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[News] Lord Saius Challenges Captain Nystad & Other News

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, May 14, 2009.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Greetings, Citizens!

    You may remember that a couple weeks ago, Lord Emissary Saius of the Kingdom of Britannia issued a statement that publically condemned Captain Aino Nystad of the Royal Britannian Guard. He highlighted several percieved offenses against the Office of the Crown - including but not limited to holding a series of public spectables in a territory currently under the protection of a secessionist state, and the formation of a separate guard agency without the approval of the monarchy - which was to result in a public hearing to ascertain the validity of these accusations, and decide appropriate punishment for the young Captain.

    It seems that the date has finally been set. You can read the original announcement here.

    Title: Lord Saius challenges Captain Nystad
    Location: To be Announced
    Date: 2009-05-16
    Start Time: 3:00PM Pacific
    End Time: 3:45PM Pacific​

    Although the location is currently unavailable, we shall update you as soon as word becomes available.

    Significant outrage has been expressed over this recent announcement, including renewed outrage directed towards the Office of Lord Casca. The representatives of more than one independant state have also expressed their anger towards the new monarch and his spokesperson.

    "I am personally disturbed by this. You would think that Saius would be applauding Lady Aino's efforts to increase protection for the normal citizens, not sabotaging her efforts and calling her a traitor.

    What has Saius done to protect anyone?"

    - Anonymous

    "Led mez blah diz, az Liazun ob da Gulgeth clan tu da tuwn ob Dawn. Da Orciez du nub truz Cascu bekuz hemz nub blah tu da Orciez wen wez blah hemz whu clompid da "Kuncil", Whu da nu "Kuncil" ib? Whu mek hems Warboz?"
    - Kurpur, Gulgeth Ambassador to the Kingdom of Dawn.

    "But it is past time for me to become open about it. This usurper and his so called court and council has pushed the very limits of the peace with our great lands. Threatening not only Lady Nystad, but many of the territories thhat have forged and molded our very way of life.

    Down to Casca!! Down with this false regime!!"

    - Lady Oriana of the Almost Famous Knights.

    "I find this political tug-of-war between the two individuals absolutely fascinating. Where I come from, it is called the Game of Houses. There is always more to the story than what we see on the surface.

    The question is, what?"

    - Kellindil vi Valdesin, Seneschal of the House al'Dracul.​

    In other news, the proceedings in The Kingdom of Britannia vs. Lady Cymidei Fier will continue as scheduled. The pre-trial hearings will begin tonight at 7:00PM (Pacific), at the Yew Courthouse in Trammel. Sources tell us that the prosecutor is a representative from the Barony of Old Trinsic.

    The Britain Guard, led by Corporal Brackus, has closed investigations into the missing thief Cyric. Cyric, who attempted to rob several nobles at knife-point only two weeks back, has disappeared and is presumed to have fled the city. Any information regarding his whereabouts should be submitted to Corporal Brackus, who can be found in the guard house just south of the First Bank of Britain in Trammel. Cyric is believed to wear a green hat, has a rather uncouth appearance, and rarely bathes.

    Rumors are currently flying regarding the emergence of a band of brigands and thugs who have been stalking the City of Britain at night, robbing nobles and harassing the citizenry. It is feared that the increasingly dire economic situation, combined with the slowing trade between Tokuno and Britannia, has led many young and unskilled laborers to turn to brigandry to feed themselves.

    Pilgrims belonging to the Society of Chaos, a relatively peaceful but anarchic movement who adhere to the earlier tenants of Lord Blackthorn's Chaos Principle, were waylaid on their pilgramage to the Vale of Anarchy. Reportedly, two new edifices have been erected surrounding the site of the shrine, and an aura of darkness permeates the area. The pilgrims reportedly began to halucinate, seeing ghosts and undead rise from the ground beneath them, causing them to flee in a panic. The pilgrims reportedly fled to the Queendom of Sheiba, where they currently have sought refuge. It is believed that three members of the pilgramage have gone missing, but no attempts have been made to return to the shrine to search for them.

    Lady Magdalena, the Heiress-Presumtive of the Queendom of Sheiba, has recently been rescued from her kidnappers. We've not been able to confirm the names and identities of her kidnappers, but sources tell us that they were both dark elven men belonging to some ancient and forbidden cult. They are believed to remain at large. Magdalena is believed to be unharmed, and has reportedly been reunited with friends and loved ones.

    Sir Zackarias, famous for his magical tricks and his ability to morph into the likeness of a rabbit, has been missing for nearly a week. Zoo Keepers fear that he might've been eaten by a large grizzy bear. We will keep you updated, and will report once we have more information on the subject.

    The heads of several merchant companies have been found murdered in recent weeks, all with stiletto blades left in their backs. Although no one has confessed to the despicable act, suspicion is being directed at House DeCaelum, one of the only houses to come out unscathed. The family patriarch, Lucan Franz DeCaelum, was unavailable for comment at press time.

    Ceno, the famous historian and scholar of the mystic arts, has been reported to be investigating the ruins of an ancient site located out in the middle of the sea. He is believed to be seeking an ancient magical artifact with the help of Lord Nicholas. While the nature of the artifact remains unknown, he has mentioned to reporters that something "grand" is soon to occur.

    Continue reading the Stratics Herald for more on these developing stories.

    Joshua Harper,
    Stratics Herald Reporter.