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[News] Newcastle Bazaar a Success

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Martyna Zmuir, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Apr 27, 2007
    Likes Received:

    Many pleased shoppers patronized the Newcastle Bazaar's Grand Opening last Thursday evening, making the Bazaar a smashing success. A lone golem stood outside the building with members of the Royal Knights of Redemption welcoming the people being gated in from across the Kingdom and beyond. Inside, crafters peddled their well-made wares to the curious customers.</P>

    On the first floor, Dag Nabit, Dot Warner of the Order of the Etheral Ankh, and Ra'Vendall of Newcastle (Arms) covered the bowcraft, tinkering, carpentry, smithing, and stonecraft services. On the second floor, Sorrowful Rain of the Empire of Tokuno (a rare cross-cultural exchange), Luigi and the Goddess Isis of Newcastle took care of novelties, pizza, and tailoring respectively. A man named Zork cheerfully served beverages from the nearby Wild Rose Inn and Café to both patrons and craftsmen alike.</P>

    There were but a few minor disruptions to the otherwise peaceful evening... The Temple of Mondain tried to proselytize for their faith, and was quickly asked to leave. They went outside the Bazaar and continued to try and convince passersby of the divinity of the long-dead evil sorcerer. The Royal Knights of Redemption and Bishop Micah (of the nearby Newcastle Abbey) forcibly ushered the Mondainites through a moongate and back to their dark keep in the Compassion Desert of Felucca.</P>

    The party returned, those of us on the first floor were regaled with a heroic story by Lilandra - a tale of how Bishop Micah protected her from scorpions. Lilandra the tailor, formerly of Newcastle, has been living with Lady Silverbrook in her estate on the Isle of Magincia since her dog Skattles was kidnapped by 'M' during a Virtue Poetry contest several years ago. Afterwards, she literally bounced about the Bazaar until she was menaced by the wolf that has beset Newcastle for several months. As with the week before, the wolf chased and bit at Lilandra before being stopped by Arzakon Smash and Pierre of RKR. Lilandra seemed strangely drawn to the wolf, and attempted to calm the beast. Unfortunately for her, the wolf only glared at her with contempt before assaulting her again. This continued off and on for the next hour with Lilandra being the target each time, eventually ending when Lilandra left.</P> [​IMG]

    The largest sale of the evening was to Rachel of Chicken Fight Club fame. She placed an order with Dot Warner for the staggering quantity of thirty golems. Curiously, no one questioned the sobriety of Ms. Warner as she continuously quaffed jugs of the most expensive spirits the Wild Rose had to offer, Verity Cider. As I have known Dot for quite some time, I questioned her about the wisdom of 'drinking on the job'. She dismissed my concerns as foolishness, and promptly toppled off her stool. I hope her guild can help to resolve whatever issues have led her to the bottle...</P>

    The Newcastle Bazaar will reopen for a night next month to provide the same great services at lower-than-Luna prices in a friendly atmosphere. Keep an eye on the Calendar of Events for the next Bazaar date.</P>

    <FONT color="#800000" face="Monotype Corsiva" size="5">Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria</FONT></P>