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[News] Moonglow Maretime Navy

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Guest, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center><font size=+2 color=blue>Moonglow Maretime Navy (MMN)</font></center>

    Dateline Sosoria: Jul 54, 366 (March 26, 2008)

    For many months there have been rumours of counsils forming on Moonglow. Namely, a City Counsil, a reorganization of the Mages Counsil, and now suddenly word of a Moonglow fleet of ships (a Navy, if you will,) that is being deployed around the island in an agreement with Harbor Master Culver.

    These facts, as well as the appearance of Inu the Crone, and the recent disturbance at the Black-rock Detector has caused great disturbance on the isle. With word spreading around the island, I had a little chat with the Harbor Master and he explained some interesting things that had escaped my attention, which I should have been aware of. I have to say that my attention has not been focused on such matters in some time and therefore had not been forseen.


    Master Culver explained to me that the traffic of ships carrying contraband, duped and scripter goods, and such things as black-rock have increased recently, from his observation and a few confiscations. Since the 'Keepers of Dawn' are major land holders on the island, he contacted the Guild Leader, Lord Quaffer, to aid with a solution. It was not long after, that Maltz of (KPD) was appointed as Fleet Admiral of Moonglow.

    As my attentions had been turned outward from my own island of residence as well as my own guild, I immediately consulted with Lord Quaffer and later with Maltz. Indeed, Lord Quaffer confirmed that the appointment had been made and that the ship builders were hard at work to increase the fleet, as "Maritime Law" seems the best course of action to secure the Island. Lord Quaffer also confirmed that he had been in touch with the Mage Counsil and would have gone through me, yet I was not to be found at the time.

    Before I spoke with my friend Maltz (now Admiral), I went directly to the Mage Counsil at the Lyceaum to confirm that they had been consulted and had sanctioned this effort, not in doubt of the leige of [KPD], but to assure that all communications were in order. Again, I was informed that the new "Admiralty" of the Island has full cooperation of the Mage Counsil.

    Now my attentions turned both inward and outward and I consulted with the Royal Astronomer Selcius at the Kings Telescope next to the Observatory that is in my care. After a brief overview of coordinates, he showed me the new cometary movements clustering in a portion of the sky which is symbolic of Verity, hence Moonglow, (Verity Island.) "As ships in the sea," I was told. At the Observatory, it took some time to clear the crystal ball which I had not used for months, but then the vision became clear.


    Finally, I sailed my small boat out past the harbor waters to find Admiral Maltz coodinating the dispensation of some of the larger vessels of the "Moonglow Maritime Navy." After a brief hail and recognition, I was taken aboard the "MMN VERITY," the flagship of the fleet, and cordially greated on deck by the Admiral. Asking of his opperations, I was bid to come to his stateroom to review plans and charts, where I was graciously served a snifter of brandy while our conversation continued.


    I shall summarize his vehement discorse, as I was mesmorized by his enthusiam and brilliant planning.

    Admiral Maltz:

    "Why a Naval Operation before an actual town counsil has formed, many shall ask, I am sure. Allow me to explain. There are many elements that need to be checked from the sea first, before they can be irradicated from the land. This being an island unto itself, the precept of Admiralty Law, and Maritime Law apply for the coastal waters of the island. The concept of securing the surrounding sea is most important to this city. However, this should not be viewed as a blockade of any kind. Indeed it is meant to promote peaceful commerce in effect."

    "I am not totally opposed to some of the pirating and privateering which continues undaunted, yet there are certain activities such as the distribution of blackrock from our port and waters which must be detered. The Mage Counsil has yet to complete the Blackrock Detector and most citizens are not even aware of how it shall work in the future. There are also the further issues of goods being shipped from the island, as we have become aware of magical "duping" activities. Items such as those are considered 'Contraband.' "

    "This is but a prelude to the sovereignty of a city counsil, in which we shall participate. By no means is this an event to threaten the citizens of Moonglow, nor is the (MMN) a guild, but is established to created a Unity for the island. We are also working on setting alliances with the Royal Britanian Guard (Navy), and with Port Baldmore, though we are unsure of the outcome of these negotiations at this time."

    "We've asked the owners of privately owned vessels, who are participating to prefix their vessel names with MMN to identify them as a significant part of the fleet. I'm sure that changes in this manifest shall happen over time, yet this is as it stands presently." Forthwith, I present you with a roster of present Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants and the Vessels under the command of the "Moonglow Maretime Navy." Many of these vessels are captained by private citizens of Moonglow and in that sence, we have simply formed a seafaring militia for the island. In alliance with the Verity Syndicate, the Keepers of Dawn have commissioned several larger vessels to be added to the fleet in the near future."

    <font size=+1 color=blue>Moonglow Maritime Navy fleet vessels:</font>

    MMN VERITY (flagship) [large dragonship]
    Admiral Maltz (Capt)
    Commander Jeffies
    Lieutenant Orgruf

    MMN WHISTLER (sister flagship) [large dragonship]
    Captain Minnoe
    Commander Erma Fison
    Lieutenant Chidron

    MMN DAWN [small dragonship]
    Captain Micheal
    Commander Romulous
    Lieutenant Hasban

    MMN WIDOWMAKER [large dragonship]
    Captain Selfir
    Commander Idnon
    Lietenant Grimous Fall

    MMN HAWK [large dragonship]
    Captain Hawksword
    Commander Rilborn Mace
    Leitenant Falk

    MMN GLOWGALLION [large dragonship]
    Captain Hectar
    Commander Phillip Marz
    Leitenant Hersh

    MMN GOLDFISH [small dragonship]
    Captain Marshall
    Commander Eric O' Shay
    Leitenant Cracker

    MMN SOUTHWIND [large dragonship]
    Captain Longshanks
    Commander Peligorious
    Leitenant Falcon D'Brie

    "Five more fleet ships are currently being built, and we have high hopes for several other citizens of the island to place other ships into the fleet as well."