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[News]Messages From Your Event Moderators

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Messages From Your Event Moderators
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    Wednesday, July 28, 2010


    Whats Inside:

    -Township Recognition Guidelines and Procedures
    -Public Works Projects (Stables)
    -The Tower of Souls, Felucca
    -The Saga of the Poseidon's Fury

    Township Recognition Guidelines and Procedures
    In order to apply for recognition from the Crown as a township you must firstly attend a Summit Meeting at Her Majesty's Table held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm ET in the Summit Chambers located within the confines of Castle British.

    At the meeting, when it is appropriate to do so, you may petition the Crown for recognition. A census of your township will then be conducted and you will be designated according to the following rubric based on the number of structures:

    1-4 Settlement
    5-10 Village/Hamlet
    11-20 Town
    21-30 City
    31-50 Kingdom

    At this time you may contact EM Dudley at [email protected] for a banner design packet. This will include all the information necessary in order to design your banner in the appropriate way so it can built in a timely fashion.

    Once your banner is constructed you may attend the next Summit meeting and petition the Summit for inclusion within the Teleportation Hub. A minimum of three sitting townships must approve the petition. Objections will be considered on basis of merit.

    Once your banner is constructed, and you are included in the Hub, beware! Being recognized by the Crown opens your township to possible attack by monsters who may wish to do you harm!

    And that's it! If you have any questions about the process or what to do, please e-mail [email protected]

    Public Works Projects (Stables)

    As indicated from the last Summit meeting with the Crown, opportunities for additions will now be available.
    The first available will be the addition of a Stable to approved townships. In order to qualify for the stable your township must complete a series of quests. Every township has the opportunity to do the quest and may do so when they are offered. The quests will surround your (the township) petition to the Crown for inclusion within the transit routes managed by the Livery Guild (they are responsible for managing transportation throughout the realm). This petition will need to be authorized by the Livery Guildmaster, who will only grant a "Designation of Station" after the stablemasters throughout the land give their blessing and give you a "Letter of Recommendation" to return to the Livery Guildmaster. Each stable throughout the land will have their own personal needs and each quest you complete will be different for each stablemaster based on those needs.

    Some of the quests include:
    Resource gathering/turn-ins
    Requests for crafted materials
    Animal taming/turn ins
    Personal favors of the stablemaster
    and some others that will be a surprise, of course.

    "How will this work, Dudley? Will each town that has completed the quest receive a just stable master or an actual physical building with a stable master?"
    Ok, firstly, there will be no NPCs involved with this. Do not ask for NPCs, they won't be involved. Again, let me say, there will be no NPCs involved.
    As far as what actually will be placed, it will likely be something simple such as a hitching post with some hay around it. Let's see who can complete the quests first, then the Royal Surveyor can get to work.Please stay toon'd for future information on when and how you can get started and if you have any questions, please post below.

    The Tower of Souls, Felucca
    The Tower of Souls building located in Felucca in the wilds north of Vesper is currently home of the dark Sorceress Mesanna. It is a public building that belongs to the entire Shard. It does not rest within a single township, nor does the Crown recognize any rights of claim to said structure, other than by the dark Sorceress Mesanna. Legend has it there is a fine spiritual concoction served by the bartender there that is known to lift the soul and instill the imbiber with vigor and vitality.
    The Saga of the Poseidon's Fury
    This is a very rough outline of the events that have transpired since late 2008...

    Andrea Kildare, the Royal Surveyor, receives word of the discovery of an archaeological find somewhere in the wilds of Ilshenar.

    Kildare contacts court mage Lord Balandar of Moonglow to assist in the excavation and identification of this find.

    Lord Balandar goes missing.

    Lord Casca, newly appointed King of Britannia dispatches Drake Foxx to find Balandar, fully expecting the Royal Guardsman, known for his fondness of the drink, to fail.

    Drake Foxx, assisted by the citizens of Britannia, tracks Balandar to a beach in Ilshenar and links his disappearance to Lord Casca.

    Lord Casca orders Alodar Salafna, a member of the King's Own private security forces to murder Drake Foxx after they've taken him captive near Chaos, Ilshenar.

    Citizens of Britannia rescue Drake Foxx.

    Lord Balandar is found and the archaeological site is identified as the remains of the HMS Poseidon's Fury, a ship constructed to use the power of the Serpent's Pillar to travel to far away realms and recover exotic and foreign items of interest.

    Lord Casca is uncovered as a fraud under the influence of the Shadowlords. Alodar Salafna is the only remaining member of the King's Own and meets his demise during a caravan destined to Magincia with goods from Britain. During the caravan Scarlet Von Trinsic the Brigand escapes as she is being transported to the Yew Prison.

    With the help of the Royal Surveyor, the Fury is excavated and a team goes inside to find the Crew has been brutally murdered at the hands of one another following the acquisition of a mysterious artifact.

    Inside the Fury, the only man left alive is the insane Captain, Marcus Tokinson. He is infused with a vile evil that is purged with the help of Drake Foxx and Lord Balandar and the swift actions of the citizens of the realm.

