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[NEWS] March 25 EM Question and Answer Meeting Transcript

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Sara Of Baja, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    Questions & Answers

    with EM Faine Morgan
    Wednesday, March 25
    EM Hall, Britain, Trammel​

    EM Faine Morgan: I did want to touch base with guys tonite. I have a couple of announcements and then a surprise.


    The floor was then opened to questions.

    Q: May I ask if all the cities are now safe my lady?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: All of the cities are now safe from the invaders, except Magincia. It still has the wandering souls and such.
    This brought up the suggestion of a dedication for the new bank design..
    EM Faine Morgan: Aye, we need to do that now that Britain will be clear for it.

    Q, EM Faine Morgan:Did you get a chance to read the dragon fiction on the Herald?
    A: Most of the crowd answered yes.
    Q, EM Faine Morgan: Did it give you a feel for what is going on between the Crimsons and Platinums at all?
    A: Sounds like we may still have trouble with dragons.
    EM Faine Morgan: * nods * It sounds so. I can’t give you any direct answers about the event this weekend except to say, it ALL ties together if you’ve kept up with the fiction. I believe we are living in very interesting times. If you think back over the past few years, people were asked to choose. I think the time may come when loyalties will be tested. There is dark in the world, just as there is light … Some choose to walk in the middle of the shadows.
    Q: Then we will have to choose between good and evil?
    A: EM Faine Morgan: We were already asked one time to choose sides.
    * thinks of Andrew*
    Choices tend to have consequences, do they not? But, I’m excited to see options for all.
    Q: What if people don’t participate and stay here; will it cause more disaster?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: No one has to participate; no one is being forced to go to Fel, I promise.
    Q: They will be redoing it (meaning the Shadowlord Event) for everyone who doesn’t go to the SL event this weekend, right?
    Q, EM Faine Morgan: Redoing this particular event you mean?
    A: Yes
    A, EM Faine Morgan: Nay, not the same one. Others will have their parts to play as things unfold that don’t necessitate being in a faction.
    Q: In other words, after this part there will be more happening here to participate in?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: Oh, most definitely! This arc will not end this weekend. I believe there is much to be revealed.

    Q, EM Faine Morgan: In reference to event notifications: How do you all feel about the notifications? Is it being published enough?
    Q: Do EMs have the capability to do system messages?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: That falls outside my powers, however, I can request a system message shortly prior. I will when possible for a system message.
    Q: Aren’t there fountains in Luna that used to change color when something was going on?

    A, EM Faine Morgan: Ahh, I’ll check on the fountains. In the meantime, what about this? When we know we an event is scheduled and have permission to release the schedule, I will do the following:
    • I’ll post it on our website
    • I’ll lock down and light a pink lantern here with the info engraved
    • I’ll lock down and engrave lanterns at Brit Bank and Luna, even if the lanterns just say to check here (EM Hall) for details
    Q: What about notifying Felucca players?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: Good point. Would they be interested in holding a Meet and Greet in Fel? I am not at all opposed to going to Fel to meet. If there are disruptions, then we might not be able to continue, but I am willing to give it a chance. I’m also willing to NOT page, etc. if disruptions happen at the meeting, HOWEVER, if it becomes disruptive and pointless, we may not be able to continue them. Is that fair enough? I don’t expect everyone to like me or listen to me ... heck I raised teenagers! I don’t want anyone to feel left out. We’ll set something up next week in Fel, and give it a try. I would like to pick their brains for some Fel-based events.
    When I refer to Fel-based events in that manner, I am NOT talking about the story arc. EM Laurana and I want to run some mini events between arcs, and we’ve gotten some good votes from you guys, so we want to plan a variety … crafters, fighters, puzzlers, fishers, thinkers, etc … pirates is currently leading the voting, so I’m working on that angle.
    Okay, one thing I want to make clear about the mini events, and then I have something to show you. Any of the mini events will be for FUN, NOT items. I’m not saying there will never be items, but most of the time, NO. There will, however, be recognition. We want people to come to have FUN, not just for what they get. I love my pixels as much as the next person, however EMs are not item factories. We want to PLAY with you guys, and let you have some FUN! There is a time and place for items, and there is a time and place for sheer FUN and some silliness.

    NOTE: While EM Laurana and EM Faine Morgan can and do read the Stratics forums, they can NOT reply on these forums. If you wish to have the EMs address a question or concern, please post it on their website in the feedback section.

    Q, EM Faine Morgan: Since Origin gets publishes first, I wanted to share something with you. You guys get to try out the new stuff first, yes? And, you find the problems, yes? Many times? Do you ever wonder about reporting those problems?
    What I want to share is what to do when you find them. Don’t just go and post them on the forums, and don’t just go and page a GM on them. They need to be submitted to [email protected] with as much detail as you can provide: How you did it, what you were doing at the time, exactly what happened when, where … anything and everything you can think of to tell them. They need to be able to recreate the problem to fix it. If they can follow your steps and make it happen, it’s easier to fix things. The worst, most aggravating are random bugs, but any and all information you can provide helps immensely. Like I said, just paging a GM or posting on the boards isn’t enough. Have you seen how fast posts move off the front page of Uhall? omg!

    Q: Will we be having any events at the fairgrounds?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: That I can answer, YES! There will be more I promise. I LOVE the fairgrounds. You do know they are open to the public?

    Q: Where is EM Laurana?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: She had another commitment tonite, and couldn’t join us, sadly.

    We were all startled when a surprise visitor, Mesanna, popped in and chatted with us for a bit.



    After Mesanna left:
    Q: Is Mesanna a GM or a Dev?
    A, EM Faine Morgan: No, Mesanna is not a GM. She’s my boss, in addition to one of the nicest people on the team. She hides Draconi’s lighters (thank God). Mesanna’s official title is Associate Development Manager (and EM Babysitter).

    EM Faine Morgan: As I told you for the mini events there will be recognition, right? We were all discussing how to accomplish this … a couple ideas came up. We debated a couple different towns and buildings, BUT many have history attached to them that we didn’t want to mess with. That sort of left a house of some sort, but that had its own problems … we didn’t want to take away from player housing areas … so, we came up with an option that I hope you guys will like ….
    * rummages *
    Field Trip!

    Note: The Field Trip is a story all unto itself … and will be posted in a separate thread.