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[News]Notes on the Royal Britannian Guard Introductory Meeting June 10th, 2010

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    The other evening I received word that there was a large group of individuals, along with both of the EMs, at the EM hall. This piqued my curiosity so I jumped on my mount and headed over there to see what was going on. I entered the hall to find some sort of meeting going on, and noticed the EMs were sitting in the crowd along with everyone else listening to a single person standing in front of them all talking to the gathered group. I quietly took a seat to listen in on what was being said so I could find out what the meeting was about. (later I did find out that it was the Royal Britannian Guard Introductory Meeting organized by players who wish to more actively roleplay.)
    Glancing through the gathered people I noticed EM Nathael , Catskills new EM, sitting in the second row paying attention to what was being said. I took a quick visual measure of our new EM because this was the first time I had saw him in person. He wore a simple green robe with only a black sash across it and had a book grasped in his hands. Leaning forward in my seat I could see a title on the book.. The Tale of Tobias and Razzle. Not a book I had heard of before. I wondered if it had special meaning to Nathael? I made a mental note to someday soon get together with Nathael and interview him to find out more about him.
    I noticed then that the speaker was a vampire and was talking about coming to the aid of all the mortals in this land. That will teach me to come into a meeting in the middle of it. I normally don't socialize with vampires, it may be because of the whole I want to drink your blood! thing. That made me ponder for a split second if my blood would taste like acid to an vampire being that I was a Paladin from a holy order. My attention quickly snapped back to what was being said in the room as I put off my wandering thoughts for another day.

    Pandora: I assure you, we are not unclean. Most in our coven are very ancient, very powerful. So we will prove to be valuable in battle. At the calling of the Lords Kasaven and Nathael, we shall come to the aid of all mortals in this land. My city lies just south west of Umbra, a bit past the evil city of the LICH. I have a feeling they will prove to be adversary to our goal of unification. Does anyone have any questions for us?
    Marius: *raises hand*
    Pandora: Marius?
    Marius: A "good" vampire you say?
    Pandora: More of a repentful one. *winks*
    Marius: Ah, thank you.
    Wild: they don't drink human blood..... anymore
    Pandora: We've been awoken to help and assist to unify Sosaria. Actually, we do not drink human blood by force anymore. Mortals are on occasion willing donates.
    Wild: ohhh, got it
    Marius: and you feel up to dealing with LICH and Ix Tab?
    Pandora: Our lady, Cherry Spy encountered her already in Luna
    Pandora: And we assisted in pushing back her forces off Red Skull Bay.
    EM Kasaven: Aye, I saw thus.
    Pandora: And I haven't met a lich that has taken me down yet, so... I am confident.

    The Vampire who I learned was named Pandora took her seat and Catlord stepped up front to introduce the next speaker.

    CatLord: new haven mayor Dove Reanna
    Dove Reanna: *smiles* Thank you! I have not spoken in front of so many..
    CatLord: small detail. New haven deputy mayor. The mayor came from the future so he won't ever lose his rank. He won't lose his pension... you have the floor.

    You could hear a slight murmur of confusion from those gathered as many who were in the room wasn't sure of whom CatLord was speaking of.

