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[News] May Wisdom be the Destiny of Thy Journey

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Merci d'Rue, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Merci d'Rue

    Merci d'Rue Guest

    A Journey upon the path of Destiny is certainly what I have embarked upon. Each step this humble reporter takes, brings her closer to a better understanding of other peoples, places, and things. Today I walk upon the Pacific shard near the Dungeon Wrong, nicknamed one of The "Dungeons of Sin."

    Wrong is one of Sosaria's older dungeons and is located in a small valley north of the Compassion shrine on the Trammel and Felucca Facets-UO Guide

    Not far from the dungeon wrong lies the township of Sagewind, a seaside community with houses spanning as far as the compassion desert, it is home to many types but notably known for its magical inhabitants.


    Lead by Lord Capricorn the leader of this Sage community, we got a view of how the people of Sagewind live.


    As I looked upon these people and their lands, a deep sense of the history and pride in their hard work emerged in all they did. I could feel the arcanists, fighters and villagers unity and presence within their town.


    Being close to the sea they sported a rather new and not commonly seen building, a Fish Market of sorts. With all the recent seaside activity upon the lands these days I ventured forth to get a good look at the many merchants selling their goods. The smell of fish rising up in the air.


    Onward from there we ventured forward to a grouping of buildings specifically for the Sages. They boasted quite a few magical buildings including a mage school for the up and coming youth of tomorrow. I myself enjoyed the tour of a grand hall where the Sages of the community gathered and learned together.


    Though we were scheduled to set sail after visiting Sagewind, curiousity drove my companions and I to follow a fellow by the name of Myrion Landrill to the towns of Foghaven and Moonwood.


    My companions and I were lead into Yew, not far from their allies in Sagewind. There Lord Landrill brought us to one of the oldest houses of Foghaven, an elegant structure of marble.


    We also viewed the ancient tomes of Foghavens Library, their Carpenters shop as well as a bakery. Being rather hungry myself, I was grateful for a spot to grab a bite to eat. As we toured, one building of note caught my eye, coming upon a mystics tent, the beautiful blue structure glowing with unknown powers.


    It is here that I paused letting the arduous journey of the day wash away feeling renewed by its gentle energies. The people of both these fine villages left a lasting impression upon me, bringing me to understand the deeper magic's of our realm of Sosaria.

    On a side note, as I traveled the land of Yew, it reminded me of a bit of history I learned in my trainings. This bit of history still fresh in my mind, I gave thought to a time when the lands of Yew were once ravaged by the Plague of Despair. A spell cast by the Meer to drive the attacking Juka from Yew, backfiring and diseasing the land into a swamplike state. However with the recent emergence of the elves of heartwood and their spellweaving abilities the lands were cured of this affliction and once more thrive free of disease.

    Reporters Log: I would like to thank the people of Sagewind , as well as the Twilight Fellowship upon Pacific for their in depth tour of their towns. Roleplay flourishes for all their hard work and dedication creating and living within these two communities, and extending a hand to those who visit, or stay.

    To learn more about the Dungeon Wrong or any of the Anti-virtue dungeons visit: Anti-Virtue Dungeon - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia or to find more info on the "The Plague of Despair", visit : Plague of Despair - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia .​
  2. sablestorm

    sablestorm Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 23, 2008
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    Thank you so much for stopping by! It was a pleasure to have you all visit.