did you first hear of this game?
    My first account is at 111 months. My kids got me hooked on it. I used to watch them play and started to take their chars out on Baja shard. It didn't take long before they set me up on a different shard(Great Lakes) with my own char to save their items on Baja.

    You are a member of Guild of Friends. What is your title and how long have you been involved with this guild?
    I am the current guild leader.(king) I joined GOF after playing the game for about a year on my own, pre Tram. I was at a low point in game and ready to leave it when I met members of GOF (the leader at that time and his 2nd in command)who helped me out and took me in. They renewed my love of playing and helping others.

    *note statues of elders above doorway at entrance of GOF Library*</center>

    There are three main leaders that have statues over the doorway of the GOF library. What are their names?
    As you face the building King Flash is in the center.
    To his left is william (the kings sword and protector)
    to his right is Thorir Grangus (the kings shiled) and mystic diplomat. Together they form the tribunal leaders of the guild. We work as a team to lead and make decissions for the good of the guild.

    On the subject of library......please share with our readers the history and goals of the GOF Library.
    GOF has a long history of helping players get started in the game. While some of the PvP guilds mock us as being a “noobie guild” some of the finest fighters in the top Feluccia guilds got their start in GOF. Because we always have a lot of new folks with a lot of questions, we wanted to provide them with a resource to help them when the vets weren’t around or available to help them.

    *One of several floors at the GOF Library filled with books*</center>

    At this time how many members does GOF have?
    291, 187 vets

    You and I met for the first time several years ago at the yearly event, Gathering of The Guilds. What do you think of this event and has it helped GOF in any way?
    Myself I would love to see more events happen that involve guilds getting together ,working in union with each other. I think whomever got the idea for Gathering of the Guilds did a great service to the game. In every Gathering the Guild, mwembers of Friends met new guild leaders and members and added to our list of friends.... and meeting Lady Lava was one of the best things I remember of the first Gathering I attended.

    What is your favorite color?
    Deep blue ..like on a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon

    If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
    I would improve my health -if you have good health you can overcome most anything else

    What is your greatest fear?
    UO will close its doors, pull the plug .... then what would I do? Real life? oh no not that!!

    Which talent would you most like to have?
    Signing and guitar playing -unlike most people at American Idol try outs- I know I can't do either

    What is your most treasured possession in the realm and in real life?
    Family for both. My real life family sticks with me thick and thin as do my friends and family in game

    What do you value most in your friends?
    Honesty - I'm a tell me like it is kinda person. If you lie to me, cover it up, give only partial story it lessens the true bond of friendship more then anything else can

    What is your motto?
    Shortly after I joined GOF and watched players die trying to help friends in bad situations I found this and added it to my profile and it's been on the kings paperdoll profile ever since.. "there is no greater valor then to give up ones life for a freind"

    Now since I became the leader of guild of friends I've added "AYE IT'S GOOD TO BE KING".

    Thank you for taking the time to be my guest today. For those that have not visited the GOF Library the cords are,
    48o 31'N, 30o 30'E
  2. Thorir

    Thorir Guest

    Lady Lava,
    Thank you for the oppurtunity to let the world of Sosaria know of our Library. Now more people can use its resources to help them enjoy the game.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Indeed thank you Lady Lava.
    and for anyone wanting to find the library and GOF area i have asked Guild Memebrs to start dropping runes around the popular areas for several days.
    for those that know spine valley (often known as GOF valley) The library is just a few screens south of the main HQ building and the Smokeing Jewel tower
  4. <blockquote><hr>

    (often known as GOF valley)

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Does that mean I can name the swamp by my keep "Killers Swamp"? Little big for your britches there trammie.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Well of course you can name a swamp after yourself if you want to. heck BC was know to have BC island. (how many people didnt call it BC island?)
    Ive been there many a time and have never heard of it called anything but BC island.
    Once a person travels in the spined valley that Gof houses occuppy- they seem to chose to call it Gof valley as a reference -no one tells them they should . i really think more players on great lakes know where ones talking about when they say Gof valley then they do by its real name of spined valley or snake valley -i've heard it called both.
    Trammie you say? yep. that i am. an insult you think? nope not at all - for there are many more trammy die hards then there are fel die hards -best find a better insult that ones not working.
  6. Shurkin

    Shurkin Guest

    GOF taught me how to enjoy UO and as a new player a couple years ago I will never forget the friends I've made. William found me my second night of wandering around Haven and introduced me to the Guild.

    Slurpee and Turin took me on a tour, helped me get a horse and taught me how to play that night. Later on Thorir and Black-N-Decker helped me out with gear. King Flash helped me build my first house. William has been plagued by my endless icq questions ever since :p

    It is because of these players and the many other wonderful people in GOF that I keep going back for more. They are also the reason why I try to help other new players get started.

    And the new library is awesome - kudos to William. I live next door and have noticed an increased amount of traffic the past couple months - so the word must be out. About the only thing I don't like is that it takes about 20 seconds for the library to load on my crappy 28.8 connection.

    To keep a guild going as long as Flash and the others have is a testament to the caliber of players they are and I learn something new every day I play with them.

    Shurkin of GOF