    The ensuing battle within the below decks of the Poseidon's Fury causes the wreck to become unstable. Her munitions hold ruptures and the entire wreck begins to collapse. As the wreck falls apart from explosion after explosion the journal of Marcus Tokinson is recovered from a busted cabinet. The Journal details the artifact that was recovered and a piece of a map that leads to where Tokinson buried it. The artifact is fabled to possess the ability to control the seas themselves.

    Lord Balandar, learning of this map begins his attempts at recovering all the missing pieces and eventually find the artifact before it can fall into the wrong hands.

    Dawn is named Queen of Britannia and Drake Foxx is promoted to Commander of the Royal Guard.

    Lord Balandar begins researching the mechanism behind the Posiedon Fury's crytalline drive and how the Serpent's Pillar provided power for it's deep exploration into the unknown. During that investigation a mysterious whirlpool develops near the Serpent's Pillar off the coast of Jhelom and is discovered during the Queen's Regatta.

    Unknown forces surround the whirlpool, a great naval battle is fought. Drake Foxx leads a group into the whirlpool to find it obstructed.

    Lord Balandar prepares Alchemical Devastation, a powerful incendiary salve to open up the final cavern of the underwater cave. A great sea monster is found to be guarding a treasure. The sea monster is slain and a second piece of the map leading to the artifact is recovered from an SOS set adrift by Captain Marcus Tokinson.

    Lord Balandar continues his research into the location of the missing map pieces. Late one night he finds himself gazing into an unfamiliar mirror within his bed chambers.

    Lord Balandar finds himself in a land of pure imagination, where everything is edible and there is a maze of chocolate. He is bound by the power of an orb known as the Cryosphere.

    Drake Foxx leads an expedition into this bizarre world to rescue Balandar. The gifts of the Cryosphere and the greed of the investigators are too great and overcome the need for Balandar's immediate aid. Lord Balandar drifts into the fade.

    Using the Cryosphere, a mysterious black image freezes a faded Lord Balandar into a block of ice sealing him within confines of the whirlpool.

    Derrick Mornwok, a wealthy resident of Vesper, owner of the Vesper Ale Brewery, recruits a group of well known treasure hunters to follow a map he purchased for a large sum.

    The map leads deep into the jungle's of Jhelom. Amongst the sweltering tropical climate is an oasis of pure ice. Lord Balandar is found, frozen as a block of ice. Standing atop what used to be Lord Balandar the mysterious dark image taunts his would be rescuers.

    Lord Balandar is recovered from the depths of the Whirlpool and returned to his estate in Moonglow. He had found a third map piece that he'd hidden within the hollowed out base of a candlestick shortly before he entered the mysterious mirror world.

    Lord Derrick Mornwok recruits the Royal Guard to find a missing mycologist known as Jamison Tort who owes him a large sum of money, some speculate related to a gambling debt.

    Drake Foxx gives the task of recovering Jamison Tort to Lt. Gwen Irina of the Royal Guard, stationed in Papua.

    Scarlet Von Trinsic, acting under the employ of an unknown party kidnaps Lady Tavalia Zodok, Ambassador of Her Majesty, Queen Dawn.

    Tavalia Zodok is held captive within a Brigand fort in the wilds of Britannia. Some Royal Guardsman defect at the opportunity to assist Scarlet Von Trinsic.

    Gwen Irina leads the recovery of Jamison Tort, who is being held hostage by Ophidians. During his incarceration Jamison Tort witnesses a mysterious figure who's dress matches the sandstone of the fort preforming experiments on the Ophidians using cold. There is no sign of Tavalia Zodok.

    An Orc offensive begins against Guardian's Gate for demolishing an outpost.

    The Orcs kidnap Tavalia Zodok from Scarlet Von Trinsic in a desperate act of retaliation against the Crown.

    Commander Drake Foxx leads a raiding party against the Orcs. Lady Zodok is rescued just moments before an orcish drilling device eviscerates her.

    Derrick Mornwok learns many of the personal affects of his Great Uncle's estate in Magincia are being safely held in Ocllo. He recruits the Royal Guard to recover them.

    Scarlet Von Trinsic leads a band of thieves to steal the priceless heirlooms against Lt. Gwen Irina.

    Chief Detective Sheffield is found murdered in Britain. Evidence points to the involvement of a tinker's apprentice.

    Undead begin plaguing the lands in surprise attacks.

    Lord Derrick Mornwok arranges for a delivery of Vesper Ale to various ports throughout the realm. Meanwhile, Scarlet Von Trinsic learns of this and attempts to steal the shipment. A third naval force blockades the port of Buccaneer's Den, their identities are unknown.

    The Unknown naval force is protecting a ferry to the islands of Tokuno. There the mysterious dark image as well as a vile Lich known only as the Servant are in the midst of an excavation.

    A great battle is fought on a remote Tokuno island, a map is found leading somewhere to a dungeon in Ilshenar.

    Gypsies are disappearing in the deserts of Northeastern Ilshenar.

    Drake Foxx leads a force to investigate these disappearances. Inside the Lich known as the Servant is found to have devoured most of the missing gypsies. The dungeon is a tomb of vile blood and gore.

    The mysterious dark image and the Servant appear to have once been working together but now find themselves at odds. The Lich escapes with a tinker's apprentice in hand. The Image vanishes. Undead and Mechanical creatures of all types are dispatched.

    And that is the story so far....