    CatLord: background! The mayor in Haven came from the future. That is all.
    Dove Reanna: Thank you. I am Dove Reanna. I was given the honor to be deputy mayor of haven. I have been to see the whole town now, I was used to the old Haven. Very different *smiles* If anyone has anything to bring up to me feel free to ask. *looks around*
    EM Nathael: *raises hand*
    Dove Reanna: *looks over* yes?
    EM Nathael: Can you clarify what happened to the mayor? The um, one from the future? *scratches head in bewilderment*
    Dove Reanna: hmmm
    EM Kasaven: *Always thought James was mayor*
    Rotep:No better excuse to just grab power than saying you're from the future
    Dove Reanna: I was told he's locked in his room *laughs*
    EM Nathael: Perhaps he lost the key!
    Rotep: James is mayor there was an election
    Dove Reanna: *smiles*
    Rotep: we had a corrupt politician and everything
    EM Nathael: (is the original mayor an NPC?)
    Kalmar: Pardon...
    Rotep:(no one said the corrupt politician didn't win)
    Dove Reanna: James had been elected and vanished for a long time
    Kalmar:Who is James, m'lady?
    Rotep: James has been around the whole time
    Dove Reanna: *looks to Catlord*
    Rotep: you just started holding meetings without telling him
    Dove Reanna: honestly I am not fully sure of the past mayor
    Wild: 9 months went by without James around before meetings were held. I believe
    CatLord: the mayor is a npc in haven
    Rotep: James has always been around
    CatLord: his story is he came from the future. Like the entire town did then there was an election on Stratics, not in game, and James won on Stratics again. So we decided better a bunny man than none. Then we worked on improving the town and held meetings each month on the top of the warrior building. To which bunny never showed.
    Rotep: the elections were held in the game
    Rotep: he did. There was a book in aegis
    CatLord: so when we saw him missing.. Aegis isn't haven, and if you check his title it says Aegis enemy
    Rotep: No one said it wasn't an incredibly corrupt election
    CatLord: maybe he is getting double pay. Silly rabbit.
    Dove Reanna: *giggles*
    CatLord: anyhow
    Rotep: what title?
    CatLord: We all got together and voted and again we got deceived. The uss baat'leb voted on themselves. So we got 7 clones to share deputy mayor rank, and last week dove arrived, and before she had time to say cawabunga. We voted her for deputy mayor and that is it.
    Rotep: Well no one said anything about deputy mayor
    Rotep: James is mayor
    CatLord: npc has title. Haven has an electoral circle and dove got the entire vote of the electoral college. Don't blame me.
    Rotep: that guy is shady
    EM Kasaven:Does the current mayor know about the...
    CatLord: I don't make the rules
    EM Kasaven: deputy mayor?
    CatLord: the current mayor is a npc. We didn't want to take over the town: so all we elected was a deputy mayor and kept the mayor rank in a npc. You know the old story. Power corrupts... specially if you are a rabbit. So she got 1005 of the electoral votes. 100% into deputy mayor
    Dove Reanna: yes?
    EM Kasaven: So what happens to James, who claims to be mayor?
    CatLord: he can do anything he pleases. ooc of character. He said he is working a lot. new job: and can't do it. However.. We did not step on him. We waited months. Real months. Not game months
    CatLord: when there was no other option
    EM Kasaven: Thinks will absolve themselves I suppose.
    CatLord: we established new deputy and also James is one of the best rpers in the shard. At no point in our history he will be dismissed ignored or aggravated, but we do need an active town leader. So the lady got the job.
    Wild: please continue dove
    EM Kasaven:I am sure we are in good hands.
    Dove Reanna: thank you. I would like to meet him yes..
    Rotep: Wednesdays at 9pm at Ques tavern James is always there
    Dove Reanna: well I had put a couple things out to CatLord mostly for the enjoyment of Sosaria. One being a guild day, bringing guild together into haven for a sort of festival. Oh.. Let new travelers see different people and find out about the guilds. That is my basic thought.
    EM Nathael: Ah-ha! Here we go.
    Dove Reanna: please contact me should you have any concerns about Haven. Thank you.

    Dove then took her seat and Catlord stood up to introduce the next speaker.

    CatLord: And the new haven captain. Cyric Algadon Thank you for coming
    Cyric Algalon: First off, sorry for my lateness. Secondly, I am both the captain and quartermaster for the New Haven chapter- anyone needing their gear should contact me or any of the corporals. A big welcome to Dove, as well. Haven is a lucky town! Basically, the role of the New Haven RBG is to support Dove in any of her endeavors, as well as train to fight off any threats, such as Ix Tab...and I hear the ophidians are all stirred up out in the Lost Lands again.
    Pandora: I heard that myself, sir.
    Pandora: Phidian blood is most tasteful.
    Cyric Algalon: Eesh. well...to each their own.
    Rotep: they have a reason
    Cyric Algalon: If anyone has any questions about our role in Haven, or about joining the guard, please feel free to contact me. Our office is currently located in the EyE, outside of Vesper. As currently housing is not permitted on the island of haven itself. *bows*

    Cyric then took his seat and CatLord announced the next speaker.

