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NEWS: Magencia Magistrate Returns as CEO

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by sevan, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. sevan

    sevan Guest

    (re)Hail and Well Met fellow residents of Lake Superior shard. Some of the original players may remember me from past adventures, events (most notably the Magencia event arc) and Lake Superior High Council meetings. I am saddened to hear news that some of my old friends have left us for other shards or other adventures. I have also been away for some time, departing shortly after complete destruction of my home on the Island of Magencia.

    I have returned, taking up residence once again on the island in the Magistrate's office building. This historical building was used as a safe house during the invasion and was known as the Magencia Beach House "Rubble Resort". It has been restored to its former self and now serves as my home and business office. During my absence the other (1 of only 2 remaining houses on the island, as the 3rd center house fell some time ago) house owner Spitz has declared himself Mayor and taken up residence in his small mansion on the beach.

    Contrary to what some may have heard, I have not returned to dispute this claim or fight for power. Instead, I have appointed myself the current acting CEO (Code Enforcement Officer) of the island and hope to assist in guiding future rebuilding efforts to restore the city to its former glory and/or to rebuild the city new to attact new visitors to our island.

    I look forward to working closely with the current self appointed Mayoral candidate known only to me as Spitz, with the current High Council Fourth Seat, representing Humility and the city of Magincia (a position someday I hope to be able to fill myself as Magencia's last and longest active resident on the shard gem of our great leand of Lake Superior) to do what is in the best interest of the city. If you are interested in working with me on current and future rebuilding efforts, please contact me. I am interested also in holding events on the island, albeit such efforts may have to wait until after reconstruction is completed due to the current state of disrepair and despair the island is in at this time. Until next time...

    In the spirit of Humility,

    SeVaN of Lake Superior
    CEO (Code Enforcement Officer - Rebuilding Efforts)
    Magistration of Magencia, Minister of Magic, Minstrel of Music
  2. sevan

    sevan Guest

    Non-RP Version

    Its been a while since I have been able play and hope to be able to reconnect with what RP people are left at this time. Please PM me if you have any ideas or suggestions on how the Magistrate's office (as one of only two remaining houses on the island) can best be used in the upcoming event(s) to both support the players and encourage RP community.

    A few questions - please help bring me up to speed since I have been gone.

    - Who now hold(s) the Fourth Seat, representing Humility and the city of Magincia?
    - What is the current list of council members?
    - What are the current events/story arcs going on?
    - What/Who are the current active RP communities and/or guilds?

    Also another question about housing specfically - as mentioned in this non-RP and the above RP post. I own one of two grandfathered beach houses, one fell a while back. I want to make the house bigger to use some of the space vacant from the fallen house. If I drop and try to re-size/replace will I lose my spot? I believe someone had told me a few years back the best idea is NOT to touch wit at all because it is grandfathered house, that was made illegally placed when the land map was first changed for the event/invasion and has over 46K visits. This is a unique/valuable location I have worked hard to hold on to and don't want to do anything to jeopardize its existance holding out hope that it (and my char) can could play a role in the future/eventual rebuilding events. If you take that into consideration, should I not mess with it or only do so with assistance from an EM or DEV?


    Brad aka Sevan
  3. Maggie_S

    Maggie_S Guest

    Good eve Lord sevan,

    Welcome back.

    Currently the 4th Seat is open [as well as the Sixth Seat, Representing Compassion and the city of Britain ]. Lord Dragon and Lady Merly retired but a few weeks ago. As for the Councilors that continue to serve HC are:

    First Seat, Dakota Moonstar, Minister of Security, Representing Sacrifice, and the city of Minoc

    Second Seat, Lady Leeda, Minister of The Realm Works,Representing Honor, and the city of Trinsic

    Third Seat, Lord Malo, Minister of Justice, Representing Justice, and the city of Yew
    Adjutant: Hildebrand

    Fifth Seat, Lord Mariah, Minister of Discovery, Representing Valor, and the city of Jhelom

    Seventh Seat, Lady Paddycat, Representing Honesty and the city of Moonglow

    Eigth Seat, Lord Thero, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae
    Adjutant: Lady Maggie Stewart.

    Ninth Seat, Lord Jerard, Representing Chaos and Lord Blackthorn

    Chancellor of Virtue, Lord John Cambridge.

    Grand Marshall of Virtue, Rick.

    Justicar of Virtue, Athenat.

    We still have our meetings every other Monday, our next meeting be June 21.
  4. sevan

    sevan Guest

    Thanks for the update Maggie! I look forward to attending the next meeting. How can I apply for the 4th seat to serve Magencia "officially"?
  5. canary

    canary Guest

    All houses on the beach of Magincia (not Magencia) are currently 'improperly placed'... so no, you cannot resize any plots.
  6. Maggie_S

    Maggie_S Guest

    Did you receive the application okay?