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[News] May Best Shot in the Realm Recap

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Tonight saw six rounds of competition before a winner was crowned, a “Someone” and a “SoMeOnE” both shooting (which at times confused this person except the latter shot topless), a pleasant showing of a number of archers wearing the guild tag of Society of Archers (S|A) (the original guild of the BSR) which would have made Sire Theoran proud, an archer named Sharp who I think showed everyone that in this level of shooters you can’t shoot drunk, and the pleasant reappearance of Grey Holland , a member of an old ago guild , Rangers of the Realm (RoR).
    Toni Fierce, GM of Misfits of Society, greeted all the archers and explained the few rules and the first round was on. To no ones surprise most saw that the buttes were tight this night and many an inner ring shot replaced a bulls-eye and only those with stretched bows and straight arrows and perfect feathers were comfortable this eve.. ShyOne failed in this round and two archers showed their mettle when Count of Berg and Lil Debi both stepped up and owned the buttes with Robin Hoods (RH) and 200 scores. These two, as we will see later, were the class of the field.
    Round two brought closer attention from many of the archers with Someone, Kitty, Frigin Azin, and Aragon showing that they also should be considered contenders with RHs while nine others posted 3 bulls-eyes. Failing to make it to round three were Grey Holland (her first BSR with promises to return), Sharp and Araevin Teshurr.
    Round three where again only three perfect shots moves you to a possible champion round saw seven more archers failing to shoot the 3 bulls-eyes with the surprise exit of Wrath, always a contender, with a 30 which I’m sure shocked the field. Aragon posted his second in a row RH, but both of these included the dreaded inner ring 10 point shot, while Lil Debi stepped up and shot a double RH posting a 250 this time. A butte failure while Zurakin was shooting called for a re-shoot and another butte failure had the crowd and Toni Fierce in a quandary so a compilation of his shots gave him the required 150 and he moved on to round four.

    Round four, usually the crowning round where two bulls-eyes and a RH gives you the title, saw nine shooters all smoothing their feathers and finding three perfect arrows, but these tight buttes weren’t giving it up easy this eve and not one shooter could complete the task. Lil Debi, still showing she was the class of the field, came closest with a RH but included an inner ring shot for a score of 160, her fourth RH in four rounds, but not yet the title.
    Toni Fierce gathered all the shooters and explained that a five-shot shoot-off would be the last round, with the highest score becoming May’s Champion. Archers were called up one at a time and the hunt was on. First up was Zorax who posted a 300, very commendable, but eight shooters were still to be called. Three shooters later, Count Berg, an archer we’ve been watching since the first round, put it on the top shelf with a score of 350, three bulls-eyes and two RH s. Bucko, a crowd favorite and always a contender, posted a 300 and then Lil Debi stepped up and the 350 was tied!
    Round six was called for and the two shooters that everyone should have been watching since round one stepped up and another five-shot shoot-off was called by Toni Fierce. Nerves were frazzled, errant shots were a worry, tight buttes a concern, and Lil Debi just out distanced Count of Berg 210 to 170. To get this far these two talented archers showed their mettle and while Lil Debi got the month’s Crown, Count of Berg gets our Honorary Mention as a great archer. During May’s contest, 256 arrows were shot, six rounds of competition were completed, and 78 archers stepped in front of the buttes.
    Congratulations and applauds went to Lil Debi, as Toni Fierce presented her with a check for one million gold and an engraved bow that said “Best Shot in the Realm, May 2010.” With this win, Lil Debi has secured two seats in the end of the year shoot-off, she was also March’s winner.

    Misfits of Society would like to invite all citizens of Baja to come and compete or cheer on their favorite archer at June’s Best Shot in the Realm contest. It will be held on Saturday, June 26th at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds at 8:30 pm pst.

    Editor's note: Thankye, Mystery Scribe! Our apologies that we spilled a little Trinsic Pale Ale on the sketches.... If you still have them, send to [email protected] or feel free to PM them to me and I'll get them added.