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[News]Mesanna Lookalike Results & Festival Recap

Discussion in 'Ethereal Void Imperium' started by Merik, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Mesanna Lookalike Results
    And Rares Festival Recap

    Merxmere, Chesapeake
    Jan. 28th - 30th 2011


    The Mesanna lookalike contest brought over twenty lookalike characters to the Rares Festival malls all day on Sunday. With so many wonderful outfits the judges for the contest (WildStar, Shiela, Sundina and Gareth) has a very difficult time choosing the first and second place winners. Afters three rounds the judges announced the two finalists, The Goddess of Death from the Baja Shard and Blissana from the Napa Valley Shard.


    Congratulations to our First place winner, Bliss Marie (Blissana) and our Second place winner Goddess of Death (Fanny Firebottom)

    First Place Prize: High Seas Upgrade Code
    Second Place Prize: Abysmal Hair dye

    Rares Festival Opening Ceremony

    The Rares Festival was officially open on Friday, January 28th by the Rares Festival hosts Lineman and Lord Gareth. A copy of the speech given by Lord Gareth at the ceremony has been provided to us.

    "On behalf of the Chesapeake community I would like to welcome you all to the first Rares Festival of 2011 here on the Chesapeake shard! We hope you have enjoyed the Pre Festival week and are ready to be entertained, killed by harbingers and buy items for 60million gold only to find the same items for 5million gold three vendors down.

    We have many returning faces to our staff this year such as Sundina and Demon Slayer who are once again running the wonderful auction house, secured and created by Lineman. You won’t find many people in this world that you can trust like this and we are fortunate to have them here with us, along with WildStar, Sheila and Mirt have been working hard on the vendor malls. They have been staying up way too late doing rentals and making sure all the vendor wares are “up to code/hue” and everything is running smoothly. Little shout out to WildStar for doing 400 raffle books….because you know my lazy ars wasn’t going to do it.

    Lineman and I are your hosts along with the Ethereal Void Imperium Community, here in the great township of Merxmere. We would like to thank the townships founder, Gunga Din for all of his help during Rares Fest and bringing Merxmere from a one building outpost to a full merchant township with all of the wonder that you see here today.

    For a list of events you can check stratics or the book on the Rares Info vendor. There is a horse race in Guardians Gate city tonight at 11pm ET hosted by Daria Blackmoore in Guardians Gate, Saturday we have the Fred Vs Bob info book is inside this building. SHE Auction will run on Saturday as well in the great city of Zedland, Lady WildStar of the BRPA will be hosting a special All Shards Tavern Night at the fire pit mall (Be ready to tell a short story to win prizes) and we will be hosting a Lookalike Contest all day on Sunday, info book can be found inside. The Rares Auction will end at 5:59pm ET on Sunday (Only give items to Demon Slayer and Sundina)

    Also for those interested there is a great EM Event tonight at 8:30pm ET. Gates open at the Luna bank. The Raffle vendors are open with tickets remaining for the Frosted Bow and Essence of Renewal both items are on display inside this building. We hope you all enjoy your time here on Chesapeake and with that said... LET THE FESTIVAL BEGIN!!!


    Raffle Prize Winners

    -A Frosted Bow
    Raffle #74

    -Enhanced Tome Of Necromantic Ensourcelment
    Raffle #9
    [Winner:Arianna Zinn]

    Raffle #41 [Winner: Ken of Napa]

    Raffle #94 [Winner: Angel Dust]

    -Member Of The Legion of Chaos
    Raffle #63[Winner: Seven of Drachenfels]

    Silent Auction House

    The Festivals Silent Auction house was run by Demon Slayer and Sundina and built by Lineman on the West side of Merxmere Village. The auction had twice as many rares up for bid, compared to last years Festival held on Chesapeake. The Silent Auction house staff released a report showing that over Six Billion gold in sales!


    Top three most expensive rares sold at Auction


    Yamato flower - Sold for 800,000,000 gold
    Marble table - Sold for 510,000,000 gold
    Brambles of Misfortune - Sold for 420,000,000 gold

    Guardians Gate Horse Race

    The largest City on the Chesapeake Shard, Guardians Gate hosted a wonderful horse race around the mountains located West of the city. Thank you to Daria Blackmoore and the RBG guild for hosting this event.

    1st Place: Kato [SHE]
    2nd Place: Gunga Din [MERX]
    3rd Place: Sancho


    Fred Vs Bob War!!!

    Many attending the festival made it clear that they love Fred Vs Bob!!! Unfortunately the pictures of this event were lost and we cannot blame anyone for that *cough* Gareth *Cough* We were able to recover the final score of the Classic Fred Vs. Bob war

    Freds: 20
    Bobs: 16

    The Freds claimed victory over the Bobs but everyone was given a chance to win the prizes just for participating. GO FRED!!!

    Rares Festival 2011 Credits

    Hosting Team
    Demon Slayer

    Vendor Mall Team

    "Special" Team
    Elder EM Dudley
    EM Drosselmeyer
    Associate Producer Mesanna

    Silent Auction House
    Demon Slayer

    Bartender Staff
    The Mac
    Mr Clean
    Able Parker
    Ado the Thief
    Jane Douler

    Item Donations
    The Ethereal Void Imperium
    Gunga Din
    Malas University of Atlantic
    Barons of Umbra Guild of Atlantic
    Kijustsu Anei Village
    Tender Foot

    Mini Events
    Zelda of Zed
    Riviera Lockhart
    Daria Blackmoore
    Daktari Zinn
    Tiger Lily

    V-Day Card Donations
    Tender Foot
    Darth Oni

    Township Tours


    Rares Fest Guard Militia
    Delta Butch (General)

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