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[News]Minoc's Mad Scientist Contained. (recap)

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by Salya Sin, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Salya Sin

    Salya Sin Guest

    Greetings fellow Britannians.

    As I do every night, I popped into Luna to watch the endless flow of bankers, merchants, guild meetings, and often times, open battles. One never knows what one will hear or see as Luna is the hub-bub of Britannia! As always, it proved to be harried and cramped as people moved about, doing whatever it is they had come to do. Last night proved to be no different, except for the underlying ripple of excitement and tension as whispers of some new happening in Minoc filled the air.

    I attempted to ascertain exactly what it was that had occurred but was unable, as none of my sources seemed to be present. Being of a suspicious nature by right of birth, Britannians are often found to be unhelpful to any outsider seeking information. It left me no choice but to venture to Minoc and see for myself what news I could find.

    Arriving just outside the Minoc Bank, I was surprised to see a large group of people inside, all of them speaking to a guard who seemed a mite too excited with all the attention he was receiving. Quietly working my way in I overheard this exchange between Brian The Guard and several of Britannia's toughest looking warriors.

    Brian greeted everyone around him enthusiastically. "Hail There! Are you here to help the Royal Guard?"

    Everyone gave a resounding, 'yes!!'

    Brian shook his head dramatically. "Poor Lad claims a "mad scientist" tried to grab and eat him."

    "Mad Scientist?" A voice called out above the din of shifting bodies.

    "Aye," replied Brian. "He says it looked like a lich but we don't have a lich problem here."

    "And the lad?" asked one concerned citizen.

    "He can be found hiding in one of the buildings West of here."

    Brian lifted his arm and jammed a finger behind him. I felt a bit sorry for the poor man as he looked rather disappointed when everyone went tearing out of the building, leaving him alone in his glory.

    I nodded to him once and followed the others to a house just on the west edge of the city. Inside, seated at a large table sat a very skittish looking lad. He gazed wide eyed about him, blinking rapidly at the number of armed individuals who had come barging into the room. He knew what we all had come for.

    "Are you going to laugh at me too?" he asked shyly.

    "No," spoke one man softly.

    The boy sighed with relief. "I can only tell you what I did and saw... "

    "What did you see?" said the man.

    "I've never seen anyone in there until last night," the boy shivered in memory, looking up at the strangers around him nervously.

    "What were you doing?" asked a woman standing opposite the boy.

    "I always drop off at one of the Gypsy tents to the south," said the boy in defense. "There's always a note with some gold."

    The sound of several voices made the boy jump in his seat. "And what happened last night?"

    "A Mad Scientist came out of no where," rushed the boy. "I swear he was going to eat me!! Smelly thing, he kept mumbling Armageddon over and over. He headed to the buildings south of here."


    The boy looked relieved as everyone turned in haste and headed out. I had to move quickly out of their way or be trampled. Yet I am positive they acted such for fear of losing this lead on the recent mutations threatening both Ter Mur and our beloved Britannia.

    To the East of Minoc just on the outskirts of the Gypsy camp among three empty houses I located the fast moving Britannian Guard. In the southern most building, a green swirl of fog pulsated. This strange poisonous cloud must be where the Mad Scientist had exited Minoc. Gathering my courage, I followed the brave knights of Britannia into the unknown. 'Armaggedon' would hopefully NOT be what awaited me.


    I arrived long after the battle had begun. Never very good with languages or accents, I couldn't seem to get the pronunciation of the entrance word correct and arrived a bit late.

    A long mountain passage greeted my vision and the sounds of battle echoed from stone to stone. Following the body leaden ground, I made my way to a massive cavern filled with the typical graveyard inhabitants, Rotting Corpses, and Lich Lords. What had those crazed scientists been doing here?

    Moving along the wall, I watched the citizens of Britannia fight off the hoard of undead, while others were attacking what could only be an Assistant Mad Scientist. His robes were tattered and he looked larger than life. Very much like a lich, he fought fiercely against a tamers Greater Dragon and several summoned Energy Vortex.

