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[News] !News Flash! Casca Announces Rising Taxes for the Benefit of All Peasants!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Shiel, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Shiel

    Shiel Guest

    Lord Casca met with the citizens (or peasants as he continually referred to us) of Luna recently (within the last few days) accompanied by his faithful hound... err Captain.. Viktor Cotume.

    I received this report from a bystander at the scene.

    "As I walked down the stairs, I heard the King say that as Luna is one of the most prosperous provinces of the Kingdom, it will be the most heavily taxed..."

    We were most interested to find out that these taxes will be used to cover the costs of the Royal Guard, town guard and regional patrols. A war was also mentioned although at this time we do not know who the King intends to make war on. Despite direct questioning, the amount of these taxes was not forthcoming from either Viktor or Casca himself. It was stated that the amount of this tax has not yet been decided by the Council and a further announcement will be made once they reach their decision and it passes into law. Tax collectors will be visiting all major centres once the law has been passed.


    The reactions of the populace were unanimous, although to varying degrees. The most profound reaction was from Lady Morgan of EOB, who was understandably upset at being called a peasant. She tried to insist that she was a Lady and should be treated like one, although she also claimed that Casca, as an elf, was no King of hers and that he was beneath her. As a reporter, I request that the Citizens provide protection for Lady Morgan if she is indeed hunted for treason as Viktor and Casca himself claimed she would be.


    Kayako insisted that he would complain to a higher authority should taxes be imposed upon us by the King.

    Hunter also refused to pay the taxes, insisting that an army would be needed in order to collect anything from him or the Citizens in Luna..


    All Praise King Casca!! Captain Viktor's words rang through the bank at Luna..

    All Praise everyone who is not Casca!

    All Boo Casca!


    Matters started to get more personal after that, where Casca was accused of all manner of things with his faithful lackey, due to his lack of a wife.. although the comment was also made.. Who would have him?

    Casca decided to retreat to Britain at this point, although he could not be found for further comment when pursued.


    Apologies for the delay in this report.. I was struggling with access.

    Shiel :)
  2. Dain

    Dain Guest

    Also, Aeon announced that there will be an event this Tuesday night at 7pm (meeting in the throne room).