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[News]Memories of a Hero

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sonoma News, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Sonoma News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    </div> It's been many moons since I last paid respects for a public figure in Britannia13 years to be exact. I was never big on memorials or funerals in Sosaria since I lost my parents to chain lightning accident in Ocllo many moons ago. I swore I would never attend a funeral ever againuntil now.

    Sage Humboldt was a great man and was admired by all the mages in Britannia. I was but a pup when I first met him as he was questioning folks on Ocllo while he was in search of the liches Lathiari and Kyrnia. Myself being very interested in the magic arts I was in awe of this wise man and his stature. I watched as he walked amongst the crowds of natives greeting them with a warm smile and handshakes and I knew I had to meet him and if I had to push people out of the way I would. As I moved through the crowds towards him he was getting further out of my reach when all of a sudden I felt the urge to yell out his name Sage Humboldt!!!. The crowd went silent at my brash outburst and I felt embarrassed and scared as to what the Sage would think of me. He turned around and gave me a stare that to this day I will never forget. Then he approached me.


    Sage Humboldt - Boy that was a bit bold of youDo you always scream out people's names?

    Me - Sorry Sir I wanted to get your attention before you left.

    Sage Humboldt - Well then what is it?

    Me - I wanted to ask you how one becomes a master of the mystic arts? Since so far no one on Ocllo wishes to talk or teach me, because I am too young.

    Sage Humboldt - I will tell you what boy, on your 16th year you come to my home in Britannia and I will gladly teach
    you..But remember your manners and never yell in such a manner again.

    Me - I promise sirI will behave (Yeah right!) from now on.

    Sage Humboldt - Farewell boy and I believe one day you will make a good Stratics Reporterwhoops, I mean a master of the mystic arts.

    Unfortunately 25 moons later Sage Humboldt had been killed in the dungeon despise after dismissing Lathiari and his sister, Kyrnia. I was devastated by the news and asked my father if we could attend his funeral in Britannia. He said the travel will be long and there is plenty of fish to harvest so we will have no time. I was devastated and determined at the same time, so I snuck out of my house in the middle of the night and bought a ticket for the morning ferry to Britannia.

    The day I arrived in Britannia the faces of the people spoke volumes about the loss of this great man. I was told that he was lying in state at the Britannia library and that his funeral was being held in two days. I didn't have the time to stay two days as my parents would worry greatly so I made my way to the library to pay my respects.

    When I arrived he was wrapped in a shroud and the lines of people waiting to pay their respects where massive! As I approached him I looked down and leaned over and whispered in his ear I will make you proud one day. Then I was ushered out of the library and back onto the street.


    When I got back to Ocllo I got a swift tanning from my father and could not sit down for 5 days! While I was tending to my sore behind, a knock came at our door and it was an emissary from Britannia. My father then yelled my name and asked me to come to the door and when I reached the door the emissary handed me a package this is for you he said. I quickly tore open the package to find a book and a note.

    Dear Ex,

    In his Will, Sage Humboldt requested that this book to be given to you in case of his demise. He said to use it wisely as it will help you with your teachings when you are old enough to do so.



    Yes folks, Humboldt sent me his spell book and I keep it locked away as my most cherished possession.

    Now we all are in mourning for our Queen Dawn and as she lies in state I come to pay my respects and it brings back memories of Sage Humboldt and what he meant to a young boy with dreams of becoming a mage one day.