    Lady Maya stood back from it all in shock and when the battle ended, she rushed to the side of the fallen scientist, her gaze filled with remorse.


    Our good citizens had indeed slain the Assistant Mad Scientist, yet before his corruption, he had been Lady Maya's friend. With sadness, she looked about for any information on how this had happened to her friend or where the head of this operation might have gone.

    "I found this on him, m'lady." One brave knight approached with a book.

    Lady Maya quickly scanned the contents, her features falling in dread.

    "Oh NO!" she exclaimed.




    It would appear that this cave had been the location of their experiment and some unexpected side effect had rendered the experiment dangerous to all involved and possibly, to everyone in Britannia and Ter Mur as well. Taking a quick look around, careful not to touch anything, I found an additional room filled with various magic and scientific monstrosities. A large black gate sat open in the middle. Perhaps this is where the last missing scientist had gone?


    After all evidence had been gathered and the Royal Guard had gone off to take stock, I caught up with Lady Maya to hear her thoughts on this matter. Stay diligent Britannia, for this is far from over.

    Salya Sin-
    The book that was found mentioned a potion commissioned by unknown
    persons... Do you have any speculation on who this unknown "they" might

    Lady Maya-
    From what we have been able to discern as of yet, "they" seem to be a
    group of gargoyle elitists. We also have leads on a group of human
    elitists that could be responsible. We still haven't been able to track
    them down specifically, but rest assured the Queens are being kept
    informed and the royal guards and as well as a group from Ter Mer will be
    dispatched as soon as we have them cornered.

    Salya Sin-
    In the book... your friend also mentions the head of this experiment
    setting these mutant creations out into the world of Britannia... judging
    by what we have seen so far... how dangerous do you expect the coming
    battle to be... if we do not find the Lead Scientist before he turns them

    Lady Maya-
    Sadly, I fear for the worst. He is alone now that my dear friend is gone.
    I saw many signs of him at the lab where we defeated his assistant. There
    were bottles of unknown substances and it appeared some was missing. Who
    knows what he is capable of now in his demented state. He was a brilliant
    scientist, he was my teacher at one time. He had a dream to help the
    world. Such a waste knowing there may be no other way but to kill him as

    Salya Sin-
    What have you and the Gargoyle scientists been able to ascertain thus
    far? Do we know yet what was used in these potions? What the nature of
    it's side affects are? And more importantly... how far has this infection

    Lady Maya-
    It seems as though at first he may have been trying to make a growth
    potion for plants to help feed the insurgence of the new races. But
    perhaps he became to eager... to willing to please ...someone. His potion
    seems to have changed directions. More to mutating life more than plant.
    The components we have studied to date seem to be gearing towards human,
    perhaps making them stronger. Last I had heard from him he was trying to
    get more money approved for the next stage of his experiments. My friend
    had sent me a message not long before the Winter Solstice telling me he
    was concerned. It wasn't until I sampled some of the potions found in the
    secret lab that the awful truth came to me.

    I dare not repeat any of the ingredients found in the potions for fear
    someone may try to continue his work. Let's just say blackrock had a great
    deal to do with this. That evil black substance.

    As to how far this infection has spread. I pray not far. It seems as
    though the citizens have done a wonderful job in taking care of what we
    have found. We shall see in coming weeks how far he may have spread this
    terrible mutation.

    Salya Sin-
    I'm guessing... the big question Britannia has at this point... Is the
    origins of all of this... from Ter Mur... or Britannia?

    Lady Maya-
    As I stated above we have 2 groups we are reviewing. I'm only a scientist
    and not very good at detective work. I'm sure the Queens will have more to
    say about this in the coming days.

    My thanks to Lady Maya for the time she took to speak to me! And to everyone else...

    Best Gaming Wishes,
    Salya Sin