    CatLord: you tell them... Let's see Alan. Your abyss outpost force
    Alan Jenks: Yes sir?
    CatLord: want to share with us, its purpose? Even if you have no clue.. Come and make up. *chuckles*
    Alan Jenks: Good Evening. I am Alan Jenks, Captain of the Abyss outpost
    Alan Jenks: Yes Lord Podolak?
    Podolak: Alan I hear you have linked many guilds and communities to your outpost
    Alan Jenks: yes
    Podolak: So this is a gateway to allow much of the community to interact and protect the area as originally designed? Also, wonderful construction might I add.
    Alan Jenks: Though The Queen has not chosen to reveal her purpose in the Abyss just yet. Thank you. We have chosen our location wisely.
    Podolak: Well I must say how you've interconnected various guilds and communities is quite amazing. I'd like to personally applaud your efforts. Well done good man.
    Alan Jenks: It was the will of the Queen. I am just a means to exorcise that will. Besides, it wouldn't make a very good vendor mall. *smiles* Our defenses are quite adequate for now..
    Pandora: Alan?
    Alan Jenks:Yes Miss?
    Pandora: Count on my coven to provide assistance if need be.
    Alan Jenks: By all means. All are welcome and needed
    Kalmar: Aye, I am the lady's liaison to the RBG, can send word out to her in no time.
    Alan Jenks: Indeed. We have fast access for all. Our location is well chosen. We have found a small valley on the southwest border only accessible from the East. With a large pixie camp on our Northeast flank, and a series of valleys to the east protecting us from the Daemon camp. So what few stragglers make it to the outpost are obliterated, but we cannot be too proud. Are there any questions so far?
    CatLord: thank you brother
    Alan Jenks: My pleasure
    CatLord: Next. We received a letter from the Oracle... So the Letter introduced an Order of Magi its spokesman is Va'lis

    That is when yet another vampire stepped forward this one well known by many.

    Va'lis Razele: So, some of you I know...some I don't. So for those I don't, I'm Va'lis Razele. For those that do... *grins* Yes I'm carrying blackrock. Anyway, I am in need of several bodies strong in magic and even those that are only beginning to show their powers, they can be taught. For in the days to come, it is easy to see that magic will change what we see, as it always has. In Wind, the haven of magic, we will reside and train those new to using their gift. So that when the lands are threatened, we will be able to prove a powerful force when combined.. with our brothers in arms. Now then, are there any questions for me?
    Wild: did you have any luck on acquiring that parcel of land?
    Va'lis Razele: Not as of yet.
    Mallick the Mad: would you train both the dark and light of the weave
    Va'lis Razele: Though if I do, I intend to create a place for young mages to be.
    Va'lis Razele: Yes, I will train both magery and necromancy. Anything else? I take that as a no..
    CatLord:and to wrap this up each captain has the support of the other captains. Each deputy mayor or town leader, supports the others and each of us support the rest. If haven is attacked we use the network and move there. If the abyss outpost is attacked we go there. If umbra or wind is attacked we can roll there. Each of us... alone... just a piece... together... we're a tsunami! Finishing this so last sentence. Alone I would have given up on all of this long ago, but thanks to having blood brothers like gilbert and mathena.. a great gm like oriana, and new friends showing up each day. Plus a partner in crime... wild there. So my thank you to all of you. All would be pointless. Any last questions?
    EM Nathael: *raises hand*
    CatLord: nathael?
    EM Nathael: Not so much a question, but just a brief thought regarding the royal guard idea overall. May I?
    CatLord: all yours the floor is yours

    Nathael then moved to the front of the room to address the gathered group.

    EM Nathael: I would just like to take a brief moment to mention that, as was stated before, Kasaven and I cannot guarantee EM involvement in your stories as they unfold, however! The more active your independent RBG groups are, and the more each group tries to actively involve the Catskills community as a whole, the more likely we will be able to work some fiction in for you in the future to support your ongoing stories and events. Fair enough? And as much as we'd like to be able to, we will not be able to have a training grounds built that is the equivalent of the one on Sonoma Shard. *frowns* The work involved for Mesanna would be way to taxing.

    After that point the meeting broke up with many going with Pandora to visit the new Vamp's Lair. Those of you who may want to try your hand at Roleplaying can find RBG members in New Haven. As for the mystery book carried by EM Nathael, well I found out about it the hard way the following night. That is a tale I will share soon with everyone