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[News]Nidaros Rises from the Ashes & Speech

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Nidaros Rises from the Ashes

    Nidaros, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - August 26, 2010 - by Ashlynn - Yesterday evening marked a new chapter in the history of the town of Nidaros as the settlement found a new mayor and with it, a hope for rebirth.

    In a ceremony to mark the occasion, Governor Winfield of PaxLair declared the town a part of the Statehood and appointed Lord Zanku as its new mayor in an effort to breathe life into the historic town. The ceremony saw a good turnout with representatives from across the land coming to see history being made, some even bringing gifts. The crate of Gyldenfeld Ale seemed particularly well received by the spectators and half the crowd already appeared tipsy before the speeches were finished.

    [​IMG] Governor Winfield inaugurates Lord Zanku as Mayor of Nidaros

    In his speech, Lord Zanku thanked everyone for attending, promising to honour the history and people of the town and pledged to uphold its laws and values. He also went on to thank Lord Nanoc and Lady Phoenix for their support on the road that led him to becoming Mayor of the town.

    After the ceremony had finished, the crowd retired to tables assembled for a feast and celebration that included fine cakes and of course, more ale. More visitors also came and went during this time including Lady Daria Blackmoore who mentioned that her trusty vessel had always been named Nidaros in honour of the town.
    As the evening moved on, the topic turned to the history of Nidaros and its old establishments, some of which once included a fine rune library and a public house known as the Dew Drop Inn.

    [​IMG] People celebrate after the ceremony.

    Sadly it seems some of this history is lost, but efforts are currently underway to ensure its recovery. Perhaps in the near future, the Times will see a more in-depth article on the town's history.

    For now though, we celebrate this time of rebirth for one of the oldest towns in the realm and look to the future with hope!

    Governor's Speech and Oath at Mayor Zanku's Ceremony

    Nidaros, Trammel, Chesapeake (PaxLair Times) - August 25, 2010 - by Winfield - Governor Winfield gave the following speech at the Nidaros and Mayor Zanku Ceremony.

    We stand today in an historic place. This place, this road, these trees, those grassy paths, the bay all have a history to be told and a history to be created.


    This old town was established just when Trammel came to life. I can't recall why the town was called Nidaros. Anton, my good friend, led Nidaros back in those early days. I recall days of hanging out in their log cabin pub. We journied with Nidaros citizens to depths of caverns and dungeons.

    Around the bend to the Northeast is Gyldenfeld, the home of the famous Red Wolf Cafe. Led by Mayor Tancred Redstar and Lissa Eldi, Gyldenfeld borders Nidaros by land and by sea with a common road and bay. So this area is filled with good folk.

    But Alas, over time, Nidaros faded away the trees and pathways fell silent and history stopped for Nidaros.

    A few months ago at the beckoning of Queen Dawn, townships once again became noticed in our Realm. Old towns and new towns met the Queen and her servants. Our good friend Cymbria Devereaux along with Tesla Radcliff dusted off the Nidaros buildings and raked the leaves here. After a short while, Cymbria petitioned the Queen for a township banner to be placed in Nidaros. The Nidaros Banner proudly stands here now, hopefully for all time.

    But Alas, Cymbria could not stay in Nidaros and lead it. She was called beyond the edge of the Sea, and we miss her. Someday we hope she returns to us and Nidaros.

    Now we stand here today we of the PaxLair Statehood with our Allies and Friends. We have always worked to keep history alive and moving forward to rely on the past to help us with the future to spare us the pain of always starting something anew. And we do not wish to see good towns wither away to be lost or forgotten.

    Therefore in the spirit of the Ancients and those of Modern times, I declare the city of Nidaros as a city of the PaxLair Statehood! We will care for Nidaros and help it prosper. This old Skara Brae Gyldenfeld Crossroads can come to life again!

    *looks at Zanku*

    A city can not run itself. There'd be chaos in the streets! Therefore, after long contemplation on my fishing yacht, I have decided to appoint a Mayor of Nidaros. Zanku, please step forward.

    Zanku is no stranger to us of course. Zanku is the grandson of one of the original founders of Nidaros, who was Vlaguard the Grey. Zanku was born in Skara Brae. He honored his great past by growing up to become a great Paladin. 18 months ago, Zanku joined the forces in Dragons Watch as a devoted member and guardian. He swore he would someday return to the Nidaros lands and become a protector to serve the Royal Crown and the people here until his death.

    *turns to Zanku*

    Zanku, I will issue an oath now like none other you have taken before. For this oath will place upon you very high levels of responsibility and accountability, to Nidaros, PaxLair, and the entire Realm. Are you ready?

    [Zanku]: I am

    Do you swear fealty unto me, the Governor of the PaxLair Statehood and to lead Nidaros with all its riches and treasures

    of people, citizens, friends, and allies to bring forth within this Realm the comraderie and spirit that is truly in the nature of Nidaros and PaxLair Statehood to the best of all your abilities?

    [Zanku]: I will

    Very well, then by the power vested in me as the Governor of PaxLair and with the Power of the Ancients, I appoint you, Zanku, as Mayor of Nidaros. Congratulations Mayor Zanku of Nidaros! You have the floor.